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Complete the 2020 Bearded Collie Annual Health Survey now!

In order to collect ongoing health data on as many Bearded Collies in the UK as possible we run an annual health survey which is open in February each year. This is for all Kennel Club registered Bearded Collies regardless of whether they are show dogs, breeding dogs, activity dogs or pets. Please submit information on ALL your Bearded Collies - we need to know about the healthy dogs as well! You can also complete this if you have had a dog die in the last 12 months please just state that the dog has died when you tell us about the health problem. This survey is really short and easy to complete (about 2 minutes) and is totally anonymous. It is aimed at getting everyone together to safeguard the future of our breed. Please click on this link to take part.

Can we remind people to contribute to the DNA data bank for future research and also to update health details of any animal you have in the databank by contacting Also, you can enter health data on Beacon by following this link :    (You will then be reminded to update this annually.)

Bearded Collie Annual Health Survey (February 2019)

The results of the 2019 JBLC Bearded Collie Health Survey can be downloaded here.

Bearded Collie Breed Health Survey (February 2018)

Message from Liz Ayrton, Breed Health Co-ordinator:

"A big thank you to everyone who filled in the Breed Health Survey in February 2018 - it was a fabulous response and gave us plenty of data with a total of 1,132 dogs entered. Overall the picture is an encouraging one with many Bearded Collies living on into old age with minimal problems but it also gives us data on areas where we do have problems. Encouraging yearly participation will enable us to monitor these problems and act accordingly and also focus in which areas we use any resources available to us."

You can download a copy of the survey here.PDF icon (516 Kb).

UK Bearded Collie Breed Health Survey Report (March 2015)

The Joint Breed Liaison Committee thanks all Bearded Collie owners who contributed to the Breed Health Survey during the data collection period in 2012. The subsequent analytical work took much longer than expected owing to unforeseen accidents involving the analysts, with a corresponding delay in the production of the Survey Report. The work was finally completed at the end of March 2015.

For those of you interested in a quick overview of the Survey Report our Breed Health Co-ordinator, Elizabeth Ayrton, has written a short summary (below).

The full report is available from the main author Dr Anne McBride, University of Southampton or can be downloaded as a pdf from the Bearded Collie Club PDF icon (1.6MB, opens in new window).

Follow-up to the Breed Health Survey Report

The JBLC reviewed current health initiatives and considered appropriate follow-up actions on the report at its meeting on 16 June 2015. For more information, see Advice on Beardie Health - Auto-Immune Disease. Further developments will be posted on the JBLC pages in due course.

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