I was delighted to have the opportunity to judge this show and I was very impressed with the overall quality of the dogs brought under me.

Minor Puppy Dog
1 McCrindle’s Gallus Rainbow Man. Lovely puppy, just six months old, very friendly and playful. Excellent shape, good conformation, lovely head and expression; moved a fraction closely, coat a little silky but that will come through.

Puppy Dog
1 Gallus Rainbow Man

Junior Dog
1 Broadbridge/Muir’s Sallen Hector. A little too tall but he has exactly the right shape, well constructed, moved well. Has a very good coat although the tail is carried a little high.
2 Smith’s Talluarchy You Raise Me Up. A little short in the back and his croup falls away too quickly which further spoils the outline. Nice head and expression, good feet and good coat.

Yearling Dog
Nearly all the dogs in this class seemed to me to be too tall and too square 1 Ryan/Blacks Potterdale Cirrius over Razkal. Up to size but well shaped with a good outline, excellent coat; a really nice crisp outer coat. Good feet and a lovely head.
2 Talluarchy You Raise Me Up. Very nicely coated dog, good outline, a little shorter than 1. Good head and expression good feet.
3 Welch’s Reaosh Concerto. Nice headed, sound and workmanlike dog just a little too short in back for his height.

Novice Dog
1 Talluarchy You Raise Me Up
2 Reaosh Concerto

Graduate Dog
1 Handley’s Bargemon Baryshnikov at Barkenbear JW ShCM. Beautifully shaped dog, lovely head and expression although eyes might be a fraction full. Moved very well. A lovely example of the breed.
2 Duncan’s Ciopar Rangers Rascal at Duncannas JW
3 Reaosh Concerto

Post Graduate Dog
1 Barley’s Runival Winter Storm (Res Best Dog). An excellent example of the breed lovely quality coat, excellent head and expression, very good head carriage, good feet. Moved extremely well a lovely example of the breed.
2 Handley’s Bargemon Beauford Tourer at Barkenbear. A little too tall and a little too long. Good head and expression, very glamorous coat but still with sufficient crispness in the outer coat. Moved well.
3 Reaosh Concerto.
I should mention the reserve dog in this class which had extremely long second thigh – something to be avoided.

Limit Dog
1 Gill/Cook’s Gillaber Ballater. This is a dog had excellent size and proportions lovely head and expression. A little slack in the front pasterns and with a level bite - otherwise a very nice dog.

Open Dog
1 Patterson’s Gallus Absolute Quality JW (BIS). Stunning dog with a beautiful outline, absolutely correct in terms of proportions. Moved extremely well, super coat, lovely expression - gorgeous example of the breed.
2 Barley’s Lochbarra Moonwalker. Another good one not quite the proportions of 1, lovely head and expression, good coat, moved extremely well.
3 Stott’s Mobuff Kashmir. A little too tall and square, rather short in neck and not the carriage of 1 & 2.

Scottish Bred Dog
1 Buchanan-Hislop’s Ch Ciopar Celtic Razzle’s Boy JW. Lovely example of the breed, beautiful proportions, lovely coat. 10 years old and looking fantastic. Super head and expression, moved very well.
2 Courtenay-Blake’s Tapsalteerie Klever Klogs. Another older dog nine years old lovely example of the breed lost just a little strength in the back otherwise excellent.
3 Gill/Cook’s Gillaber Ballater

Scottish Owned Dog
1 Bargemon Baryshnikov at Barkenbear JW ShCM
2 Mobuff Kashmir
3 Armour/Fletcher’s Talraz Trailblazer. Quite a nice dog, but head a little small for body so proportions not quite right, moved reasonably well.

Veteran Dog
1 Buchanan-Hislop’s Ch Ciopar Celtic Razzle’s Boy JW
2 Broadbridge/Muir’s Sallen Harrar. Another lovely dog, very good conformation, a little short in neck, otherwise a very good dog. Slightly softer coat than 1. Moved well, lovely head and expression.
3 Mobuff Kashmir

Special Working Dog
1 Mobuff Kashmir

Minor Puppy Bitch
1 Barley’s Braemoray Annie Laurie of Runival (BP). A lovely bitch of seven and a half months exactly the right proportions, lovely head and beautiful expression, good feet. maturing very well.
2 Patterson’s Gallus Fortune Cookie. Just a fraction over six months at the moment so still a little out of proportion but there is a lovely coat coming through.
3 Fox’s Bushblades Wired For Sound. Lovely head and expression, a little square and up to size for a bitch otherwise very good.

Puppy Bitch
1 Jemmett’s Highglade Ice Diamond at Westbere. A beautifully proportioned bitch with a lovely head and excellent expression, lovely movement, good coat, well angulated.
2 Cunningham’s Menander Deheune. Another very good one, lovely head and expression. Perhaps a fraction weak in pasterns and just falling away a little in the croup.
3 Gallus Fortune Cookie JB. A super class – it in fact the bitches were overall every good.

Junior Bitch
A beautiful trio in this class.
1 Stead/May’s Sengalas Breaking Dawn for Clovabrae (Res BB). Beautifully presented; just the right proportions. If anything a little over coated but it is of good quality and she has a lovely head and expression. Moved extremely well; a very stylish example of the breed
2 Wilding’s Bendale Sweet Georgia Brown. A little more ‘workmanlike’, right proportions though a little shorter than 1, a very good moving dog with a lovely head and expression.
3 Delaney’s Arranbrae Just One Look. Another good one, excellent proportions and a lovely head, neck set on a little low lovely movement.

Yearling Bitch
1 Sengalas Breaking Dawn for Cloverbrae
2 Bendale Sweet Georgia Brown
3 Arrenbrae Just One Look

Novice Bitch
1 Highglade Ice Diamond at Westbere
2 Millar’s Glenspey Diamond Life in Beardiewood (Imp)
3 Courtenay-Blake’s Bendale Golden Star over Tousietykes

Graduate Bitch
1 Sengalas Breaking Dawn for Clovabrae
2 Dickson’s Duncannas Highland Honey of Butterwood. Lovely example of the breed, excellent head and expression. Close up to 1, a little shaggier but good outline, good expression and moved well; a creditable example of the breed.
3 Steel’s Osmart Belle In Black Satin at Invercoyle

Post Graduate Bitch
1 Duncannas Highland Honey of Butterwood
2 Kirby’s Ciopar Ben Kilbreck
3 Bendale Sweet Georgia Brown

Limit Bitch
1 Barley’s Braemoray Strathspey at Runival. An excellent example of the breed, beautiful confirmation, lovely front angulation with a well laid-back shoulder, lovely head and expression. Moved well
2 Kirby’s Finesk Ladies Fancy ShCM. Perhaps a little on the heavy side for a bitch and a little long in body with a slight sickle hock. Good coat, moved well.

Open Bitch
1 Buchanan-Hislop’s Ciopar Celtic Chancer (BOS). A beautiful example of the breed, stunning outline, lovely expression and beautiful set on of neck, superb coat, good feet, moved extremely well; an outstanding example of the breed.
2 Patterson’s Gallus Living The Dream. Slightly tall for a bitch, nice expression, excellent coat, moved well too.

Scottish Bred Bitch
1 Ciopar Celtic Chancer
2 Spray’s Douglasdale Perfect Dream

Scottish Owned Bitch
1 Osmart Belle In Black Satin at Invercoyle

Veteran Bitch
1 Gaults Ch Osmart Maid In Black By Sioux for Lochbarra JW. A gorgeous example of the breed, beautiful proportions, lovely expression and moved well. Carefully considered in the bitch line-up.

Not Bred By Exhibitor Dog or Bitch
1 Bargemon Baryshnikov at Barkenbear JW ShCM
2 Bargemon Beauford Tourer at Barkenbear
3 Mobuff Kashmir