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Bearded Collie Club Open Show - 7th April 2018 - Judges Critiques

Scroll down for the judge's comments on the Junior Handling and Fun Obedience classes.

Judge's Report - Breed Classes

Despite my difficulties in finding the venue and therefore my late arrival, for which I apologise to the committee and the exhibitors, I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Thank you to the Club members for the opportunity to judge,the hard working committee members for staging the event and my understanding and patient stewards.

I was looking for a lean dog with the structure to enable it to trot in a sustained manner, but also with the ability to gallop, so a good length of bone is required, both through the front and hind quarters, as are the correct height to length proportions. Excessive angulation with shorter leg length leads to exaggerated movement which wastes energy and leads to interference of paws under the body so the dog either crabs or has to lift the front paw higher than necessary for clearance. A flat short croup causes the hind legs to extend too far behind the dog also wasting energy. Moderation is crucial for all round ease of movement. I was disappointed to find too many Beardies with round heavy bodies either structurally or due to excess weight. Yes chests should be deep but not so that they interfere with forward movement at the brisket, making it difficult for the dog to trot with convergence, and not so deep that there is no daylight under the body and no tuck up. Those that were too overweight lacked a second thigh and it wasn't possible to feel the last floating rib. A good run is not enough to provide the smooth feel of muscle through the body only regular sustained free trotting will do that combined with the appropriate diet. Hard work I know!

The standard of showing and presentation was generally excellent. Well done to all handlers.


Minor Puppy Dog 3 entries 1 absent

  • 1   Bartletts' Kelligrews Kiss Under A Tree
    Immaculate 7month old black and white puppy. He and his litter sister were peas in a pod and so composed. I do hope their next growth spurt is upwards before lengthening to retain their correct proportions into adulthood . BPD, BPIS.
  • 2   Griggs' Malandex Xpressly French For Emazenridge
    Another 7 month old, heavier and not so together as 1 but a promising puppy.

Puppy Dog 4 entries 1 absent

  • 1   Bartletts' Kelligrews Kiss Under A Tree
  • 2   Pattersons' Corimist All of The Stars At Fruindale
    A nice steady moving 8 month old puppy not quite the overall balanced construction of the BPD.
  • 3   Rudd's Tolkien's Dream Oin With Lubin (Imp DEU) NAF TAF

Junior Dog 8 entries 0 absent

  • 1   Jamson's Play The Game From The Furry-Tales (Imp BEL)
    Correctly proportioned young dark slate dog with a lovely head and expressive toning eyes, good length of bones enabled him to move with ease. Liked him very much and with careful nurturing should have much success, I wish him well. RBD.
  • 2   Glasspool's Bradiba's Brilliant English Muffin For Gildenmede (Imp DEU)
    Another well constructed dog unlucky to meet my RBD today.
  • 3   Gilbert & Robinson's Thingamebob Hes The One

Yearling Dog 5 entries 1 absent

  • 1   Mcerlane's Pretty Bear Amazing Sense (Imp DEU)
    Nice brown with good length and angle of croup and correct length of rib. Moved well.
  • 2   Edwards' Roxilyn Mission Control JW
    A bit shorter in rib but a nice balanced mover.
  • 3   Wilding's Nonesuch Best Of Times At Bendale (Imp USA)

Maiden Dog 4 entries 0 absent

  • 1   Jamson's Play The Game From The Furry-Tales (Imp BEL)
  • 2   Rudd's Tolkien's Dream Oin With Lubin (Imp DEU) NAF TAF
  • 3   Griggs' Malandex Xpressly French For Emazenridge

Novice Dog 2 entries 0 absent

  • 1   Everill's Willowmead Last Chance At Emulas
    Smaller in stature but well made throughout. A chip off the old block (his Grandfathers).
  • 2   Atkins & Charles' Memorylane Do The Tra-La-Laa At Snikkles (Imp FIN)

Graduate Dog 5 entries 2 absent

  • 1   Pickup's Pipadene Whiskey Mac
    Light slate dog in excellent condition, harsh coat, lovely head, well made easy mover closely considered for RBD but just preferred the overall shape and type of the Junior winner.
  • 2   Wilding's Nonesuch Best Of Times At Bendale (Imp USA)
    Brown with correct proportions, soundly made.
  • 3   Bartlett's Kelligrews King Of The Stars JW

Post Graduate Dog 3 entries 3 absent

Limit Dog 5 entries 2 absent

  • 1   Dodgson's Caldermist Ramrod ShCM
    Mature slate with good head, toning eye and nice length of muzzle, moved well.
  • 2   Mangnall & Burfitt's Nellbrook It's Now Or Never
    Another mature slate heavier in body and not quite such ease of movement as 1.
  • 3   Bartlett's Jewel Of The Lord Des Bergers Des Mille Et Une Nuit Kelligrews (Imp)

Open Dog 2 entries 1 absent

  • 1   Jay's In Vogue Island High Society At Talraz (Imp FRA)
    Lovely head and expression, just not the overall balance needed for combined front and rear movement.

Bred By Exhibitor Dog 3 entries 1 absent

  • 1   Moorhouse's Willowmead Prince Regal
    Neat compact light slate correctly made and amazed to hear he is 11 years old.
  • 2   Bartlett's Kelligrews King Of The Stars JW
    Dark slate with matching eye, proportions and bone angles leading to too much leg action rather than fluid movement.

Not Bred By Exhibitor Dog 2 entries 0 absent

  • 1   Pickup's Pipadene Whiskey Mac
  • 2   Hank's Carbonnie Prince Charming
    Nice head and expression but his topline sloped off a little on the move.

Special Beginners Dog No entries

Veteran Dog 5 entries 2 absent

A well constructed Bearded Collie in good condition is in it's prime by the 7 years required for entry into Veteran so I was delighted to find just that in my Veteran classes.

  • 1   Martin's Talibee Shining Star ShCM
    I love this dog he has the gentlest of expressions from a correctly proportioned head and muzzle, well made throughout with the correct length of rib and correctly proportioned, once settled into his trot it is easy, unexaggerated and fluid. He also has that extra poise and an elegant composure which I like to see in a male Beardie of quality, delighted to make him BD & RBIS.
  • 2   Moorhouse's Willowmead Prince Regal
  • 3   Hank's Carbonnie Prince Charming

Special Working Dog No entries


Minor Puppy Bitch 5 entries 0 absent

  • 1   Bartlett's Kelligrews Kiss Under A Star
    See MPD. BPB.
  • 2   Dodgson's Nellbrook Dark Illusion At Wreckinroc
    Very nice puppy bitch just a touch bum high at this stage in her development.
  • 3   Rolleston & Hall's Roxilyn Follow That Dream For Kelham (A.I)

Puppy Bitch 6 entries 1 absent

  • 1   Bartlett's Kelligrews Kiss Under A Star
  • 2   Harkin's Corimist Galway Girl At Claudalla
    4 months older than 1 and an attractive, mature looking puppy. Not quite the overall balance in outline and movement as the winner.
  • 3   Rudd's Ramsgrove Sunburst Over Lubin

Junior Bitch 3 entries 1 absent

  • 1   Jay's Talraz Gift Of Gold
    Brown girl of quality good proportions and sound mover.
  • 2   Szmidt's Moppetswood Mystery
    Another nice young girl well made just not so settled on the move.

Yearling Bitch 4 entries 1 absent

  • 1   Fiedler's Malandex Xpressly Made For Malarkey
    Well made, moving out strongly but would prefer more rounded hindquarters.
  • 2   Szmidt's Moppetswood Mystery
  • 3   Meas' Reaosh Destiny

Maiden Bitch 6 entries 0 absent

  • 1   Jay's Talraz Gift Of Gold
  • 2   Dodgson's Nellbrook Dark Illusion At Wreckinroc
  • 3   Rolleston & Hall's Roxilyn Follow That Dream For Kelham (A.I)

Novice Bitch 6 entries 0 absent

  • 1   Jay's Talraz Gift Of Gold
  • 2   Dodgson's Nellbrook Dark Illusion At Wreckinroc
  • 3   Rolleston & Hall's Roxilyn Follow That Dream For Kelham (A.I)

Graduate Bitch 6 entries 1 absent

  • 1   Lee-Finglas' Mojo Message From Heaven For Richeath
    Nicely proportioned, dark eye, lovely expression, moved well.
  • 2   Stockwell & Paterson's Winterlyn Amethyst Reef
    Well made brown less tall in stature but balanced. Not so sure of herself today.
  • 3   Collins' Luna De Chester At Kingswud (Imp FRA) JW

Post Graduate Bitch 6 entries 2 absent

  • 1   Jay's Talraz May Queen JW
    Lovely young lady who is a good example of correct breed construction and proportions in lean condition moving easily. Also correctly proportioned head & muzzle proportions.
  • 2   Ayrton's Osmart Mink's Dark Lady At Aoibh
    All the attributes of the class winner, she has matured beautifully, they could easily change places another day.
  • 3   Kneeshaw's Kiltondale Spring Blossom

Limit Bitch 8 entries 2 absent

  • 1   Griggs' Malandex Diamond Xpression For Emazenridge
    Loved her overall shape and proportions which meant that she moved with ease and composure. With all the hard work to present a dog in tip top condition I hope she will have much deserved success. Wonderful expressive ears living up to her kennel name. RBB.
  • 2   Hards' Braemoray Loch An Eilein JW
    Dark slate, neat, correct in rib and moving well
  • 3   Atkins & Charles' Snikkles Sapphire

Open Bitch 5 entries 2 absent

  • 1   Moppetswood Moon Madness
    Nicely shaped brown, good croup, shame she chews on not just food!
  • 2   Griggs & May's Sengalas Indiana Eclipse For Emazenridge JW ShCM
    Attractive 5 year old, heavier in body and her topline is therefore inclined to roll on the move.
  • 3   Gilbert's Athemburgh Ruby Lady

Bred By Exhibitor Bitch 8 entries 5 absent

  • 1   Bowden's Subessen Blaze Of Fire
    Quality 3 year old, a credit to her breeder, strongly made of correct proportions moving freely. Good head and eye colour.
  • 2   Burford's Heleview Harmony
    Another lovely 3 year old unlucky to meet 1 on the day.
  • 3   Szmidt's Moppetswood Moon Madness

Not Bred By Exhibitor Bitch No entries

Sp Beginners Bitch 1 entry 0 absent

  • 1   Meas' Reaosh Destiny
    Very together unexaggerated young lady not in full coat yet.

Veteran Bitch 8 entries 2 absent

Fabulous class of lovely Veterans who belie their age.

  • 1   Richards' Elemark Guelder Rose ShCM
    She's beautiful, a blueprint of the breed, correctly proportioned, correct length of bones & angles, correct length and shape of rib in such good condition, the more she was asked to move the more fluid she became, like the Veteran dog when running my hands down their bodies it was a smooth progress, no lumps & bumps. Lovely head and expression with an overall elegance, a quality lady. BB BVB & BIS
  • 2   Ayrton's Braddabrook Forget Me Not At Aoibh
    Another lovely lady, of excellent type just reaching her prime also correct in proportion, length & shape of rib and moving with ease.
  • 3   Jay's Talraz Hot Favourite

Special Working Bitch 1 entry 0 absent

  • 1   Trodd's Highglade The Last Waltz For Chelsasa CDEx, UDEx, WDEx
    Hugely impressive working trial qualifications, what a credit to the breed. Working with your dog to this standard means you have a very special bond understanding each other so well. In excellent condition and correctly made of good proportions, balanced and easy mover.

Brace 2 entries 0 absent

  • 1   Bartlett's
    These two litter brother and sister Minor Puppies were so composed that they beat a more mature team of half sisters who really didn't want to cooperate on the day.
  • 2   Gilbert's

Judge: Mrs Tricia Pool (Benastric)

Judge's Report: Special Champion Classes

Delighted to have the opportunity of judging these special classes. This is a legacy left to all future Judges of this show courtesy of Stephen Appleby to whom the breed he loved owes a great deal. A fitting tribute was paid to Steve prior to the classes followed by sustained applause.

Special Champion Dog 3 entries 0 absent

  • 1   Atkins & Charles' Ch Snikkles Blue Print JW
    5 year old still every inch a Ch. Nicely proportioned,good length and angle of bones moving with ease.
  • 2   Bowden's Ch Subessen Echoes Of Power JW
    8 year old who also thoroughly deserved his title, correctly made and moving accordingly.
  • 3   Richardson's Ch Caramac Change The Beat JW

Special Champion Bitch 10 entries 3 absent

  • 1   Burscough's Ch Kilfinan Country Lady JW ShCM
    Each of these lovely ladies ranging in age have been selected by three independent Judges as worthy of the title Champion but on the day the winner was for me a perfect example of the breed as given in my preamble, such quality with that added touch of elegance I've also mentioned before. Surely more to come as she is not yet 4.
  • 2   Hards' Ch Braemoray Isle Of Gigha JW
    10 year old still every inch a Champion. Slightly heavier but not enough to hinder her ease of movement.
  • 3   Wood's Ch Pipadene Visionary Spirit For Pepperjay JW

Judge: Mrs Tricia Pool (Benastric)

Judge's Report - Junior Handling

Class A: 6-11 years 1 entry (1,0)

  • 1   Isobel Khawaja
    Isobel handled beautifully with tidy corners, straight lines and good rapport. She was very polite and presented the teeth well. A good young handler coming up into the breed, with a bright future ahead.

Judge: Paige Jepson

Judge's Report - Fun Obedience


  • 1   Sallen Renscombe at Chelsasa and Ann Trodd
    Beautiful young bitch, that coped well with her first encounter in an indoor show environment. Heelwork was unfaultable with consistent distance off the leg for the entire round. Perfect recall with no hesitation and completed the stays confidently. Dolly also won the Marilanz Trophy for highest % in obedience classes with a score of 100%.
  • 2   Croftcaileag Bonnie Gorm and Pat Wincott
    Beautiful bond between dog and handler. After a nervous start in the heelwork, it all came together to produce a good round, with minor points lost. Confident recall. Finished off the round with two faultless stays. Also won the Steve Robinson Memorial Trophy for the best Midland Branch dog/bitch in obedience.


  • 1   Sallen Renscombe at Chelsasa and Ann Trodd
    Yet again this young bitch did an outstanding round, losing little marks on her heelwork. She provided another perfect recall. Completed both stays with ease. Beautiful bond between dog and handler.
  • 2   Highglade Holly Berry at Elemark and Frances Richards
    Stunning bitch with a potential obedience future, due to her good round. Consistent heelwork, the dog was always paying attention to the handler. Wonderful recall with a perfect finish.


  • 1   Highglade The Last Waltz for Chelsasa CDEx, UDEx, WDEx and Ann Trodd
    This winner did another positive round, showing a good bond between dog and handler, showing good communication between the dog and handler. Responsive on the heel free and perfect recall. Mattie also won the Jeannie Cup for gaining 115 points - the highest no of points in the obedience classes.
  • 2   Ch Athemburgh New Beginning and Marilyn Gilbert
    Gorgeous bitch performing a confident round, with nice lead on and lead off heelwork. Completed stays and faultless recall.


  • 1   Highglade The Last Waltz for Chelsasa CDEx, UDEx, WDEx and Ann Trodd
    Good-looking bitch paid full attention with tight turns and straight halts. Heel free and positions on the move were excellent along with a good recall and retrieve. Perfect send away, completed first time.
  • 2   Ch Athemburgh New Beginning and Marilyn Gilbert
    Lovely old girl who paid full attention on both the heel on lead and heel off lead, with confident positions on the move. Faultless recall with a positive retrieve and successful stays.

Judge: Paige Jepson