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Bearded Collie Club Championship Show
3rd December 2016 - Judges Critiques

Judge’s Critique - Dogs

I would like to thank the exhibitors for bringing their dogs under me, Sue Carter and Jane Palmer for their excellent stewarding, not forgetting the hard working committee. I think the breed is in good shape although I was concerned by the number of dogs with upright shoulders and others who had ground down their bottom teeth – something to consider when selecting future stud dogs. Temperaments were excellent and only a couple had matts in their coats.

Some of the dogs did not move to their full potential on the rubber mats and need an outside ring to perform at their best. However, there were some wonderful Beardies on show which did not make for easy decisions.

Minor Puppy Dog (8:2)

  • 1   Delaney’s Arranbrae May Guapo
    Six months old slate puppy who shows lots of promise, pleasing head and expression, good front and rear angulation, correct length of rib and depth of chest. Moved well when his handler relaxed and let him stride out without a tight lead. BPD
  • 2   Churchill-Heavens’ Winterlyn Smokey Quartz
    Slate, six months old on the day of the show but took everything in his stride. Well proportioned head with eye matching coat colour, nicely arched neck leading into well placed shoulders, correctly angulated rear and although a little loose on the move as yet, he moves out well.
  • 3   Osborne’s Malandex Xpressly Loved
    Another six months old puppy, brown.

Puppy Dog (6:1)

  • 1   Arranbrae Muy Guapo.
  • 2   Ritchie’s Cheryshd For Eternity
    Masculine blue boy a day short of his first birthday. Well made all through but needs to settle on the move. When he gets his act together he should have a bright future.
  • 3   Dumbrell’s Cheryshd Memories At Bethlyntee

Junior Dog (10:3)

  • 1   Hyde’s Natterjack Starman
    13 month slate youngster who should have a bright future. Pleasing outline both standing and on the move. Good head and expression, nicely arched neck, balanced front and rear angulation, good forechest, level topline, moved well but at this age still a little loose going away.
  • 2   Buchanan-Hislop’s Ciopar Celtic Little Bear AI
    15 month slate boy who was close up to one. Caught my eye when he first went round the ring with his easy ground covering stride. Pleasing construction all through. Another who should do well when fully mature.
  • 3   Pickup’s Pipadene Whiskey Mac.

Yearling Dog (8:1)

  • 1   Baker & Van De Hoef’s Malandex Xclusive Diamond JW
    Well handled 22 month old brown boy, pleasing head and expression, nicely arched neck, good depth of chest and length of rib, strong rear, low hocks, moved out well.
  • 2   Lewis & Edinboro’s Potterdale Potential JW
    Soundly constructed slate of 19 months who moved as his construction suggested . I found it very difficult to separate these two boys as they share many fine attributes and on another day the placing could be reversed.
  • 3   Gibb’s Snikkles Bluebeard At Pirateer JW

Maiden Dog (7 abs)

  • 1   Ciopar Celtic Little Bear AI
  • 2   Bartlett’s Kelligrews King Of The Stars
    This well made black boy moved out much better in this class to earn his place. Still a little loose all round but this can be expected at 14 months old.
  • 3   Arranbrae Muy Guapo

Novice Dog (9 abs)

  • 1   Ciopar Celtic Little Bear AI
  • 2   Pipadene Whiskey Mac
    Plainly marked slate youngster of moderate size, another who moved much better in this class showing good reach and drive. Pleasing construction all through.
  • 3   Kelligrews King of The Stars

Debutant Dog (9)

  • 1   Ciopar Celtic Little Bear AI
  • 2   Pipadene Whiskey Mac
  • 3   Kelligrews King of The Stars

Graduate Dog (10)

  • 1   Hodgson & McCourt’s Malandex Xtremely Brown
    Masculine brown boy of good proportions, lovely head, strong underjaw, nicely arched neck, good forechest and well placed shoulders, good depth and length of rib, correctly angulated rear, moved well covering the ground with an easy stride.
  • 2   Needham’s Beardmarked’s Ultimate Brownie For Oscarlusion
    Well coated brown youngster with much to like. Lovely head and expression, good body and topline, correctly angulated front and rear. Moved out well.
  • 3   Waldron’s Snowmead Super Sleuth.

Postgraduate Dog (15)

  • 1   Hines’ Ramsgrove Majendie’s Dream
    Almost 3 year old dark slate boy of ideal proportions, not overdone in any way and so sound. Beautiful head and expression, excellent forehand construction, good length of back, sound rear, covered the ground effortlessly and looked as though he could go on all day. Pleased to award him his first CC. Hopefully others will follow in the not too distant future.
  • 2   Griffiths‘ Nellbrook It’s A Mystery At Whizzbomb
    This slate boy has a pleasing outline, good head and expression, nicely arched neck leading to well placed shoulders, correct hindquarters, won second in this hotly contested class on the last go around, shown well to get the best out of him.
  • 3   Leary & Lewis’ Potterdale Magic Dust.

Mid Limit Dog (2:1)

  • 1   Jay’s Talraz Look And Look Again
    Like all from this Kennel this slate boy is as sound as they come, beautifully constructed with movement to match, just needs to finish in coat to complete the picture.
  • 2   Betts’ Pipadene Visionary Soul
    Although only two in the class this slate boy well deserved his place with his lovely head and expression, good length of back, balanced angulation and quality coat. Had a tendency to look up at his handler on the move which threw his movement off a little.

Limit Dog (15)

  • 1   Turner’s Rembrand Rum And Coke
    One I have always admired from ringside and was not disappointed going over him. Beautiful head and expression with dark eye to match his dark coat, good forechest and shoulder angulation, correct length of rib, strong rear, moved well in the class, but lacked some sparkle in the challenge.
  • 2   Stead’s Clovabrae Midnight Sun JW
    this slate boy is another excellent mover who cannot be overlooked. Well made all through and close up to one.
  • 3   Edwards’ Just Brilliant For Roxilyn Smartness (Imp)

Open Dog (10)

What a fantastic class with some of my favourite Beardies well down the line or even cardless.

  • 1   Baker & Van De Hoef’s Ch Malandex Most Xciting JW
    Slate, another quality dog from this Kennel. Shown in good hard condition with an excellent jacket atop his soundly constructed frame. Moved as his construction suggests with a light and easy stride. Res.CC.
  • 2   Groenier’s NL/SE/U Ch Braemoor’s Boundless Joy BNLJW’15
    Good looking dark slate boy who instantly appealed as he went round the ring for the first time. Nicely balanced with pleasing expression, excellent pigment, good shoulder placement and rear angulation, neat hocks which he used to his advantage.
  • 3   Lewis’s Potterdale Platinum Plus

Special Open Dog (13:3)

  • 1   Thorpe’s Merrythorpe Mr Kipling
    Strongly made brown boy with much to like. Gorgeous head and expression, strong pigment, good reach of neck, depth of chest and length of rib, level topline both standing and on the move. Took awhile to get into his stride but when he did moved with reach and drive.
  • 2   Salmon’s Ramsgrove Gandalf ShCM
    Slate boy who makes a pleasing picture both standing and on the move. Just seemed a little bored today.
  • 3   Mangnall’s Nellbrook It's Now Or Never

Veteran Dog (10:2)

  • 1   Martin’s Talibee Shining Star ShCM
    8 year old slate boy who showed his socks off. Perhaps not as glamorous as some but he has a lovely head and expression , strong pigment, good front and rear angulation, correct length and depth of rib, level topline both standing and on the move. Covered the ground well.
  • 2   Glasspool’s Ch Diotima From The Heart For Gildenmede
    8 year old dark slate whom I have placed well in the past. A worthy champion enjoying his time in the in the ring, moved with reach and drive. Well muscled but not the body condition of one.
  • 3   Richardson’s Ch Caramac Change The Beat JW

Special Vintage Dog (7:4)

  • 1   Nicholls-Ward’s Ch Bumbleridge's Naughty 'N' Nice JW ShCM
    Shown in wonderful hard condition this masculine 11 year old dark slate could not be denied today. Pleasing outline, beautiful head and expression, balanced front and rear angulation, moved out well covering plenty of ground. BVIS.
  • 2   Moorhouse’s Willowmead Class Act JW
    Looking well for his fifteen years, lighter frame than first, lovely head and expression, good pigment, nicely arched neck, good shoulder placement, neat hocks. Did not cover the ground as well as one.
  • 3   Gilbert’s Thingamebob My Guy.

Anne Wilding (Judge)

Judge’s Critique - Bitches

I would first of all like to extend my sincere thanks to the Membership of the Bearded Collie Club. I considered it a huge honour and an immense privilege to be elected by BCC members to judge our breed’s flagship show and to have such a numerically strong entry of girls with some real quality Beardies, which made for some difficult decisions in several classes and with many lovely girls leaving cardless. My thanks also go to the Officers and Committee of the BCC for looking after me so well and finally to my stewards Annette and Roger for their efficient and unobtrusive assistance. As always, I was looking for a well balanced Beardie which exemplifies our standard but with nothing exaggerated or overdone and one which demonstrates that easy, supple and effortless gait reflecting sound conformation throughout. Issues emerging during the day and giving me some cause for concern included a peppering of steep shoulders, untypical movement and disappointing head proportions which did not mirror the flat, broad skull required by our standard. Depth and strength of under jaws and dark eyes were once again general elusive features on the day. I was disappointed to discover a greater than average overweight exhibits and some presented with knots in their coats, which subsequently cost and split them. However, presentation was excellent in the main with several shown in the hard, fit condition I was looking for and which was ultimately evident among my winners.

Minor Puppy Bitch (14:4 abs)

These three lovely puppies will no doubt change places often.

  • 1   Shield’s Malandex Xpressly Chosen
    Delightful, composed brown baby of 7 months. Lovely overall proportions with correct head properties and well put together throughout. She used her construction so well on the move with excellent forehand reach and pushy little hocks propelling her from the rear. So focused for one so young. Holds plenty of future promise.
  • 2   Cope’s Miss Dior De Chester at Menander
    Not quite the composure of my winner today, but another quality puppy of sound construction with strong yet feminine head, good length of rib and matching angles being among her many attributes. One settled into her stride, she moved out with a true and sure action to secure her place. Another with an assured future ahead.
  • 3   Stockwell’s Winterlyn Amethyst Reef
    Pretty brown baby of just 6 months. Self assured but with still much maturing to do. Despite her tender age, she settled into the task required and did everything her sympathetic handler asked of her. Still a little loose at present, but nonetheless moved out well in tough competition reflecting her correct construction and pushing her classmates hard.

Puppy Bitch (8:0 abs)

  • 1   Salter’s Irisaddition Effie Trinket
    Not one I have seen before but was instantly captivated with this beautifully balanced slate puppy of 10 months. Oozing quality and of super type, she is so well put together in all departments. Such a lovely head of good proportions, correctly built front assembly with a well placed shoulder and excellent return of upper arm and matching rear angles providing her with all she needs to move out on long reachy strides covering the ground effortlessly. Had no hesitation in awarding her Best Puppy Bitch and was delighted that my co judge, Anne Wilding also fell for her qualities agreeing to award her Best Puppy In Show. Loved everything about her and have since learned that I recently awarded her Belgian bred sire one of his many Best In Show accolades.
  • 2   Peirson and Palfreyman’s Scalbeck In The Spotlight
    Have watched this lovely puppy of super type throw away her chances on more than one occasion, but today she held it all together to showcase her attributes to advantage. Such pretty feminine head properties of good proportions, nicely constructed throughout which she finally used to her advantage coming into her own on the move with a positive gait that was steady and true and cooperating well with her handler.
  • 3   Styles’ Ragellie Solitaire
    Completing a trio of lovely puppies, this pretty blue has lots to like about her. Not quite as settled which hindered her movement at times today, but having finally dropped into her stride and applied herself, her added quality and construction secured her place.

Junior Bitch (10:0 abs)

  • 1   Collins’ Luna De Chester at Kingswud (imp Fra)
    Full of quality and class this young lady presented a clean outline of good proportions and flowing lines. Beautiful head with the darkest of eyes contributing to an expression which for me, has sadly become all too elusive. Nice arch of neck leading into well placed shoulders with matching angles fore and aft. Moved out as her conformation suggested to win this strong class. Well presented quality coat currently going through the pale stage but of correct texture. An exciting future to look forward to for sure.
  • 2   Betts’ Pipadene Whiskey and Lace JW
    13 month old bitch of quality maturing well and pushing 1 all the way. Pretty head of correct planes with soft expressive eyes. Well constructed throughout and creating an appealing outline on the stand. Very “together” on the move demonstrating plenty of reach and drive. Impeccably presented.
  • 3   Braemoor’s Start The Party with Bushblades (imp NL)
    14 month old youngster with lots to like. Lack of ‘junior stage’ head furnishings currently detracting from her otherwise correct head properties. Sound construction with good lay back of shoulder and matching return of upper arm. Strong croup with good tail set. Clean action on the move with impressive front reach in profile. Moved at the right pace to prevent her over extending. Would like to see her moving outdoors. Just needs time.

Yearling Bitch (18:0 abs)

  • 1   Malandex Exquisite Diamond JW
    Admired from the ring side and although not in the best of coats today, this quality brown girl’s virtues could not be denied. So well balanced and creating an attractive outline with well held top line. Strong but feminine head of correct proportions. Lovely sweep of neck leading to a well placed shoulder and good upper arm return. Correct shape and depth of ribcage with strong matching rear assembly. Moved out with class with an easy ground covering action displaying plenty of reach and drive. Another with a promising future.
  • 2   Luna De Chester at Kingswud (imp Fra)
  • 3   Potterdale Platinum Star JW
    Another bitch of quality I have watched with interest from the ringside. With her beautiful head and correct proportions I could find little to fault on examining her. Today however, her composure was not allowing her to make the best of herself on the move and demonstrate the smooth easy and relaxed action I know this bitch is more than capable of. Another young lady who I feel needs a large outdoor ring to fully showcase her virtues. Her quality and conformation could not be denied however and she eventually settled enough to reveal her capabilities and secure her place.

Maiden Bitch (7:0 abs)

  • 1   Cheryshed Dream Come True
    VHC in Puppy Bitch class, this brown girl for me is well up to size yet retains her femininity. Strongly built with everything in the right place. Moved steadily and true and sympathetically handled. Just need to watch her tail carriage which hopefully will resolve as she matures and learns her craft. Quality jacket of correct texture.
  • 2   Ayrton’s Aoibh Skylark
    Nothing exaggerated or overdone about this composed puppy placed Reserve in a previous class keeping it all together and going better the more she moved. Still lots of maturing to do but everything developing along the right lines, I particularly liked her proportions, her shoulder placement and her strong little rear which allowed her to move out steadily covering lots of the ground beneath her.
  • 3   Robinson’s Breaksea Pure Fiction for Thingamebob
    Considered this 13 month old brown to be my class winner as she entered the ring with her shapely outline and obvious quality on the stand. Soundly built throughout and of lovely ratios, but she was not looking altogether relaxed today which at times, both affected her outline and hindered her movement. Her unruly tail carriage was not assisting her situation today either. I hope she gets it all together soon as she has a quality, a decent shoulder and a lovely temperament which shone through.

Novice Bitch (10:0 abs)

  • 1   Cheryshed Dream Come True
  • 2   Patterson’s Corimist Musical Soul
    20 month old slate youngster unplaced in Yearling. Moving so much better in this class and much more self assured. Pretty head with kind eye and nice length of neck. Would prefer a slightly better layback of shoulder but she has more than enough conformational merits to allow her to move with a typical action and secure her place here.
  • 3   Aoibh Skylark

Debutant Bitch (8:0)

  • 1   Pipadene When You Believe In Marsby
    Placed fourth in a strong Junior class, this little girl stood out in this class. Nice size and correct proportions. Feminine head with expressive eyes and a lovely sweep of neck into well fitting shoulders. Decent length of ribcage and strong well muscled rear quarters. Good tail set and carriage and moved out positively with a non nonsense attitude to win the class.
  • 2   Cheryshd Dream Come True
  • 3   Aoibh Skylark

Graduate Bitch (10:0 abs)

  • 1   Bowden’s Subessen Blaze of Fire
    Keeping her promise as a puppy, this 2 year old has matured into a lovely bitch of super size and shape. Presenting an appealing outline on the stand with a rock solid topline. Pretty, feminine head of good proportions with nice strength of underjaw. Well constructed and conforming to the standard, her controlled effortless action won her the class. Clean lines and close fitting jacket of correct amount and texture completed a very nice picture indeed complemented by being totally at one with her handler.
  • 2   Jay’s Talraz May Queen JW
    Built on slightly bigger lines, this 16 month old slate is another displaying good breed type and mirroring the qualities and virtues of the winner. Just preferred the more positive action of 1 today. Could easily change places on another day. Liked her a lot with her strong but feminine head, sound construction and typical movement. All presented under a correctly textured harsh jacket.
  • 3   Rudd’s Jolie Fille Des Emaurades Du Lac Avec Lubin (imp Fra)
    Pretty little dark slate with kind eye and good length of back coming from the rib. Nicely put together and once settled, she strode out well. Would just prefer her slightly taller on the leg for greater balance.

Post Graduate Bitch (13:5 abs)

  • 1   Invercoyle Erdradour
    Understated yet full of quality, loved this little girl’s type, size and shape. Spot on for size with correct length to height ratios. Not exaggerated or overdone in any way, but so well balanced and constructed with a super head, lovely expression, matching angles and low, pushy hocks included in her many virtues. Well muscled throughout with well defined second thighs she was shown to perfection by her young handler who moved his charge at exactly the right pace and in perfect harmony to show off her many qualities.
  • 2   Hards’ Braemoray Silver Tassie JW
    Pretty blue of 4 years. Putting in a good performance here showing herself to advantage. Another good bitch of lovely size and proportions. Good head properties with eye colour toning with her well prepared coat. Little to fault conformationally and moving well. Just preferred the fluidity in movement of the winner. Well handled and presented.
  • 3   Goodyer and Lewis’ Potterdale Parula
    2 year old blue bitch of quality and another putting in her all to take her place in the top three with similar comments applying. Creating a typical outline on the stand she is very feminine and has lots to appreciate. Splitting hairs between 2 and 3, the decision being made on the final circuit of the ring when she developed a tendency to drop her head. A quality bitch however with no doubt a different result on a different day.

Mid Limit Bitch (8:0 abs)

  • 1   Gill, Cook and Hosie’s Gillaber Benachie JW
    3 year old slate who is feminine all through. Classic outline on the stand and so well put together, this bitch really comes into her own on the move with scopey strides whilst pushing away the ground with drive at the rear and the more she moved the better she went. She simply floated around the ring on the final circuit confirming her place at the head of this quality class.
  • 2   Harkin and Thorpe’s Merrythorpe Miss Scarlett at Claudalla
    Quality brown bitch of correct proportions and pushing 1 all the way. Another whose construction is reflected in her supple, easy gait with such a pretty head and nice arch of neck, straight front and well angled quarters. Excellent tail set and carriage and low hocks. Immaculately presented as always from this kennel and putting in a convincing performance to finish well here today.
  • 3   Edwards’ Nellbrook Illusion
    Lovely type and well built throughout, this 3 year old has matured along the right lines. Not as settled on the move today but managed to get into her stride before completion of the class to earn her place in good company.

Limit Bitch (17:5 abs)

This class had such depth of quality providing me with some very close decisions and I would have been happy to take any one of my final six home with me complete with a red card, Each of them possessed many of the virtues and attributes I admire with fitness levels and performance on the day all playing an influencing part in splitting them.

  • 1   O’Brien’s Sammara Little Black Dress
    This beautifully balanced, ultra feminine slate girl of almost 3 years commanded my attention the moment she stepped into the ring. Although plainly marked, she has the prettiest of heads with the most captivating expression coming from dark eyes, strong pigment and correct head planes. She is so well constructed throughout with ideal length to height ratios and matching angles fore and aft.
    Presented in the hard, fit condition I appreciate with well defined musculature all under an immaculately prepared gleaming coat. Moved around the ring as if she owned it with a supple, fluid stride. This young lady was in sparkling form today and in the challenge I found it difficult to get past her. Delighted to award her the CC in such strong competition, her second I believe, and it was a joy to watch her take the ultimate award of Best In Show under Breed Specialist referee Graham Atkins. Congratulations.
  • 2   Styles’ Potterdale Birthday Star to Ragellie
    Certainly my surprise star of the day. I don’t recall noticing this charming bitch before, but today, in strong company, this beautiful brown demanded my attention for sure. Lovely to go over, with everything in the right place. Another well balanced girl with a super lay of shoulder, matching rear angles and long, deep ribcage, Moved out with such style on lovely long strides and without any fuss or drama. Quality coat of just the right amount and of correct texture. Pleased to award her the Reserve CC.
  • 3   Pipadene Vusa Amakhosi JW
    Holding her own in this strong class full of quality this 3 year old slate is really starting to make her mark and establish herself among the best. Creating a classic outline on the stand and moving as her sound conformation suggests she refused to be ignored here today. Feminine head of correct properties and presented in lovely condition, she was impeccably presented and handled to advantage.

Open Bitch (16:2 abs)

Quite a difference in type, but some very nice girls presented here in yet another class teeming with quality and once again I really was in need of at least six more red cards with my final line up all deserving of top honours.

  • 1   O’ Connell’s Ch. Moonhill Sweet Sensation of Atherleigh JW ShCM
    Have so admired this lovely slate girl of good proportions, simply oozing quality and full of class, she has a beautiful head with a gentle soft expression. With little to fault on examination and again on top form, she stood out here presenting me with some tough decisions in the challenge. A strong contender for top honours and so unlucky to meet the principle winners also on top of their game today. Moved out effortlessly and expertly handled. Such a worthy and well deserved champion.
  • 2   Jay’s Talraz Hot Favourite
    Differing slightly in type, but with so much to like about this honest beardie with nothing to hide. What you see is what you get and what you get is a functional honest beardie of excellent proportions. Soundly constructed all through reflecting in her no nonsense movement which was so well co ordinated and true. Close fitting harsh coat which enhanced rather than obscured her pleasing outline. Once again showed herself to advantage and was presented in such fit condition.
  • 3   Ch. Natterjack Dwarka’s Dream JW
    Complementing an impressive line up, yet another quality exhibit of 3 years presented to absolute perfection. Of super type and pleasing overall conformation with neat, well let down hocks, good tail set and moving as her construction promised me she would. So close up and another classy lady who thoroughly deserves her title.

Special Open Bitch (6:2 abs)

  • 1   Burscough’s Ch. Kilfinan Country Lady JW
    Dark slate of substance with strong head, flat skull and good strength of muzzle and underjaw. Strongly built yet retaining her femininity, once settled, she moved well within the confines of the venue, but needs a bigger arena to truly get into her stride. A worthy champion with much to offer.
  • 2   Ch. Carbonnie Callieco Star for Kelligrews JW ShCM
    Built on smaller lines. Feminine dark slate I have always appreciated and placed well in the past. Today however I felt she was holding back and not giving her best. This girl also needs a larger ring to bring the best out in her. Her quality is undeniable however with her lovely head and melting expression exuding that inimitable Beardie charm, clean flowing lines and well let down hocks. Moved true with precision, but she is capable of greater length of stride than she demonstrated today. Well handled and nicely presented.
  • 3   3rd: Subessen Echos of Love at Pastraka JW
    6 year old slate bitch. Correct head proportions, nice length of neck and straight front. Would prefer slightly better lay of shoulder. Good length of back coming from rib. Moved OK. Well presented.

Veteran Bitch (21:6 abs)

  • 1   Weightman’s Ch. Debbeacol Pride and Joy JW
    Awarded this ultra feminine bitch her second CC some years ago and a successful show ensued which speaks for itself. Still troubling the best at 9 years old, she pulled out all the stops to head up this lovely class. Stepping out with style in the class and moving with the familiar free and easy action come to expect of her and as her construction suggests, she sadly appeared to lose her momentum and enthusiasm in the challenge and had to bow to her senior on top form today. However, a quality bitch of which her owner/breeder can be justly proud and a very worthy champion.
  • 2   Harkin’s Ch. Claudalla Jenny Wren JW ShCM
    Another champion of which to be proud. Beautifully presented and in excellent condition, this 9 year old lady moved out well today with a supple easy gait. Soundly constructed throughout with a feminine head and wise and engaging expression under a gleaming harsh jacket of correct texture.
  • 3   Ch. Braemoray Isle of Giga JW
    Have admired this lady in the past for her honest type and sound, unexaggerated movement. Not always instantly commanding attention, hands on appreciation is essential to acknowledge this 9 year old’s attributes. Steered to her place by her handler who moved her at a pace which showcased her qualities. Well presented.

Special Vintage Bitch (11:4 abs)

The condition, fitness levels and soundness of movement in this class was so encouraging.

  • 1   Saskyadu Magical Moonlight at Malarkey
    I have always loved this understated yet classy 11 year old, placing her well and considering her for top honours in the past. Today she looked simply beautiful. Totally unexaggerated, for me, she exudes breed type with nothing overdone. My previous complementary critiques of her still apply with her expressive dark eyes, correct construction and free and easy action which belied her years today. Beautifully presented and holding a strong top line under a coat of correct amount and texture, she stepped up several notches in the challenge at the end of a long day to take on strong competition and clinch the top Veteran spot. Hard to believe this lovely lady does not hold the title I believe she richly deserves.
  • 2   Jay’s Talraz Honey Trap JW
    Another favourite of mine and at 11 years young, today she was showing one or two of the younger exhibits how it’s done. Presented in hard, fit condition, she is also a credit to her owner/breeder. Well made bitch with good forehand assembly and matching rear angles. Moving out really well today with plenty of reach and drive. Unobtrusively handled and shown to advantage.
  • 3   Edward’s Ch. Nellbrook Mystification JW
    Complementing a super trio of ladies of which to be proud in a class exuding health and wellbeing. Close up to the winners, this 12 year old was once again presented in the hard fit condition I was looking for but prepared to forgive a little in this class. However, there was no compromise to be made with the condition, and soundness of movement by most exhibits a joy to behold.
Angela Pedder (Judge)