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Bearded Collie Club Championship Show
2nd December 2017 - Judges Critiques

Judge’s Critique - Dogs

First of all, my thanks to the members for giving me the opportunity to judge their dogs at what has to be one of the favourite breed club shows of the year. Secondly, to my stewards Frances Richards and Pete Styles for keeping everything running smoothly. Last, but by no means least, to the Committee for all their hard work in producing such a lovely show with a great atmosphere.

It was lovely to see the puppy classes fuller than they have been for some time and I was spoilt for choice in both classes. Eye colour in the browns needs watching and I hope that as they mature the eyes will darken as it is important for the 'soft and affectionate' look required in our standard. Only a well muscled, balanced dog with correct proportions will give that effortless movement. Leg length should be at least equal to the depth of chest, otherwise we end up with Beardies who are obviously 'short on the leg' who frantically scuttle around the ring with a movement that in no way can be described as effortless. It is always a pleasure to have the choice of some lovely Beardies and in the latter classes my decision making was made that much harder. I was delighted when my fellow judge, Kay Farrier, and I agreed on BIS and happy to agree with her for RBIS & BOS. Again it was a joint decision for BVIS. BPIS was the decision of the referee Yvonne Fox.

Minor Puppy Dog (12:1 abs)

  • 1   Glasspool's Bradiba's Brilliant English Muffin For Gildenmede (Imp DEU)
    Nicely balanced brown boy, whose eye I hope will darken as his coat does. Head proportions good, arched neck into well placed shoulders. Good length of bone throughout. Correct shape rib and length. In good condition, moved steadily.
  • 2   Savage & McLean's Talraz Comic Relief
    A young man with a good head, dark eye toning with his black coat giving him a lovely expression. Arched neck, good lay of shoulder, would prefer a longer rib. Balanced angulation which showed on the move.
  • 3   Atkins & Charles' Memorylane Do The Tra-La-Laa At Snikkles (Imp FIN)
    This puppy is carrying a heavy coat at the moment, but he has a good head, dark eye, arched neck, good front, depth of chest, hopefully rib will lengthen with maturity. In good condition and moved well.

Puppy Dog (11:1 abs)

  • 1   Butler's Ceilmear Malt Teaser
    Just loved this brown young man. 10 months old, beautifully proportioned head, good mouth and pigment, arched neck. Excellent length of rib, so balanced throughout and moved effortlessly. Just wished he could have maintained his composure for the challenge, but it had been a long day for him and he had been a busy young lad. BPD & RBPIS.
  • 2   Savage & McLean's Talraz Comic Relief
  • 3   Wilding's Nonesuch Best Of Times At Bendale (Imp USA)
    10 month brown boy of slightly heavier type than 1 & 2. Good head and hopefully eye will darken, good length of bone, correct shape and length of rib, in good condition and moved well.

Junior Dog (8:1 abs)

  • 1   Wilding's Nonesuch Best Of Times At Bendale (Imp USA)
  • 2   Burch & White's Zoesta White Collar Worker
    Broad skull, dark eye and pigmentation. Scissor bite. Arched neck, good shoulder, rib could be better, nice shaped croup.
  • 3   Bowen & Wormald's Zoesta Fits The Bill
    Litter brother to 2nd and once again eye tones with coat and he has excellent pigmentation. Medium neck, good shoulder. Correct depth of chest. Moved okay

Yearling Dog (5:0 abs)

  • 1   Robertson's Arranbrae Laird Of Quothquan JW
    Nice shape to this boy and he gives a picture of balance. Good flat broad skull, eye colour and pigment. Arched neck into good front with balanced angulation fore and aft. Correct depth of chest, nicely rounded croup. Moved as his structure would suggest, effortlessly. Will look forward to watching his progress.
  • 2   Fear's Ceilmear Harris Tweed
    Dark brown, balanced boy with good head. Good depth of chest and length of rib, in good condition, moved well, a little proud of his tail. Just needs his wardrobe.
  • 3   McErlane's Pretty Bear Amazing Sense (Imp DEU)
    Heavily coated brown boy at the pale stage of his growth. Broad skull, arched neck into good lay and length of shoulder, would prefer a longer upper arm, but good rib length and correct depth of chest.

Maiden Dog (4:2 abs)

  • 1   Butler's Ceilmear Malt Teaser
  • 2   Atkins & Charles' Memorylane Do The Tra-La-Laa At Snikkles (Imp FIN)

Novice Dog (5:1 abs)

  • 1   Butler's Ceilmear Malt Teaser
  • 2   Glasspool's Bradiba's Brilliant English Muffin For Gildenmede (Imp DEU)
  • 3   Savage & McLean's Talraz Comic Relief

Debutant Dog (4:1 abs)

  • 1   Butler's Ceilmear Malt Teaser
  • 2   Glasspool's Bradiba's Brilliant English Muffin For Gildenmede (Imp DEU)
  • 3   Atkins & Charles' Memorylane Do The Tra-La-Laa At Snikkles (Imp FIN)

Special Beginners Dog (11:3 abs)

  • 1   Butler's Ceilmear Malt Teaser
  • 2   Colley's Indigo De Chester (Imp FRA)
    Square, flat skull, strong muzzle, arched neck and good length of shoulder blade. Rib correct shape. Moved well when settled.
  • 3   Mudd's Moppetswood Moonlight Star
    Harshly coated dark slate dog with eye toning with coat and good pigmentation. Would prefer a better lay of shoulder and a longer rib, but was in harmony with his handler on the move.

Graduate Dog (7:1 abs)

  • 1   Buckley's Holtend Time Traveller
    Aptly named and as such will take time to mature. 2 years of age with correct head proportions, eye that tones with coat. Arched neck, well placed and good length of shoulder and upper arm . Nice length of rib, strong loin and correct croup. Once settled showed a very easy and effortless stride.
  • 2   Port's Scottsdale Voyager (Imp DEU)
    Eyes tone well with coat and good pigmentation, would prefer a slightly shorter muzzle to give balance to the head. Balanced angulation and strong topline which he kept on the move, rounded croup and moved well.
  • 3   Pickup's Pipadene Whiskey Mac
    Slightly smaller, harshly coated dog of 2 years. Eye toning with coat, arched neck, good length of shoulder, correct shaped rib with good length. Moved well.

Post Graduate Dog (12:1 abs)

  • 1   Bailey's Talraz Nuts In May
    Balanced head with strong, square flat skull Would like a darker eye, but this may happen as he matures. Correct neck, good length of shoulder and return of upper arm. Strong top line with one of the better lengths of rib in this class. Rounded croup. A balanced dog which showed in his movement.
  • 2   Hinchliffe's Talraz Come What May At Croftdale
    Dark slate dog with balanced head proportions, nice eye. Good forechest and length of shoulder. Correct shape of rib and length. Balanced dog which allowed him to move well. Close decision between him and the winner.
  • 3   Morrant's Highglade Barachiel JW
    Lovely head on this dog with good eye and pigmentation. Correct forechest and front assembly, not too deep in chest and good length of rib. Moved well.

Mid Limit Dog (6:1 abs)

  • 1   Mangnall's Nellbrook It's Now Or Never
    Balanced dog with lovely head proportions, arched neck with good length of shoulder and return of upper arm. Correct shape of rib with good length. In lovely condition and moved accordingly.
  • 2   Buckley's Holtend Horizon
    Nice type with dark eye toning with his coat and excellent pigmentation. Correct neck, good front, well ribbed. Quality coat.
  • 3   Hodgson & McCourt's Malendex Xtremely Brown
    Rich brown boy with lovely head, but could do with a darker eye. Correct neck but would like to see him standing over himself more. Good rib and in nice condition, moved ok.

Limit Dog (9:2 abs)

  • 1   Beech's Dychix Meet Joe Black
    Plain boy of 5 years, very balanced and in very good condition that showed in his easy movement around the ring. Correct head proportions gave him a lovely expression. Good forechest and length of bones throughout. Well ribbed and correct croup.
  • 2   Clack's Ribbondale Smart Guy
    Not the tallest of dogs, but nevertheless no mistaking he's a boy. Again, another dog with a lovely head and the desired expression. Arched neck into good length and lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Correct chest, good length of rib and rounded croup. In fit condition which allowed him to move easily.
  • 3   Beaumont's Pipadene Visionary Soul
    Plain dog of 4 years. Good eye colour toning with coat and nice pigmentation. Would prefer a little less length of muzzle to give more balance to his head. Balanced angulation which showed on the move.

Open Dog (13:2 abs)

  • 1   Baker & Van De Hoef's Ch Malandex Most Xciting JW
    One of the things that attracted me to the Bearded Collie all those years ago was it's outline and this dog has that lovely flowing shape. Totally unexaggerated with a strong head, square flat skull, correct length of muzzle and again a beautiful expression. Arched neck into well placed and good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm, allowing him to stand over himself. Correct shape of rib with good length, coupled with a strong loin enabled him to maintain his topline on the move. His overall balance and fitness becomes apparent when on the move. Very pleased to award him the DCC and see him go BIS.
  • 2   Kochanowski's Thornsky Moondance
    A nicely made unexaggerated dog with lovely proportioned head giving that desired expression. Dark eye and good pigment. Correct neck. Balanced angulation and good rib, strong over the loin and a rounded croup. Used himself well on the move.
  • 3   Pedder's Ch Caldermist Kiss In The Dark JW ShCM
    Well balanced dog of very pleasing proportions. Good head and lovely expression, arched neck into well placed shoulder with good length of bone throughout. Well ribbed and in excellent condition which showed in his lovely movement.

Special Open Dog (2:1 abs)

  • 1   Moorhouse's Willowmead Class Act JW
    16 ½ years young and it is amazing what a difference some treats will make. He didn't have them in the Vintage class so he was not going to move! However in this class treats were produced and low and behold a different dog appeared before me, more than happy to follow his owner /handler around the ring. Another dog with the desired head proportions to give the typical expression. Medium neck, good lay and length of shoulder. Nice length of rib and in good condition for his age. I believe this was his swan song, so I wish him a very happy and long retirement.

Veteran Dog (10:5 abs)

  • 1   Boddington's Braddabrook Voyager At Kitesover JW
    8 y.o. boy with lovely head, eye colour and pigmentation. Arched neck into correct lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Correct depth of chest and length of rib, moved really well in this class but seemed a little uncomfortable in the challenge.
  • 2   Martin's Talibee Shining Star ShCM
    Beautifully balanced 9 y.o. slate boy who was really happy being shown by his owner and moved acccordingly. Lovely head, good eye colour and pigmentation. Correct shape and length of rib.
  • 3   Richardson's Ch Caramac Change The Beat JW
    Brown boy of 9 years with lovely head, dark eye and pigment. Arched neck, good length of shoulder and return of upper arm. Correct depth of chest and shape. Moved well.

Special Vintage Dog (8:3 abs)

  • 1   Morrant's Elemark Briar ShCM
    Have always loved this dog and today was no different. 10 years old with beautiful head, eye, pigmentation and correct scissor bite. Arched neck into good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Excellent length of rib, balanced throughout and moved effortlessly. Could show some of the youngsters a thing or two. RDCC & BVIS.
  • 2   Brooks & Grundy's Braddabrook Extra Time With Fraglestone
    Plain young man of 11 years with nicely proportioned head, good eye colour and pigmentation. Arched neck, good shoulder. Correct depth of chest, well ribbed, in good condition and moved accordingly.
  • 3   Betts' Ch Pipadene Time To Review
    10 years brown boy with beautiful eye colour and pigmentation. Medium neck, good length of shoulder and correct depth of chest. Rounded croup, moved well.

Progeny Dog (1:0 abs)

  • 1   Jay's In Vogue Island High Society At Talraz (Imp FRA)

Special Scottish-Bred Dog (2:0 abs)

  • 1   Robertson's Arranbrae Laird Of Quothquan JW
  • 2   Buswell's Douglasdale Garanatus At Scotesham

Lynn Dumbrell (Judge)

Judge’s Critique - Bitches

Thank you to everyone who voted for me to judge the Beardie girls at the BCC Championship show 2017. I was honoured with an excellent entry in terms of quantity and quality. Thanks you to the committee and my stewards. I enjoyed the day immensely, however this was marred slightly by one individual who thought it was appropriate to shout aggressively at a committee member. It doesn't matter whether they were correct in what they were saying; this type of behaviour is not acceptable at a dog show towards anyone, let alone a hard working committee member who gives of their time freely. I felt so strongly about this that I had to mention it here.Overall I believe our breed is in a good condition. There was a variety of type on the day, to be expected a large entry and I see this as good for the breed's future. I was very impressed by the puppy classes and the later classes. Only a very small number of mouth faults in younger exhibits with time on their side. I was just a little concerned by a small number of youngsters who were, what I term as 'tied at the elbows', very narrow in the chest with elbows almost touching underneath which showed in their movement. I was extremely pleased with my final line up, very much to type in terms of movement and character, Beardies have that extra bit of sparkle and are such lovely little people.

Minor Puppy Bitch (11:0 abs)

Very promising class.

  • 1   Canty's Bargemon Melba
    7 month old slate baby. Good head, with eye toning with coat at present time. Good broad jaw. Lovely neck in to well laid shoulders, nice length of back, coming from her ribs. I liked her croup and overall balance at this stage. Moved out extremely well showing good reach and drive. Quite composed for one so young, but she had a glint in her eye that said different, I shall watch her with interest.
  • 2   Harkin's Corimist Galway Girl at Claudella
    6 months old black and white, very much a baby. Smaller all round than one and just a little bum high at this stage of her development. Dark eye with melting expression. Beautiful layback of shoulder which showed on the move with her very good front reach. Good length of rib. I think her owner is going to have her hands full with this one, such a character. Another one to watch for the future. Just preferred the overall balance of my winner today.
  • 3   May's Sengalas Indiana True
    Flashy black & white girl of 6 months. Good head and eye, with excellent pigmentation. The first four in this class could swap places on another day quite easily. Good neck and shoulders and nice croup. Moved out well, but not quite the front reach of 1 or 2 today.

Puppy Bitch (9:0 abs)

  • 1   Peirson's Denters Whirlwinds Broadway Baby (Imp Deu)
    10 month old slate girl who I absolutely adored. Good strong head with a lovely eye and good jaw. Very good lay of shoulder and good upper arm length. Decent length of rib, which is of the correct shape. Her rear construction matches her front which is so evident on the move, demonstrating that easy, low long reaching front and excellent drive. Her cheeky expression is a delight. Nothing exaggerated about her, so balanced. I was very pleased to award her Best Puppy Bitch, and later, on the referee's decision, watch her go Best Puppy In Show, so well deserved. I have so many I wish to keep an eye on for the future, and I short listed this one in the cut in the challenge.
  • 2   Goodbrand's Braesnobel Let Freedom Ring
    Slate youngster of 10 months. I have watched her from the ringside and often thought she has been overlooked. Good head and neck, good jaw, but I would prefer a slightly darker eye. She is quite an understated young girl with no exaggerations which is what I prefer. Nice length of rib and good rear, nice short hocks. Another with a delightful outgoing temperament. Very nice girl.
  • 3   Moir's Braemoor's Fabulous Fennela At Winaria (Imp NLD)
    11 month old dark slate who appears very mature in coat and body for age. Decent head, but I would prefer a slightly darker eye to tone with her dark coat. Very good pigment. Good lay back of shoulder and length of rib. Moved out steadily with good reach in front, but without the animation and character of 1 and 2.

Junior Bitch (10:2 abs)

  • 1   Moir's Braemoor's Fabulous Fennela At Winaria (Imp NLD)
    My third in puppy. Moved out with more animation in this class (her owner more relaxed perhaps?). I understand this win gave her the final points for her JW, very well done.
  • 2   Peirson's Kiltondale Hearts On Fire
    17 month old brown, up to size but still feminine. Good layback of shoulder and matching angulation at rear with a good croup. Nice length of rib and good topline. Nice profile movement but I just preferred number 1 coming towards. Lovely dark brown colour coming through which will be stunning when she finishes growing her new coat.
  • 3   Wallis's Calowych Christmas Cracker
    Pale slate of 11 months who was 5th in the strong puppy class. Another one up to size, would not like to see her any bigger. Liked her head and eye, with very good pigment. Lovely harsh coat coming through. Moved out well in front. I just preferred the profile of 1 and 2 on the day.

Yearling Bitch (10:1 abs)

  • 1   Peirson & Palfreyman's Scalbeck In The Spot Light
    Dark slate girl of 22 months. Very mature looking for her age and ultra feminine. I liked her for overall balance and size. Classic head type giving that lovely expression. Good shoulder placement and length, shape and depth of rib. Another one with no exaggeration. I have watched her previously be quite a handful at times (don't you just love the naughty ones), but today is the best I have seen her go. I think she will be one to watch for the future, understated type but one that should be spotted for her correctness.
  • 2   Cope's Miss Dior De Chester At Menander (Imp FRA)
    18 months paler slate with a lot to like. Strongly made young girl and different in type to 1st, but very nice all the same. Lovely head, good eye colour and nice pigment. Good length and nice deep chest, but she was just a little overweight today which cost her first place. Moved out very positively. Lovely character.
  • 3   Salter's Irisaddition Effie Trinket JW
    Dark slate of 21 months. A strongly made young lady but still feminine. Liked her classic head and dark eye. Good layback of shoulder. Shown in hard muscular condition. I liked her movement in profile but preferred 1 and 2 when coming towards.

Maiden Bitch (11:2 abs)

  • 1   Peirson's Denters Whirlwinds Broadway Baby (Imp DEU)
  • 2   Wallis's Calowych Christmas Cracker
  • 3   Jay's Talraz Gift Of Gold
    4th in the strong minor puppy class. 8 month old brown and rangier in type at this stage. Nice head, with eye toning with coat. Good pigment. Very balanced on the move, but giving a lot away in this class.

Novice Bitch (6:0 abs)

  • 1   Wallis's Calowych Christmas Cracker
  • 2   Smidtz's Moppetswood Mystery
    5th in Junior bitch. Slate bitch of nice type. Good head and eye and decent layback of shoulder. Nice length and shape of rib. Good croup. Some good coat coming through. On the move, did not quite have the front reach of first today.
  • 3   Hand's Madsway River Deep
    2 year old dark blue, who I am told missed her first class. Good head and dark eye. Would prefer a better layback of shoulder and shorter hocks which was highlighted when she moved out. Steady and balanced for herself but not the reach and drive I look for.

Debutant Bitch (7:1)

  • 1   Wallis's Calowych Christmas Cracker
  • 2   Perkin's Saskyadu Your So Magical
    Two year old slate in good muscular condition. Another with a decent lay back of shoulder, but not quite the length of upper arm. Nice length, balanced and steady mover.
  • 3   Smidtz's Moppetswood Mystery

Special Beginners Bitch (13:1 abs)

This is the first time the BCC have put this class on, with eligibility being the owner, handler or exhibit not to have won a CC, RCC or JW.

  • 1   Kneeshaw's Kiltondale Spring Blossom
    I somehow don't think this girl will be eligible for this class much longer. Dark slate of 3 years who is very unexaggerated and delightful on the move. Lovely head with good pigment, broad jaw and dark eye. Lovely layback of shoulder and good length to upper arm. An understated girl who could easily be overlooked, but she really shouldn't be as she came in to her own on the move. By far the best mover in this large class. I don't think this will be the last we hear of her. Later awarded her 4th in the large post graduate class.
  • 2   Jenkinson's Kiltondale Spring Evening For Ellishar
    Slate girl of 3 years and to my surprise, litter sister to the winner. Similar in head type, but a little longer in length overall. Good neck length and decent layback of shoulder, good rib length. Not quite as together on the move today, but a nice girl all the same and worth persevering with.
  • 3   Gibson & Pilgrem's Bargemon Carmen
    3 year old dark slate with a nice head and dark eye. Not quite the neck of one and two. Good length of rib. Moved out steadily with her owner and is balanced for herself.

Graduate Bitch (11:0 abs)

  • 1   Collins' Luna De Chester At Kingswud JW (Imp FRA)
    Slate girl of 2 years and another I have admired from the ringside, so pleased she entered under me today. Beautiful, strong, classic head and melting expression. Very feminine girl with a very good layback of shoulder and angles to match at the rear. I liked her overall balance. Good harsh coat developing. She really came in to her own on the move, beautiful long strides and good drive from behind. She is another one for the future and I shortlisted her in the challenge.
  • 2   Bush's Pipadene Work Your Magic at Manortonway
    2 year old slate with an absolutely gorgeous/ cheeky expression. Smaller in frame than one, ultra feminine. Another with a good shoulder and upper arm. Decent length to rib and lovely harsh coat. She moved out well with her handler today, nothing to be ashamed of being second to my winner today.
  • 3   Betts' Pipadene Whiskey and Lace JW
    Litter sister to 2nd who was not quite herself today so could easily swap places. Very full of mischief and owners earlier broken arm obviously had not helped. Similar comments to her sister, but perhaps has a slightly better upper arm. Just blew her chances today, I have seen her move far better outside. Lovely girl, her day will come.

Post Graduate Bitch (19:3 abs)

Lovely class - mixed in type

  • 1   Bargemon Tosca JW
    I have admired this young girl since I saw her in a puppy class and still like her now. Lovely head and eye and good jaw. To be picky, I would perhaps like a little more length of neck, but that does not distract from her in anyway. Now 3 years old and coming in to her own. Lovely lay back of shoulder and good upper arm. Very balanced lady with the harshest of jackets. Lowers her head and moves out with such lovely reach and drive. Another I shortlisted in the challenge.
  • 2   Whelan & Young's Corimist Soul Sister
    2 ½ year old very dark slate of different type to one. She has a beautifully constructed head and a better length of neck than my winner. Very nice layback of shoulder and good upper arm. I liked her for overall length and profile. Moved out very well with her handler and the more she moved, the better she got. Just not quite the front reach of my winner today. A second in this company is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • 3   Jay's Talraz May Queen JW
    3 year old slate of different type again. A strong head with good eye and pigment. Nice length of neck in to decent shoulders and upper arm. Nice length of rib and solid in topline. Good tail carriage. I just didn't think she quite had the positive movement of my first two today, but did enough to gain a third place in this strong competition.

Mid Limit Bitch (15:3 abs)

  • 1   Whelan & Young's Victory Wind's Just The Girl For Corimist (Imp FRA)
    This 3 year old plainly marked brown girl could easily be overlooked by some due to her lack of white markings (they are not a requirement of our breed). She has a beautiful head and good strength to her jaw. Lovely neck which does not need to be stretched. I liked her layback of shoulder and upper arm. Matching angulations at the rear with lovely pushy short hocks. She excels in rib length and presents such a beautiful overall profile. When she moved, she dropped her head in that typical collie movement and got on with the job in hand. Another that moved better the more she was moved producing very good reach and drive. I was delighted to award her the RCC. I sincerely hope that others will look beyond her plain markings to see how beautifully constructed she is.
  • 2   Bowdens Subessen Blaze Of Fire
    I liked both 1 and 2 in this class and it was extremely close. A three year old slate girl of lovely type. Very feminine. Dark eye and good pigment. Very good layback of shoulder and good length of upper arm, lovely in profile and coming and going. She was a little unsettled today and did not move out quite as well as I have seen her do outside. A little less further on in coat development too. A lovely girl, whose time will come.
  • 3   Crouch's Malandex So Xciting For Greybeards
    A four year old slate girl who is of a heavier type. Strong head and good eye. Another with good shoulders, but today she came over as a bit lazy and lacking in enthusiasm. I have definitely seen her move with more passion outside. With a bit of encouragement she moved out much better in the last run around to gain her 3rd place.

Limit Bitch (11:1 abs)

  • 1   Brooks & Grundy's Heleview Heartbreaker From Fraglestone JW
    This stunning 3 year old brown girl just took my breath away. Yes, I have admired her from the ringside before but I have not seen her move out the way she did today. Beautiful strong head piece with gorgeous and very cheeky expression, always keeping her handler on her toes. Lovely length of neck in to very good shoulders and upper arms. Correct length, shape and depth of rib. Her harsh brown coat is in beautiful condition, as is she, hard and muscular. Very in keeping with the RCC winner, with the exception of markings. Another which displayed that lovely Beardie movement, low head carriage, excellent front reach and balanced for and aft. I was delighted to see her owners shocked expression when I awarded this girl the CC (her 2nd). I think her owner was a little too excited in the challenge for BIS, as she hurried a little. Wonderful to award her (joint decision with the dog judge), RBIS, so well deserved, what a beautiful girl. I do hope her 3rd is not far away.
  • 2   Hollis's Pretty Bear Wild Flower Mit Adjucet (Imp DEU)
    I last judged this cheeky young lady as a puppy and I am delighted with how she has developed. I liked her feminine head, lovely neck and good shoulder. She has a nice length and depth of rib. I have seen her make her handler work for it on many occasions. Today, whilst still on her toes, she got on with the job and moved out beautifully. I still love her character, don't ever let her loose it. Called in to challenge for the RCC.
  • 3   Baker & Van De Hoef's Malandex Xquisit Diamond JW
    Another lovely brown of just 2 ½ years. Slightly smaller in statue than 1 and 2 but very well made. Lovely strong head and good eye, but I would prefer stronger pigment. Good shoulders and balanced rear angulations. Nice length of rib and held her topline at all times. Moved out very well in this lovely class.

Open Bitch (11:3 abs)

I am a fan of the first 3 in this class - some very hard decisions.

  • 1   Waldron's Ch/Fr Ch Victory Wind's Ghost Whisperer For Snowmead JW (Imp FRA)
    There is no hiding that I like this girl a lot, having awarded her the RCC as a two year old, before she was made up. She's now a quality 6 year old with a gorgeous head and eye. Lighter slate in colour. She has a lovely length of neck and good layback of shoulders. Very feminine girl and balanced front and rear. I was delighted to see her entered and in such good condition today. Her previous wins speak for themselves, she moved out very well, but the younger girls just had the edge on her today. One to be proud of.
  • 2   Hyde's Ch Natterjack Dwarka's Dream JW ShCM
    Yet another I have admired previously, having awarded her Best Puppy in the past. She is now a fully mature four year old of a type which is so familiar to me. Lovely strong head, dark eyes and classic melting expression still holding her pigment. Very good shoulders and balanced for and aft. Produced that lovely reaching movement, it was a hard decision, had to settle for 2nd, based on the last run around, I had to split them somehow.
  • 3   O'Brien's Ch Sammara Little Black Dress
    I said this was a hard class, because I have long admired this 3 year old dark slate too. She has the most gorgeous head and expression, coming from dark eyes and fabulous pigment. Her shoulders are well laid back and she has a good length of upper arm. Nice long rib length. Today, unfortunately she did not move out as well as I have seen her do before, which was such a shame. She still did enough to secure 3rd in this lovely, lovely class.

Special Open Bitch (10:2 abs)

  • 1   Wood's Pipadene Visionary Spirit For Pepperjay JW
    4 year old dark slate who is larger in frame. Her head is beautiful and of that old fashioned classic look. Very nice pigment. Good shoulders and length of rib. Presented a lovely outline and moved very well in the class today, but just wasn't as together or as settled in the challenge I felt, which blew her chances.
  • 2   Szmidt's Moppetswood Moon Madness
    Brown girl of 5 years, in lovely coat and body condition. Smaller in type to the winner and very feminine. Good head and eye and good length of neck. Balanced for and aft in angulation. She moved out well today to gain 2nd in a nice class.
  • 3   3rd: Kemp's Kiltondale Uptown Girl At Scalbeck JW
    Very feminine slate girl who was very well presented. Old fashioned head type with a lovely expression. Decent layback of shoulder, moved out steadily and is balanced, but not quite the front reach of my winners today.

Veteran Bitch (18:5 abs)

  • 1   Burscough's Ch Kilfinan Country Clover
    8 year old mid slate girl with a good head, beautiful eye and pigment. Plainly marked, heavier type but still feminine. Good lay back of shoulder and length and shape of rib. Nice depth to her chest. I have admired this one from when she was young from the ringside without actually getting my hands on her until now, I certainly wasn't disappointed. Her movement produced that long reaching stride and was so balanced. Won a very strong veteran class, very worthy champion.
  • 2   Jay's Talraz Hot Favourite
    To be honest, 1 and 2 in this class could change places. Although lighter in frame than 1, very similar for type. Slate girl with a good head and eye and good length of neck, like her length of rib and croup. Shown in good hard muscular condition. I just preferred the slightly better front reach of the winner today, but another lovely 8 year old.
  • 3   Goodyear's Potterdale Blue Pearl At Dajue
    This 7 year old blue was a delight for type. I like her head and overall expression. Good lay back of shoulder and solid topline, matching angulation at the rear. Beautiful steel blue coat in such good condition. Another good mover who performed well to take 3rd in this strong veteran class.

Special Vintage Bitch (10:0 abs)

It broke my heart judging this class, so soon after losing my old girl, aged 15.

  • 1   Clack's Ch Sengalas Indiana Star
    10 year slate girl who I admired for type and super movement. She has a lovely head and eye with very good pigment and is ultra feminine. Very good lay back of shoulder and good ribbing. Such a solid topline. Shown in very hard muscle condition and this showed in her movement, balanced front and rear which belies her years. Another very worthy champion who I was delighted to award Best Veteran bitch overall and Reserve Best Veteran. A lovely girl, one I would be proud to own.
  • 2   Turner's Ch Dajue's Dark Diva
    Yet another lovely 10 year old girl, dark slate in colour. She has that lovely classic old fashioned head and expression. Very good shoulder and matching angulation at rear, another unexaggerated Beardie of good type. I like her overall length and profile. Just pipped at the post in this class by the slightly better front of 1, but this is splitting hairs. .
  • 3   Szmidt's Moppetswood Magic Charm JW
    11 year old slate girl with a lovely head. Good length of neck and good shoulders. Good topline which she held on the move. Moved out well, but not quite in the muscle condition of 1 or 2. A lovely girl who settled well with a different handler.

Progeny Bitch (4:1 abs)

  • 1   Pallavicini's Bradiba's Brilliant Peanut Muffin
    Beautiful family of browns, moved in harmony, breeder should be very proud.
  • 2   Robinson's Thingamebob Shes The One JW
  • 3   McCalister's Chyanullys Joy's Second Hope

Special Scottish-Bred Bitch (2:0 abs)

  • 1   Goodbrand's Braesnobel Let Freedom Ring
    2nd in puppy.
  • 2   Meas' Reaosh Destiny
    14 month old slate girl at a raw, rangy stage in her development. Would prefer a better layback of shoulder, but she was balanced for herself. Not settled on the move.

Kay Farrier