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Forms for consideration for inclusion on the Judges List and a questionnaire for applicants can be downloaded from the Club Downloads page. The next meeting of the Judges Sub-Committee will be on 19th January 2019 (note change of date).

OPEN SHOW BALLOT 2020 Judges's Profiles for the 2020 Open Show Ballot

Keith Baldwin (Nightstorm)

It was in 1978 that I purchased my first Working Breed, a Dobermann, followed by a Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren) in 1991.

I have made up Champions in Dobermann, Belgian Shepherd Dogs, Schipperke and Miniature Pinscher.

The Working Group was split in 1998 to form the Pastoral Group, but I have won the Working Group at Border Union in 1996 with my BSD CH Belamba Monopoly over Nightstorm, then in 2001 his son that I bred and showed to 16 Challenge Certificates, CH Nightstorm's Fotocopy, was awarded BOB at Crufts.

I first awarded Challenge Certificates in 1996 for Dobermann then Belgian Shepherd Dog from 2002. I am now approved by the KC to award CCs in twenty breeds. These include Schipperke and Miniature Pinscher (the breeds that I have owned and showed) also the Working Group, Pastoral Group and Best in Show. My first appointment for judging the Bearded Collie came in 1997 at Banwen, South Wales, I have attended the Bearded Collie Breed seminar in 2009 run by the Southern BCC, and I have progressed to the B list to date with 79 classes and 164 dogs hands on. I have also attended and passed the KC Rules & Reg’s, KC Conformation and Movement and Points of the Dog.

I have also had the honour and privilege to have judged at the North Of England Bearded Collie Club on 29th September 2012 which I enjoyed and appreciated the quality of the Bearded Collie through this hands on experience of quality dogs.

At Bournemouth Championship Show 2016 I awarded the Pastoral Group 1 to the Bearded Collie (CH Potterdale Platinum Plus) as I felt he stood out from the others present on that day and was so well presented.

Thank you for reading my CV.

Gary Clarke (Claygar)

I started showing Border Collies in 1990 and made up my first champion in 1995. I continue to exhibit on a regular basis and I am probably best known for campaigning the Australian import Aust Ch / UK Show Ch Danari De Beers, who was only the third Border Collie ever to win Best in Show at a UK All Breeds Championship. Subsequently, 2 further imported group-winning males followed and they have both now obtained their UK Champion titles.

As well as showing, I also started judging in 1995 firstly in my own breed and then in other breeds in the Pastoral Group. I am a Border Collie Championship Show judge and I have awarded CC’s regularly since 2004. I judged my first class of Bearded Collies in 1997 and have judged them at open show level every couple of years, since then. I have also attended a Breed Seminar.

Terrie Cousins-Brown (Dorianblue)

My experience in pedigree dogs spans over 40 years. I started showing dogs at 8 yrs of age in junior handling and my family have had Old English Sheepdogs since 1959. I currently own Polish Lowland Sheepdogs and Briards. I have been involved with PLS for 32 years and I began showing them in 1987. My family have been involved in the development of the breed in the UK since they first appeared in the country. I have bred/owned multiple champions including the breed’s first homebred Polish champion and have judged the Breed Club Ch show in Poland. I first attended a Bearded Collie seminar in 2001. I have also judged the breed in Ireland and the Czech Republic. I award CCs to 4 breeds in the Pastoral Group and am very interested in all of the European herding breeds – I’ve definitely got a thing for ‘shaggy sheepdogs’!

Mike Furzland (Mellotron)

I purchased my first Bearded Collie in 1983 from the defunct Benvardon Kennels.Others followed over the years - Willowmeads, Edenboroughs, Deldroves, and Ramberhays. In 1983 I attended my first Bearded Collie judging seminar, under Wendy Boorer and Ann Davis (Arch). Many appointments were undertaken at Exemption shows until my first Breed appointment at Chertsey 6th May 1985. Between this and my last Bearded Collie judging appointment at Westbury on 16th September 2007 I have judged 368 dogs actual hands on, from an entry of 555, with 80 classes at 22 different shows.

In 1994 I judged my first Polish Lowland Sheep Dog classes, and in 2004 was passed by the Kennel Club to award tickets in this breed, and judged them at Crufts 2015.

I have also judged both Working and Pastoral groups at Eastbourne and Taunton shows.

Sally Pointon (Ballito)

I owned and showed my first dog, an OES, in 1974 while living in South Africa; I bred a couple of champions in this breed before getting my first Lhasa Apso (now my specialist breed) in 1983. Since returning to the UK in 1990 I have titled three UK Champion Apsos, and owned or bred eight other Apsos who gained their Stud Book numbers. I have also handled Tibetan Terriers, Shih Tzu and Bearded Collies.

My first UK judging appointment was in 1992. I am currently passed to award CCs to Lhasa Apsos, Shih Tzu and Tibetan Spaniels. I have judged breeds in the utility, pastoral, toy and working groups at open shows; and had the honour of judging BIS, stakes and varieties on several occasions. I am currently a B list judge of Bearded Collies, Dalmatians, German Spitz, Japanese Akita Inu, Japanese Shiba Inu, Keeshonds, OES, Schipperkes, and Shelties; and an A3 judge of Tibetan Terriers.


Marina Scott (Belsmard)

My interest began in Bearded Collies in 1997 when I was a successful junior handler with my Beagles. However, a friend who lived locally, allowed me to take photographs of her Beardies to be included in my book “Junior Handling The White Way” which was published in 2001.

For the past 15 years, I have owned and shown Border Collies, as they are often in the rings near to us, I can watch the Beardie judging with interest and occasionally am asked to handle the occasional dog.

Many of the young Beardie handlers that currently show have attended Handling Training Days with me as a mentor and I am very proud to follow their progress and see they have matured into fantastic handlers - all with huge futures ahead of them.

I judged my first Bearded Collie classes in 2012 and have judged at 14 open shows and in total, judged 73 dogs. I award CCs in Border Collies and Beagles.

Judges' Profiles for the 2022 and 2023 BCC Championship Show Final Ballots

Mrs Marian Appleby (Diotima)

I've lived with long-haired dogs since I was 11 and discovered Beardies in 1972. Our first Beardie came from John and Betty Meyrick (Nigella) in 1973 and in 1974 we bought a bitch from Tine Bowen (Blumberg). Ch Blumberg Diotima Steel JW became the foundation bitch of Diotima Beardies. From Ella descend all Diotimas and we now have an unbroken line of seven generations of bitch Champions, with Ch Diotima's Heart of Gold being the latest. We bred Ch Diotima Sea Wolf at Ramsgrove, top Beardie 2004, and own Ch Brenriga Gift Wrapped for Diotima JW, top Beardie 2005. Am/UK Ch Diotima Always on My Mind became the sixth Beardie owned/bred by Diotima to win a CC at Crufts.

I first judged in the 1970s, approved to award CCs in 1987. I have also judged in Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, Canada and the USA.

I was Membership Secretary for the Southern Branch of the BCC, then SCBCC Membership Secretary for 11 years from its foundation and Secretary from 1991 -1996.

Graham Atkins (Snikkles)

I have been involved with Bearded Collies since 1976 . Under the Labooshar affix our second Beardie was purchased from the late Maureen Reader (Tamevalley). CH Tamevalley Folk Lyric at Labooshar became our first Champion. From her first litter she produced Ch Labooshar Lore Lord, . Under the Snikkles affix we campaigned CH Kelham Hot Gossip JW to her title. Her son CH Snikkles Sea Lavender JW in turn sired CH Snikkles Blue Print JW. We have ten dogs entered in the stud book.

I have awarded CCs since 1992 and Judged on numerous occasions in the UK and Europe and a club show in Australia. My happiest and most challenging was judging dogs at Crufts 2009.

I have served on various committees in my time on both breed and General Open Show.

I am looking for a Bearded Collie who could do a days work, is constructionally sound with a happy temperament who enjoys the day with it's owner.

I still enjoy showing/judging Beardies (while the legs hold up!)

Mrs Maureen Betts (Pipadene)

Personal details:
I have owned dogs since 1973 and bought my first bearded collie in 1975. I have bred 11 English Champions also American, Australian, German, Danish and Swedish champions.
I was secretary of South Gloucestershire Dog Training Society for 10 years and have been the ringcraft trainer for that society for over 30 years.

I commenced my judging career at open show level in the the early 1980s and having obtained the appropriate numbers in my breed (Bearded Collies), was accepted on to the breed A1 list & approved by the Kennel Club to award CCs in 1996. Since that time, I have not only awarded CCs in the UK on a regular basis but have judged at many breed club championship shows throughout Europe, America and Australia.
In 2016 I attended The Finnish Lapphund Training Seminar & passed the hands-on A3 Assessment and in 2017 I attended the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Wales Seminar.

Judging appointments:

  • 1996 SWCA Bitches
  • 1997 Bearded Collie Club Sweden Championship Show - both sexes
  • 1998 WELKS - both sexes, Bearded Collie Club Victoria (Australia), BCC France Ch. Show
  • 1999 North England Bearded Collie Club Ch. Show - bitches
  • 2000 American Regional Speciality Michigan BCC
  • 2001 Bearded Collie Club Ch. Show - Dogs, BCC Germany Championship Show
  • 2002 American Regional Speciality North West BCC
  • 2003 Windsor Ch. Show - both sexes, BCC Holland Championship Show
  • 2004 American Bearded Collie National Speciality - Colorado USA
  • 2006 Scottish Kennel Club Ch. Show - both sexes
  • 2008 Bearded Collie Club Slovakia Ch. Show
  • 2009 Bournemouth CA - both sexes
  • 2010 Bearded Collie Club Sweden
  • 2011 Crufts - Bearded Collie bitches
  • 2013 American Regional Speciality National Capital BCC, Bath CA - both sexes
  • 2015 SCBCC Ch. Show Bitches, BCC Holland Championship show
  • 2016 East of England - both sexes
  • 2018 SCCA both sexes
  • 2020 East of England Puppy Groups + BPIS (confirmed), Bournemouth CA (confirmed)

I have also judged Rough Collies,Shelties, Old English Sheepdogs, Border Collies, BSD, GSD, Pyrenean,Great Danes, Samoyeds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Alaskan Malamutes, Newfoundland, Bull Mastiffs, Leonbergers, Siberian Huskies, German Pinschers, Briards, Welsh Pembroke Corgis, Lancashire Heelers & Finish Lapphunds plus Pastoral, Working groups and Best in Show at Open Shows.

Mrs Chris Burscough (Kilfinan)

Together with my husband Tony we have owned and exhibited Bearded Collies since 1987. In that time we have qualified twenty-two Bearded Collies for the KC Stud Book and bred four more for others; seventeen of the twenty-two were home-bred. Six have become UK Champions with one holding a dual UK/Irish title. The Bearded Collies we have owned and shown have won a total of 30 CCs and 25 RCCs to date; our Beardies have also been campaigned in Ireland where they have won a number of CACIBs, and four have achieved Irish titles. We have also bred two Canadian Champions and they have gone on to produce more for their current owner.

I judged my first classes of Bearded Collies in 1994 at Open level and have awarded CCs on four occasions since then, the first time at Birmingham National in 2010. In the same year I was also honoured to be invited to judge the Bearded Collie Club of Germany Speciality show together with the Working Tests. I judged the Bearded Collie Club of Belgium Speciality in 2017. I also award CCs in our other breed, Skye Terriers.

I am always delighted and honoured to be invited to judge Bearded Collies and I always consider each judging appointment as an opportunity to further my knowledge and an opportunity to spend an enjoyable day with our wonderful breed.

Mr Tony Burscough (Kilfinan)

Chris and I have owned and exhibited Bearded Collies since 1987. In that time we have qualified twenty-two Bearded Collies for the KC Stud Book and bred four more for others; seventeen of the twenty-two were home-bred. Six have become UK Champions with one holding a dual UK/Irish title. The Bearded Collies we have owned and shown have won a total of 30 CCs and 25 RCCs to date; our Beardies have also been campaigned in Ireland where they have won a number of CACIBs, and four have achieved Irish titles. We have also bred two Canadian Champions and they have gone on to produce more for their current owner.

Our dogs have achieved Best of Breed at Crufts, Group 1 Blackpool Champ Show, winner of Welsh Champions, Welsh Top Puppy, Welsh Top Junior competitions. In addition to Bearded Collies we have owned and bred Skye Terriers since 1990 winning CCs and RCCs and Best Puppy in Breed at Crufts.

In relation to judging I had the privilege of awarding CC's for the first time at Border Union in 2012, and since then have judged at Birmingham National in 2014 and Midshires Bearded Collie Club (Dogs) in 2016. I had the honour of Judging the Sweepstakes classes at the Bearded Collie Club of Club of Canada Speciality in 2007. In 2012 I was honoured to judge the Bearded Collie Club of Germany Speciality show.

I enjoy judging, consider it an honour but also view it as an opportunity to gain further valuable experience and, hopefully, contribute to maintaining the breeds wonderful character and construction for future generations.

Mr Tony Bush (Manortonway)

My first Bearded Collie "Connie" bounced into my life in 1981. This was when my love affair began with our delightful breed. Along with my sister-in-law we started the small kennel of 'Manortonway'. We currently have between us three delightful Beardies. I'm currently showing our brown boy 'Bailey' and our slate girl 'Betsy'.

I started judging in 1986 and first awarded CCs in 1999 and to date have awarded CCs eight times in the UK. I judged in Sweden in 2010, my first appointment abroad, and Bitches at the club show in Finland in 2011 and Dogs for the German Bearded Collie Club in 2012.

I have accomplished two memorable points in my involvement with Beardies, the first being the making-up of our first home bred Champion, my lovely Mel'B, something I will never forget. The other is being invited to judges Bitches at Crufts in 2018 which sadly I could not fulfil due to ill health. I would very much like the opportunity to judge at the BCC Ch Show.

Mrs Sue Carter (Woodacre)

Sue has loved dogs for as long as she can remember, her first dog being a spaniel who lived to the grand ol' age of 17yrs.

She has owned and showed Bearded Collies since 1980 and her first Beardie 'Woodland Merle' won the Woodacres their first CC in 1985. In 1988, 'Moonhills Rosy Glow of Woodacre' joined the household, winning 1 CC and 2 RCCs. She was the mother of 'Woodacre Wynsome Blue' (4 RCCs) and the first homebred Woodacre champions 'Ch Woodacre Wynter Knight' (7 CCs, 7 RCCs) and 'Ch Woodacre Wynter Star at Gelliland' (3 CCs, 6 RCCs). Other Champions within the Woodacre kennel have followed over the years.

Sue's first judging appointment was in 1983, awarding CCs from 1998. She has judged mainly in the UK including Crufts (Dogs) but also in the Netherlands and America.

Sue has held the position of Treasurer for the Bearded Collie Club since 1991 and feels that it is rewarding to give something back to the breed.

Karen Edwards (Roxilyn)

I have owned Beardies since 1982, my first being a Beagold Rambler son, Wildan Circus Ringmaster. Barney was a slate boy with a fabulous temperament and became my soulmate for 15 years. Barney used to ‘holiday’ with Tine Leonard (Blumberg) where I saw a beautiful brown boy and decided that one day, I too, would have a brown Beardie. Little did I know that 25 years later I would be bringing home my fifth brown Beardie!

I began showing with Roseollie Taffys Tiffin, a beautiful brown boy with the darkest of eyes. We learnt the ropes together and he did me proud gaining his stud book number many times.

I was persuaded to judge in 2004 and I enjoy judging and take my appointments very seriously as I believe it is our judges who shape our breed, so if we are not true to the standard our beloved breed may change beyond all recognition.

Mrs Wendy Knowles (Tonwynde)

Together with my husband Tony we have owned and shown three Bearded Collies, all of whom gained their Stud book numbers. We bought our first Bearded Collie (brown/white) in 1989, which we campaigned and made up to Ch Flosswood Rum Punch. Our other two Beardies Spinningdale Silver Sunset at Tonwynde (blue/white) gained one CC, Haylane High Society at Tonwynde (slate/white) (son of Ch Flosswood Rum Punch) also won well in the ring. Although we no longer own, or show Beardies, having lost two to age and one to a tumour, they will always be our favourite breed, and as such I try to attend as many shows as possible.

I enjoy judging our wonderful breed, and in 2010 gave my first set of CCs at Darlington Championship Dog Show attracting a strong entry, further judging appointments have been Driffield in 2013 where again I had an excellent entry, and the Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotalnd in 2016. I am pleased to say all of my CC winners have gone on to gain their titles. l shall be judging Beardies at East of England in 2019.

In October 2014 I was invited to judge Bearded Collies at the Ijsselshow International Championship Dog Show in Zwolle, Holland, awarding CAC, CACIB, and my BOB Bearded Collie went on to win Res BIS. I also was asked to judge Best Baby in Show. I continue to steward at my local Championship shows when available.

Cath Moffat (Kyleca)

Dogs and horses have been a big part of my life since I was a young girl, a passionate animal lover! I originally showed gundogs back in the 1980s and then returned to my original equine love showing in-hand and enjoying pony club activities with my young daughter Lyndsay. In 1997 I began searching for a versatile companion who could turn his or her paw to just about anything and very soon fell head over heels with the bearded collie. Our first beardie came from Suzanne Moorhouse of the Willowmead kennel. I was totally hooked. My second beardie, my foundation bitch, came from Pat Jones of the Wellknowe kennel and I bred my first litter from Wellknowe Spring Breeze (Gemma). I was devastated to lose her during a caesarean section whilst she was whelping her eight beautiful puppies. From this litter I kept Jessica (Ch Kyleca Spring Breeze JW).

On accompanying my friend Linda to see a litter sired by her own Ch. Kiltondale McAuley out of Arranbrae Christmas Cracker at Gallus, I fell in love with my handsome gentleman Ryan. He came home from the Gallus kennel in Scotland (Annemarie Glasgow) and was later to become Ch. Gallus Macracker at Kyleca JW. He was the kindest, most laid-back dog I have ever owned and am thankful for his wonderful temperament which he has continued to pass down through subsequent generations, we have his great-grandaughter Daisy (Talraz Comedy Act for Kyleca) who is an absolute delight.

Today I very much concentrate on show management and my judging. I award Challenge Certificates in Bearded Collies, Pyrenean Mountain Dogs and Australian Shepherd Dogs. I have been passed by the UK Kennel Club to award Challenge Certificates in Border Collies (Oct 2018). I have been fortunate enough to judge the BCC of Canada Specialty and also judged Bearded Collies in Germany. Whilst I consider it a privilege to be offered any judging appointment I think it is also so important to assist where you can in the running and stewarding at shows. I am presently Secretary of two canine societies which is hard work to organise but very rewarding too. I always enjoy attending breed specific seminars on other breeds that I show an interest as you never stop learning.

Mr Don Moir (Winaria)

I have owned Beardies since April 1981 and originally never intended to show. However our first Beardie, Dramesk Winter Dusk (Misty), dragged us into it after a visit back to her breeder when she was about four months old. Misty was the foundation of Winaria and indeed our affix is made up of part of her name and part of the name of her daughter from her first litter. In her second litter she produced us the bitch who would go on to become Ch Winaria Wellwisher. Winaria never bred a high number of litters but from those that we did, two further bitches managed to gain their titles (W. Welltravelled and W. Whisperer) making three bitch champions in three successive generations, an accomplishment of which we are very proud.

I was pretty much away from the showing side for ten years until we were down to one dog at the end of 2016. However a chain of circumstances led us to Imke Groenier at the beginning of 2017 and the result was a new puppy in the Winaria house, and of course back on the road and in the ring.

I first judged in 1984 and was approved to award CCs in 1998. I have also given the talk three times on the breed standard at the Bearded Collie Club of Scotland judges education and assessment days. I have also judged in Holland, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic and Norway. There was also, of course, the small matter of judging bitches at Crufts in 2016, which was a day like no other.

Cath Parker (Osmart)

I've now been owned by Beardies for over 50 years.These have included CC and RCC winners, stud book entries and one kept purely as a house-dog and companion. In the early years I preferred to own dogs (including Ch Bravo of Bothkennar and Ch Osmart Bonnie Blue Braid) who both ensured their place in the history of the breed. During the years I have owned less than ten Beardies and have bred less than ten litters, which may surprise some of the newer exhibitors, but I have always thought quality more important that quantity. In my younger days I handled many of the resident Osmarts at local and championship shows. Prior to the death of my mother (Jenny Osborne), I tended to be the one left at home to take care of the kennels on show days with my daughter carrying out the majority of the handling. Now we have fewer dogs it is possible for me to be more active, both attending shows with Robynne along with assisting and supporting her in ensuring the future of Osmart.

Mrs Angela Pedder (Caldermist)

Angela has lived with dogs all her life and has owned Bearded Collies for almost 40 years, acquiring her first Beardie “Basil”, aka Calderlin Islay Mist, a “Braid” grandson from Dorothy Lindsay. Angela continued to enjoy her dogs as companions until a friend persuaded her to show her new puppy at a local show. Since then, Angela has either owned or bred numerous KC Stud Book qualifying dogs, three UK Champions, three Irish Champions, several additional CC winners and had numerous Junior Warrant successes. She was an active committee member of the Northern Branch of the Bearded Collie Club for twelve years on behalf of which she co-ordinated the Northern Bearded Collie Training Class and several successful Educational Seminars. Angela awarded her first set of Challenge Certificates in 2010 and has since judged at Championship Show level throughout the UK and in Ireland, Germany and Belgium. She is currently an active member on Blackpool Championship Dog Show Committee where she holds the position of Assistant Chief Steward. Whilst Beardies will always remain her first love, she maintains an interest in the Portuguese breeds – the Podengo, the Estrela Mountain Dog and the Portuguese Water Dog in which she also awards Challenge Certificates. Together with her husband George, Angela currently shares her life with six Beardies and a small family of Podengos. She feels privileged and extremely honoured to be invited to take part in the judging ballot (dogs) for the BCC Championship show.

Robynne Wood (Osmart)

I have been around Beardies my entire life and attended Blackpool Championship Show at the tender age of 3 weeks. I shared my childhood with a brown Beardie called Candy (Osmart Copper's Sugar Candy) and first ventured into the ring at five years old. After serving a 16 year apprenticeship I was given a separate interest in the Osmart affix in 2004 to become a third generation Beardie owner alongside my Grandmother and Mother. I had been the exclusive handler for the affix for over a decade and have now taken over the reins fully after the death of my Grandmother in 2012. The Osmart affix is now celebrating over fifty years involvement with Beardies and I am very proud to continue my family's tradition of judging, showing and breeding. I awarded CCs at Border Union in 2015 making breed history by being the third generation and fourth member of my family to judge at the top level.