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BCC Championship Show - 6th December 2014

DCC/RBIS - Ch/Ned/Lux Ch Beardie Connections Kenji
(Mr M Otto)
BCC/BIS - Fr/Int/Serb/Swiss Ch Victory Winds
Glenmorangie (M. Bernardi)

RDCC - Ch Potterdale Platinum Plus
(Mr M & Mrs J Lewis)
RBCC - Pattishawl She's A Dream for Pepperjay
(Mr A & Mrs J Wood)

(L) DCC/RBIS - Ch/Ned/Lux Ch Beardie Connections Kenji
(R) BCC/BIS - Fr/Int/Serb/Swiss Ch Victory Winds Glenmorangie

The Bearded Collie Club (Scottish Branch)
27 Class Single Breed Open Show - 21st September 2014

Thank you to the Club and Branch for inviting me to judge at their 40th Anniversary Open Show which was held in Alva, Scotland on a glorious sunny day and for their excellent hospitality. Also many thanks to Rob Ballantyne, my ring steward for the day.

Minor Puppy Dog (3,0)1Steel’s Invercoyle Dallas Dhu, 7 months slate dog nicely balanced throughout. Moved as one would expect for age (BPD)
2Handley’s Invercoyle Caperdonich at Barkenbear
3Alder’s Firstprizebears Nathaniel Hawthorne (Imp Bel)
Puppy Dog (3,1)1Invercoyle Dallas Dhu
2Invercoyle Caperdonich at Barkenbear
Junior Dog (6,1)1Jacques & Panas’s Talraz Look and Look Again, 17 months slate boy, lovely head and eye, of correct proportions, moved well (RBD)
2Gamble’s Talraz Look to the Future
3Hosie’s Gillaber Benromach
Yearling Dog (5,1)1Talraz Look and Look Again
2Ryan & Black’s Braedoon Highland Laddie at Razkal JW SHCM
3Stott’s Orora’s Somptueux
Novice Dog (3,1)1Gillaber Benromach, 22 months slate, nicely put together, much more settled in this class.
2Broadbridge & Muir’s Sallen Rhydwyn
Graduate Dog (3,0)1Talraz Look and Look Again
2Braedoon Highland Laddie at Razkal JW SHCM
3Orora’s Somptueux
Post Graduate Dog (2,1)1Jay’s In Vogue Island High Society at Talraz (IMP FR), 2 and half year old slate dog of good proportions, correct shoulders and ribs, moved steady.
Limit Dog (4,1)1Handley’s Bargemon Beauford Tourer at Barkenbear SHCM, 4 year old brown boy who looked a picture standing, lovely head and eye, nice size, very well muscled (BD)
2Aughey’s Lochbarra Dark Shadow for Aughenaird
3Ayrton’s Braddabrook Muto
Open Dog (1,0)1Gibb’s Dychix Captain Jack JW SH.CM, 6 year old slate boy nicely constructed, moved well.
Scottish Bred Dog (4,2)1Glasgow’s Gallus Absolute Quality JW SHCM, 6 year old brown boy, nicely balanced throughout, moved well.
2Lochbarra Dark Shadow for Aughenaird
Veteran Dog (3,1)1Broadbridge & Muir’s Sallen Harrar, 11 and a half year old dark brown dog, super eye, constructed well which showed in his movement. Enjoyed his day out. (BVD)
2Stott’s Mobuff Kashmir
Minor Puppy Bitch (4,0)1Steel’s Invercoyle Erdradour, 7 month girl, litter sister to MPD winner. Nicely put together, all the basics there, maturing well. Moved well.
2Courtenay-Blake’s Tousietykes Total Eclipse
3Ayrton’s Osmart Mink’s Dark Lady at Aoibh
Puppy Bitch (4,0)1Barley’s Runival Stormy Glory, Brown girl, lovely head , super pigment. Correct shoulders and ribcage, lovely shape. Moved easily reaching out with well covering the ground with a minimum of effort. (BP & BPIS)
2Invercoyle Erdradour
3Tousietykes Total Eclipse
Junior Bitch (3,0)1Gill & Cook’s Gillaber Benachie, 12 months slate girl maturing well, had a lovely head and eye, ribs well shaped, good length and depth, moved very well in class and even better in the challenge (RBB & RBIS)
2Savage & McLean’s Clovabrae Solar Flair
3Goodbrand’s Dychix Whistles and Bells
Yearling Bitch (5,1)1Ballantyne & Evans’s Balbridge Nansies Kiss JW, super girl, 2 year old slate just lost out on movement in the challenge for RBB. Had a lovely head and dark eye, well arched neck, correct shoulders and ribcage, good length and depth. Lovely shape, moved well.
2Buchanan-Hislop’s Ciopar Celtic Mine Alone
3Dychix Whistles and Bells
Novice Bitch (5,1)1Gillaber Benachie
2Runival Stormy Glory
3Osmart Mink’s Dark Lady at Aoibh
Graduate Bitch (2,2)
Post Graduate Bitch (5,1)1Peart’s Talluarchy Angel Wings, pretty slate girl of good type, nice length and shape, moved well.
2Delaney’s Arranbrae Just One Look JW
3Roberson’s Kiltondale Liadhich with Quothquan.
Limit Bitch (2,0)1Kirby’s Finesk Ladies Fancy SHCM, nice slate girl with good all round construction and movement.
2Delaney’s Duncannas Classy Lassie of Arranbrae
Open Bitch (3,1)1Glasgow’s Gallus Fortune Cookie SHCM, Super 2 year old slate girl of goodsize and type. Lovely head and eye, well arched neck leading into well laid shoulders. Ribs well shaped, good length and depth, good rear angles. Moved easily reaching out well, covering the ground effortlessly – loved her! (BB & BIS)
2Jay’s Talraz Honey Trap JW
Scottish Bred Bitch (8,3)1Gallus Fortune Cookie SHCM
2Balbridge Nansies Kiss JW
3Glasgow’s Gallus Living the Dream
Veteran Bitch (6,2)1Glasgow’s Gallus Living the Dream , mother of my BIS, brown of 8 and a half years. Super shape, lovely head and eye, excellent length and depth of ribs, another good mover. (BVIS)
2Talraz Honey Trap JW
3Kirby’s Ciopar Ben Kilbreck

BCC Scottish Branch Limited Show - 25th May 2014

Our thanks to Denise Barley for supplying the photographs.

The 40th Anniversary Cake
BIS - Jane and Emma Peart's Talluarchy Angel Wings
RBIS - Cath Ryan's Braedoon Highland Laddie at Razkal ShCM

Judge Bob Millar with BPIS - Ailsa Gill's Gillaber Benachie
Obedience winners E Bird, M Robertson
and C Spray with judge Mrs Hazel Cook

BCC Open Show - 5th April 2014

Show Winners

Judge: Mrs Mary Pepper

Fun Obedience Winners

1st - Sale/Lewis's Ch Potterdale Star Potential
2nd - Nicholls-Ward's Ch Bumbleridge's Naughty 'N' Nice JW ShCM

1st - Sale/Lewis's Ch Potterdale Star Potential
2nd - Kershaw/Buckley's Whistbrae Unchained Melody

Triers (pictured 1st and 2nd)
1st - Kershaw's Deedledee Jay Zee
2nd - Bumbleridge's Jigsaw
3rd - Campbell's Willowmead Class of Caileag
4th - Nicholls-Ward's Bumbleridge's Jitterbug
5th - Gilbert's THingamebob My Guy

Starters (pictured 2nd, 3rd, 4th)
1st - Holder's Caldermist Seventh Heaven
2nd - Nicholls-Ward Bumbleridge's Jigsaw
3rd - Sale/Lewis's Potterdale Miami Magic
4th - Griffiths' Nellbrook It's A Mystery
5th - Holder's Diotima Heart and Soul