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Bearded Collie Club Diamond Jubilee Championship Show
5th December 2015 - Judges Critiques

Judge’s Critique - Dogs

What a lovely day and a well organised show, I know I am biased but the Committee worked really hard to make the last Diamond Jubilee Event of 2015 a special one. With the help of many others, including our hardworking Stewards, I am sure that the exhibitors and visitors enjoyed coming along whether they were successful in the ring or not. There were certainly plenty of celebrations taking place with loads of cake! Many congratulations to all those that did well at the show and especially to those of you who have had an extremely successful year with your Beardies. Thank you to everyone who entered the show and both Glenda and I had a fabulous entry. Thanks also to Sue Carter as Referee for being extremely patient with us both at the end of a long day. It was a pleasure to judge so many Beardies and even more rewarding to see so many quality oldies in the Veteran and Vintage classes. It was also great to see so many puppies, most of which were so well behaved and appeared to be enjoying themselves.

In the main, most exhibits were well conditioned, not overweight and had clean teeth. Eye colour is not usually something I mention but I did notice a few that could have been darker. Expressions however, were still kind and no glaring eyes faced me apart from a few exhibitors! Unfortunately, some with upright shoulders and untidy rears affected some of the placings. I also quite like to see a tail that is slightly extended on the move and not tucked under, it gives a finishing touch to the overall appearance and personality of a Beardie. On the odd occasion, it was a shame that some handlers felt the need to move too fast causing their lovely boys to raise their tails high which spoilt their outline and gait.

Minor Puppy Dog (9:0 abs)

  • 1   Lewis's Potterdale Potential
    This 7 month slate baby has loads of potential! A nicely balanced puppy with nothing overdone. He has a good head, good depth of rib, steady easy stride, he did himself proud in the challenge and also when competing against his sister for Best Puppy in Show. BPD
  • 2   Parr & More's Balfarg Bobby Brown
    A mature, almost 9 month old Brown baby. He has a strong head and nice expression. Liked his overall proportions. He has a correct shoulder placement and neat well angled rear. He took a time to get going but has an easy ground covering action. A nice puppy coat completed the picture.
  • 3   Morrant's Highglade Barachiel
    At just 6 months this dark slate was another lovely baby. He has a true Beardie expression with nice eye colour. With good front assembly and balanced rear angles, this baby covered the ground well. A little close behind at present that will improve with age nevertheless a very promising puppy.

Puppy Dog (5:0 abs)

  • 1   Baker & Van de Hoef's Malandex Xclusive Diamond
    Very impressive 10 month brown baby, super colour and outline that makes him stand out. His head is broad and flat with a strong muzzle. Excellent front assembly, correct rib for length and depth with short loin. He is neat behind with strong hindquarters. He was enjoying his day and once settled showed an easy gait.
  • 2   Heath's Debbeacol True Grit
    Again another nice puppy just 7 months and very much a baby who was 4th in the MP class. Not overdone and of good type. Nicely balanced head with dark eye, liked his length of body and nicely angulated rear. Once this puppy settled he showed good extension. Another who is a little close behind at this stage.
  • 3   Jones' Braemoray Loch Ranza at Clanwillow
    A striking 9 month black and white puppy with a kind typical head. He has a good lay of shoulders and decent upper arm. His rib is correct and his rear is neat. On the move he appears to look shorter in back than my other winners not helped by him looking up at his handler. He had settled more for the Novice class and covered the ground really well.

Junior Dog (14:2 abs)

  • 1   Martel's Jupiter De Chester Avec Majikcharms (GKC)
    This black and white youngster presents a rangy, flashy appearance. He is a typical junior. He has super head proportions with a lovely expression. Going over him was a pleasure as he has everything in the right place. He looks much bigger than he actually is. He won this class on his effortless movement that was so elegant and he moved much better when the handler dropped the lead which allowed him to settle into his stride.
  • 2   Boddington's Kitesover Passchendale Boy
    Another lovely slate youngster who looks most impressive on the stand. He has a broad head, strong muzzle and underjaw. His expression is soft and appealing. He is balanced throughout and has a nice deep chest. He tended to speed up on the move and lost the overall balanced picture. When he settled, he covered the ground well. He has a good coat and is maturing well.
  • 3   Raquet's Firstprizebears Orlando Bloom
    A younger elegant dark slate boy, smaller in build than 1 and 2. He has a nice head developing with good eye colour. With good rib and nicely balanced front and rear he moved out well most of the time. His handler was determined to move a little quicker than was necessary and the dog became unstable on the corners which was a shame. This boy needs to move at his own pace to get the best from him.

Yearling Dog (15:6 abs)

  • 1   Groenier's Braemoor's Boundless Joy (ATC NLD)
    Still maturing and going through the pale stage, this slate boy is such a typical Beardie, he is a very nice dog who headed a good class. Head still developing but such a kind expression. Liked his overall proportions with well arched neck on well laid shoulders. Super rib cage and neat rear. He has a such a lovely easy stride and his consistent ground covering movement won him the class. A typical unexaggerated Beardie youngster.
  • 2   Pedder's Ch Caldermist Kiss In The Dark JW ShCM
    Another lovely boy who I know has had such a successful career and you can see why. He is a dark slate that looks mature for his age. He has a super balanced head with good jaw and muzzle. Dark eye and lovely expression. He is well balanced throughout and has good front and rear angles. Correct rib cage and short loin.
  • 3   Boddington's Kitesover Passchendale Boy

Maiden Dog (6:0 abs)

  • 1   Raquet's Firstprizebears Orlando Bloom
  • 2   Bailey's Talraz Nuts In May
    This brown boy did not help his handler. He tended to fly his tail and lift his head which made him look tall and short in back. When he settled and lead loosened, he had a very easy stride. He has lovely head proportions and a typical, cheeky Beardie expression. He is nicely made throughout.
  • 3   Gibb's Snikkles Bluebeard at Pirateer
    A 7 month blue baby who in earlier classes made his handler work hard. He was a happy boy, enjoying his day. He has a good head with a nice eye. He is balanced front and rear and is neat all round. His coat is just right for a baby. He is still very immature and tends to drop his head into his shoulders when standing which really spoils his outline. This baby just needs time.

Novice Dog (4:2 abs)

  • 1   Jones' Braemoray Loch Ranza at Clanwillow
  • 2   Penton's Dychix I'm Lovin It at Belfalcon
    A dark slate who is a real baby and had been seen in earlier classes. He was a free mover, enjoying his day and such a lovely temperament, would have liked more drive but still developing.

Debutant Dog (2:1 abs)

  • 1   Penton's Dychix I'm Lovin It at Belfalcon

Graduate Dog (12:3 abs)

  • 1   Griffiths' Nellbrook It's A Mystery at Whizzbomb
    Really liked this slate boy and disappointed to see him in a later class up against the big boys who showed much more maturity. A plain but appealing dog for elegance and type. A super strong head, good eye and pigment. He is not overdone in any way and is maturing just like a Beardie should. Good proportions all round and a typical rib cage with short strong loin. In very good condition. He moves so freely that he could not be denied his win.
  • 2   Betts' Pipadene Vision of Destiny
    What a lovely boy this slate dog is. Such a kind expression and endearing temperament. He is soundly made throughout and is maturing nicely with a good head, eye and pigment. He is an easy, supple mover and is in hard condition. His coat is of good quality and needs a little more length and maturity to complete the picture.
  • 3   Mangnall's Nellbrook It's Now Or Never
    Brother to my class winner. This slate boy is an eye catcher and much flashier than his littermate. He also has a strong head, good eye and pigment. He is well balanced and is of heavier build. He is a mature boy who is in excellent condition. He is so appealing on the stand and his movement is smooth and steady, he just did not cover the ground as well as 1 and 2 today.

Postgraduate Dog (9:1 abs)

  • 1   Stead's Clovabrae Midnight Sun JW
    A plain dark slate. He is not the biggest of boys but I liked him for type and ground covering movement. He is so elegant and has a lovely outline. His expression is soft and typical. I liked his overall proportions and is well angulated both front and rear. Another that settled much more into his easy stride when his handler dropped the lead a little.
  • 2   Harcourt-Brown's Orora's Entertainer
    I thought this dark slate boy would be my class winner, he is so eye catching. He has matured into an elegant young man who is nicely made with good proportions all round. Strong broad head, strong jaw, appealing expression, correct lay back of shoulder, correct length to height proportions. Strong rear with neat hocks and although he moved soundly he was a little untidy behind.
  • 3   Edwards' Just Brilliant for Roxilyn Smartness (Imp POL)
    Another nice black and white boy. He has a strong head with typical Beardie expression. In hard condition throughout. Good lay of shoulder, correct height to length, short strong loin. Good bend of stifle. Lovely outline standing and very steady on the move.

Mid Limit Dog (6:0 abs)

  • 1   White & Burch's Moonhill Blaze of Glory
    Could not deny this boy the class, such an easy, effortless mover with the most gorgeous typical Beardie expression, good head on well arched neck, well laid shoulders and super length and depth of rib. Strong rear with neat low hocks.
  • 2   Bowen & Wormald's Moonhill Toot Sweet
    Splitting hairs with these two slates. So much to like about this boy, he is so full of quality and easy on the eye, similar comments apply to him as my class winner. He had a tendency to show off his tail which just spoilt his movement – as I said really splitting hairs.
  • 3   Dodgson's Caldermist Ramrod ShCM
    I have admired this boy from the ringside and on first appearance I thought he would be my class winner. He looks lovely on the stand but not as relaxed as the others on the move. He has correct proportions with a strong head. Soft expression with good eye colour, good depth and length of ribcage, he was shown and presented well.

Limit Dog (21:3 abs)

  • 1   Salmon's Ramsgrove Gandalf ShCM
    I have never had the pleasure of judging this slate dog before but he has always caught my eye and I could not stop looking at this young man today. I liked him as soon as I saw him. An impressive young man who is nicely made with good proportions all round. Looked a picture standing and on the move and I loved him for his easy stride. He has that typical Beardie expression. Strong head throughout, good lay of shoulder, correct height to length, short strong loin, good bend of stifle and strong neat hocks. Another in good hard condition. CC and BIS on Referees decision – such a lovely dog who I am sure will go on to gain his crown.
  • 2   Baker & Van de Hoef's Malandex Most Xciting JW
    Another lovely slate boy, not as mature as my winner but again really liked him. He has so much quality and a lovely harsh coat. With the most appealing expression and dark eyes, his outline is impressive on the stand and on the move. He is neatly made throughout and is so unexaggerated. He was another who excelled on the move and I was pleased to award him a RCC. RBIS was awarded on the Referee’s decision.
  • 3   Wesson's Barbudo Back On Track JW
    Have always liked this slate boy and awarded him BPIB in the past. He has developed well and I could not fault his ground covering movement or excellent construction. He moves so soundly with such an easy, almost lazy stride. He has a strong, broad head with strong muzzle and underjaw and a typical expression. Good lay of shoulder and length of upper arm. Correct length and depth of rib. A very handsome dog.

Open Dog (15:3 abs)

  • 1   Collins' Ch Sammara Over The Moon
    Have judged this slate boy before and he has such a quality appeal. He has a strong head and lovely dark eye. Well arched neck and nice shoulder placement. Overall nicely balanced. Sound both coming and going with good length of stride. He is in excellent condition and immaculately presented. He was enjoying his day and I was pleased to award him this class.
  • 2   Fooks' Brenriga Wrapped In Gold for Zoesta JW
    This brown boy has matured well. He is very elegant with a good head. Well arched neck and correct shoulder placement. Overall nicely balanced and in excellent condition. He is sound both coming and going with good length of stride.
  • 3   Betts' Ch Pipadene Undercover Agent JW
    This brown boy is lovely in profile. I have liked him before and a pleasure to see him mature into a worthy Champion. He is not the biggest of dogs but has correct proportions all round. Good eye and pigment. Strong head, muzzle and underjaw. Well arched neck, good lay of shoulder. Correct rib with strong short loin. An unexaggerated dog, good steady mover.

Special Open Dog (6:0 abs)

  • 1   Bowden's Subessen Echoes of Power JW
    A slate that stood out in this class looking a picture standing and on the move. Lovely head, strong muzzle and skull. Very well laid shoulders, good length of body, strong neat rear. Very positive and sound on the move making him an easy winner.
  • 2   Boddington's Braddabrook Voyager at Kitesover JW
    Have awarded this boy the RCC in the past and he has matured nicely. He has a good head with strong jaw and appealing expression, correct lay back of shoulder, correct length to height proportions. Strong rear with neat hocks. He is in hard condition but not moving as well as I know he can. He felt a little tense in body which may have affected his stride.
  • 3   Fox's Bushblades American Dreams
    An elegant brown boy. Again, another that is not the biggest of dogs but he has a super profile and excellent proportions. He has a good head, nice eye and strong muzzle. Well arched neck and correct shoulder placement. Overall nicely balanced being sound both coming and going. I really liked him although he appeared a little unsettled which seemed to make him rush along at times. A lovely type.

Veteran Dog (17:7 abs)

  • 1   Lewis's Ch Potterdale Prodigy
    At almost 8 years this is a lovely brown boy who I have always admired but never judged. He has such a typical Beardie temperament, so full of fun that I am sure he was smiling. In good condition, looking immaculate. He has a strong head and muzzle with good eye colour. He has just the right amount of neck and good angles front and rear. He moved so soundly that I could forgive the few extra ounces he had on his waistline! BVD He decided to show off a little when competing for BVIS and lost out to the bitch winner.
  • 2   Nicholls-Ward's Ch Bumbleridge's Naughty 'N' Nice JW ShCM
    Another of my favourites, this dark slate boy 10 year old was not quite as fluent on the move today. He is such a lovely type and as I have said before he is a strong yet elegant dog that is not exaggerated in any way. He has the most appealing head and expression with a good underjaw. He has a good front assembly that matches his rear angles.
  • 3   White's Ch Moonhill Power of Dreamz JW
    This slate 9 year old was a pleasure to watch and judge. I have admired many of his children and he has certainly passed on his qualities. He has lovely proportions all round and a super temperament. Another with an appealing head and excellent front assembly. Ideal ribcage for length and depth. His rear is neat and tidy. He covered the ground soundly and effortlessly.

Special Vintage Dog (7:3 abs)

  • 1   Carter's Ir Ch Breaksea Allegro JW ShCM
    This fawn dog is now 12 years old and continues to be a credit to his owner. He is in such good condition. He has a strong head with good colour to his eye and pigment. He has a nice front assembly with well laid shoulders, good length coming from rib and a well angled rear. He moved out really well.
  • 2   Nicholls-Ward's Ch Bumbleridge's Naughty 'N' Nice JW ShCM
  • 3   White's Ch Philemon Moonshadow of Moonhill (Imp DEU)
    This 10 year old slate is another one or my favourities who I have awarded a RCC. Once again I was drawn to his overall shape with his outline so clear due to his plainness. He is such a typical Beardie with typical expression, good head on well arched neck, well laid shoulders and super length and depth of rib. He has a neat rear with low hocks. He was a little unsettled today to start with but soon got his act together and gave it his all.

Progeny (2:1 abs)

  • 1   Ch Moonhill Power of Dreamz JW
    This boy was shown with a super collection of his children that almost filled the ring. He has obviously passed on many of his attributes and his breeder is undoubtedly very proud.

Paula Brooks (Fraglestone)

Judge’s Critique - Bitches

My congratulations to the committee for organising this Diamond Jubilee Show, a fabulous event. It had a true sense of occasion that will live long in the memory of everyone I’m sure. Thank you to my two amazing stewards, who worked so hard organizing the large classes. Finally, my thanks to the exhibitors, not only for the wonderful entry, for it is they who create the warm, jovial atmosphere that makes a show so special. Long may it continue.

Minor Puppy Bitch (19:2 abs)

  • 1   Sale & Lewis's Potterdale Platinum Star
    Loved this slate, took my eye on entering the ring and after sending them round together, she absolutely stood out, stunning mover for one so young, effortless reach and drive with maximum effect, excels in shoulder with balanced rear angles, strong head, ultra feminine, deep ribcage, superb length of back, beautiful type, well presented and sympathetically handled, a huge achievement to win this top quality class and BPIS.
  • 2   Pain & Garcia's Victory Wind's Lady Gaga [ATC AR01882FRA]
    Very typey Brown, only 6 mths, all quality, lovely outline, excellent length to height with balanced angles, so neat & feminine, but scopey & powerful on the move, delightful character, loved her.
  • 3   Hines' Alistair's You Are My Sunshine (Imp SWE)
    Alistair’s You Are My Sunshine. Well marked slate, miss personality plus! I would say, again, lovely type, scored in shoulder & length of back, lovely rear, strong feminine head, dk eye & pigment, really opens out on the move. Completed a trio of stunning babies.

Puppy Bitch (10:3 abs)

  • 1   Baker & van de Hoef's Malandex Xquisit Diamond
    Mature Brown in beautiful coat & condition, strong head & foreface, very elegant, feminine type, excels in shoulder & rear angulation, long deep ribcage, nicely rounded croup, looked a picture stood and doesn’t disappoint on the move, being free & effortless, so well turned out & handled. Just preferred the type of the MP.
  • 2   Pain & Garcia's Victory Wind's Lady Gaga [ATC AR01882FRA]
  • 3   Raquet's La Belle De Cadix Des Bergers Des Mille Et Une Nuit
    Another lovely Brown, very elegant with super length of back, scores in shoulder & length of rib, firm in topline, feminine outlook, full of character, moved with reach & drive.

Junior Bitch (7:1 abs)

  • 1   Wallis's Bargemon Tosca
    Good sized med. slate, very strongly made, of good type, loved her head & expression, beautiful toning eye, well pigmented, excellent in shoulder & upper arm, balanced, well muscled rear, in gd quality harsh coat, comes into her own on the move, where she really opens out. Loved her.
  • 2   Bowden's Subessen Blaze of Fire
    Light slate, smaller and of lighter build, has great appeal, so feminine, well constructed throughout, looks so balanced & effortless going round, holds a level topline at all times, out of coat compared to 1.
  • 3   Raquet's La Belle De Cadix Des Bergers Des Mille Et Une Nuit

Yearling Bitch (13:2 abs)

  • 1   Baker & van de Hoef's Alistair's Xpatriate at Malandex JW (Imp SWE)
    Lovely sized medium slate of ideal proportions, excels in shoulder & upper arm, long, deep ribcage, nicely rounded croup, lovely head & expression, correct bend of stifle, built on flowing lines, lovely to watch in profile with her effortless flowing gait. Lovely type.
  • 2   O'Brien's Sammara Little Black Dress
    Quality slate, all the attributes of 1st but not in her best coat at the moment, has an expression to melt the heart, lovely arch to neck into super shoulder & upper arm, gd bend to stifle & strong pushy hocks enabled great reach & drive, will mature into a beauty.
  • 3   Wallis's Bargemon Tosca

Maiden Bitch (8:4 abs)

  • 1   Sale & Lewis's Potterdale Platinum Star
  • 2   Griggs' Malandex Diamond Xpression for Emazenridge
    Strongly made dk slate, in full coat, a study in dk eyes & pigmentation, strong feminine head, has good length of back & well made rear, couldn’t match 1 on the move.
  • 3   Bramley & Moore's Snikkles Love In A Mist
    Delightful Blue in full coat, loved her type, well made all through, full of character, just needs to make the most of herself & concentrate more on the move, plenty of time.

Novice Bitch (7:1 abs)

  • 1   Sale & Lewis's Potterdale Platinum Star
  • 2   Styles' Ragellie Timeless
    Mature looking Brown, of gd size, wealth of dk Brown coat, very well put together, showed herself off well, immaculate presentation & handling, liked her very much, not the scope of 1 on the move.
  • 3   Griggs' Malandex Diamond Xpression for Emazenridge

Debutant Bitch - Entries: 9 Abs: 2(9:2 abs)

  • 1   Sale & Lewis's Potterdale Platinum Star
  • 2   Bowden's Subessen Blaze of Fire
  • 3   Goodyear & Lewis's Potterdale Parula
    Blue in glorious full coat of super texture, well presented, really lovely type, well constructed & has all the essentials, just feel handler could get more out of her on the move.

Graduate Bitch (15:0 abs)

  • 1   O'Brien's Sammara Fancy Dress
    Loved this Fawn, carries a quality coat, so well conditioned, lovely cheeky expression, super pigment & toning eye, lovely to go over, litter sister to 2nd in yearling, she is a real show off, moved out so well to win this very strong class. One for the future.
  • 2   Wallis's Bargemon Tosca
  • 3   Betts' Pipadene Vusa Amakhosi JW
    Favourite of mine, combines substance with elegance perfectly, lovely topline & shape over the croup, well balanced all through, delightful character, she was full of herself today & not moving as I know she can.

Post Graduate Bitch (16:2 abs)

  • 1   Hyde's Natterjack Dwarka's Dream JW
    Headed another strong class. Lovely slate, full of quality, demands attention with her super breed type, so feminine in outlook, dk eye, strong head & foreface, well laid shoulder & balanced strong rear, enables great extension on the move, ideal length & depth of rib, level topline, in full well presented coat. In contention for top honours in the challenge.
  • 2   Wood's Pipadene Visionary Spirit for Pepperjay JW
    Taller slate, different type to 1, being more upstanding, very appealing expression, strong head & muzzle, gd shoulder & ribcage, nicely rounded croup, in full well presented coat. Really pulled out all the stops on the move, effortless, easy action gained her this place over 3.
  • 3   Edinboro & Lewis's Potterdale Pure Gold
    Potterdale Pure Gold. Feminine pale Brown, quality coat of super texture, just my type. Long, lean body, lovely shaped croup, correctly angulated front & back, soft expression with toning eye, gd pigment. Not settled on the move today. One for the future though.

Mid Limit Bitch (10:1 abs)

  • 1   Delaney's Arranbrae Just One Look JW
    Strongly made dk slate, loved her type, appealing expression, dk eye, well pigmented, gd shoulder & upper arm, ribs carried well back, gd topline & croup, has length of back, well made rear, in gd coat, moved well.
  • 2   Peart's Talluarchy Angel Wings ShCM
    Smaller slate of lighter build, lovely proportions, similar to 1 in many respects & very close between these two, possibly a bit more athletic on the move, but not the finish of 1, liked her very much.
  • 3   Rann's Skyebucks Wishin And Hoping at Dramatrix ShCM
    Taller strong but feminine slate, gorgeous head & expression, gd neck & shoulder with balanced rear, very animated, scopey mover, not in her best coat, but is a lovely texture, close up.

Limit Bitch (20:5 abs)

  • 1   Griggs & May's Sengalas Indiana Eclipse for Emazenridge JW ShCM
    Quality med. Slate, combines substance with elegance so well, lovely head & expression with toning eye, correct length of neck which flows into a well angulated shoulder & correct upper arm, her long, deep ribs & correct length of loin giving her a strong topline, her croup is a lovely shape, with a well muscled, balanced rear enables her to move with that long reaching, effortless , unexaggerated reach & drive that is so wonderful to watch, she holds her lovely shape at all times and is full of character & animation, all topped off by a beautifully presented, harsh textured jacket. So pleased to award her the CC.
  • 2   Woolley's Aratika Creme De La Creme JW
    Ultra feminine Brown, shown in beautiful coat & condition, put in a great performance today to take this place in such a wonderful class. Love her for size & type, lovely head & strong forface, toning eye, well pigmented, correct shoulder & balanced rear, ideal proportions, moved with a lovely light footed action, just losing her topline on the stand at times.
  • 3   Raquet's Farmarens Nobless Oblige [ATC AQ01936SWE]
    Stunning, well marked very dk slate, loved her type, full of quality, plenty of substance, correct in shoulder & rear, loved her head & cheeky expression, in fabulous coat, just would not settle on the move today, think her mum was in the next ring.

Open Bitch (13:2 abs)

  • 1   Waldron's UK Fr Ch Victory Wind's Ghost Whisperer for Snowmead JW (Imp FRA)
    Stunning light slate, beautiful type, gorgeous head & expression, excels in shoulder, length of rib & rear angulation, correct topline & croup, super quality coat of lovely texture, superbly presented & conditioned, very neat, tidy mover from all angles. Headed a super class.
  • 2   Jansen's NL Ch Braemoor's Simply An Angel [ATC AS01526NLD]
    Judged this girl abroad about 16 mths ago & wow, she has matured into a real beauty, not reached her 3rd birthday yet, so still not the finished article coatwise, easily held her own in this strong class, lovely type, combines elegance with substance, correct in head & foreface, toning eye with her light slate well textured jacket, correctly angulated front and back, well shaped croup, free and effortless on the move.
  • 3   Harcourt-Brown's Enigma at Orora JW
    Loved this girl, size smaller than 2, in full dk slate correctly textured coat, beautifully presented in hard muscular condition, so feminine in outlook, correct length of neck into well anglulated shoulder & upper arm, balanced rear & strong in hock, neat & tidy mover from all angles.

Special Open Bitch (8:0 abs)

  • 1   Edwards' Ch Nellbrook Imagination JW ShCM
    Classy dk slate of ideal size & proportions, stunning head & appealing expression, correct length of neck into lovely shoulder & perfectly balanced rear, long, deep ribcage, nicely moulded croup, sparkling dk eyes to match her coat, loved her character & joyful attitude, came into her own on the move where she ate up the ground with her effortless reach & drive, maintaining her lovely outline, although not in full coat, could not be denied the RCC.
  • 2   Lewis's Ch Potterdale Seagulls Ringside Rumour (Imp NLD)
    Beautiful Blue, in full coat, she is a lovely type & looked a picture stood, lovely head, toning eye, well pigmented, well laid shoulder, correct upper arm, gd length & depth of rib, lovely shaped croup, well angulated rear, effortless mover, just not holding her topline on the move at times.
  • 3   Hall's Bargemon Boadicea JW
    Brown, I have always liked, lovely type & outline, in full quality coat, toning eye, gd pigment, ideal length & proportions, gd length & depth to ribcage & nicely rounded croup, not so relaxed as 1 & 2 on the move today.

Veteran Bitch (19:5 abs)

  • 1   White's Ch Moonhill Zweet Dreamz JW
    Glamorous slate, looking absolutely immaculate, expression to die for, beautiful dk eye, ultra feminine, perfect in shoulder & topline & in super, hard condition, pulled out all the stops on the move, have never seen her looking better, stole my heart. Delighted to see her go BVIS.
  • 2   Hosie's Ch Gillaber Balnacara at Aliskye JW
    Have always liked this beautiful plain dk slate, just my type, love her head & expression, ideal length of back, lovely depth & length of ribcage with balanced, strong rear, allowed her to move out with reach & drive with minimum effort, in super coat & condition, not quite as firm in topline as 1.
  • 3   Weightman's Ch Debbeacol Pride And Joy JW
    Another slate, not looking at all like a veteran, well muscled & in super coat, immaculately presented, another I have always admired, ultra feminine lady with beautiful angles allowing her to move with great freedom & style. Completed a trio of top quality in this great class.

Special Vintage Bitch (12:5 abs)

  • 1   Edwards' Ch Nellbrook Mystification JW
    Impressive plain slate, looking amazing for her 11 yrs, is dam of the Bitch RCC today, she is in great coat & condition, has a lovely soft expression with her sparkling dk eyes, has a lovely topline, maintained on the move, sound as a bell.
  • 2   Wesson's Barbudo Belleza
    Dk slate, old favourite of mine, looking so well, strong in head, gd shoulder, balanced rear, scores in length to height, very nice depth to ribcage, moved out well.
  • 3   Curry's Siren In Silk at Davankirk
    Typey Blue, lovely size & shape, ex length to height, sound as a bell, in gd coat & condition, delightful expression, close up.

Glenda O'Connell (Atherleigh)