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Health Surveys

Report of the UK Bearded Collie Breed Liaison Committee Health Survey 2007-2011

The long-awaited report on the UK Bearded Collie Breed Health Survey conducted by the University of Southampton on behalf of the JBLC was published in late May 2015.

The decision to commission the survey was an important milestone for the Beardie community. The generally-held view is that Bearded Collies are a relatively healthy breed not particularly prone to specific health problems. Instances of auto-immune disease are known to occur in Beardies, but it has always been difficult to say whether the breed has a higher than average incidence of these conditions as the existing evidence base is largely anecdotal. The Health Survey was an ambitious project aimed at assessing the health of the Bearded Collie in the UK in relation to important environmental considerations including diet, physical and mental exercise, and patterns of vaccination.

Data was collected in 2012 about dogs owned in the period 1 January 2007 – 1 January 2012 (i.e. the five calendar years 2007 - 2011). The survey asked owners to provide data on all the dogs they owned during the study period, including dogs that had died during that period.

The survey analysis was significantly delayed by unforeseen accidents involving the analysts and this led to a corresponding delay in the production of the Survey Report. However, the breed community now has a valuable quantitative baseline to help inform decisions on the future of the breed.

You can read a short overview of the Survey Report written by Breed Health Co-ordinator, Elizabeth Ayrton, on the JBLC Breed Health Survey page.

The full 27-page Survey Report is available as a pdf document Breed Health Survey Report PDF icon (1.6MB, opens in new window), as a downloaded directly from the University of Southampton e-prints site, or from the main author Dr Anne McBride, University of Southampton.

The Joint Breed Liaison Committee thanks all Bearded Collie owners who contributed to the Breed Health Survey.

Follow-up to the Health Survey

The Bearded Collie Club is actively engaged in breed-wide follow-up to the survey being co-ordinated through the JBLC - see the JBLC pages for details.

Ongoing Health Measures

The Club's annual health report to the Kennel Club (called its Health Declaration) contains an overview of ongoing measures to promote the health and welfare of the breed.

June 2015
Updated: 20 Jul 2015