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Forms for consideration for inclusion on a judges' list and a questionaire for prospective applicants can be downloaded here .
We apologise for any blank portraits but are awaiting photos of a number of judges on this profiles page! If you are an A-list judge for the Bearded Collie and you would like your profile to be included on this page, please send a resumé and preferably a photo also to the webmaster. It is important that profiles be kept up-to-date and to aid the webmaster in achieving this he would appreciate it if updates are made available to him in electronic format, thereby reducing the workload on him in transcribing paper copy with the attendant risk of introducing typographical errors.

Dr David J Anderton (Ardensax)

From a small pool of beardies at Ardensax over 30 years, starting with Padworth Freya, who gained stud book qualification, ambition was fulfilled by breeding Ch Ardensax Angelina.

At his first judging appointments at Open show (1986) and Championship show (The National Working and & Pastoral Breeds (2000)), his Best of Breeds were also Best in Show. He has also awarded Challenge Certificates in bearded collies at the Scottish Kennel Club (2002), Windsor Dog Show (2005), the Nederlandse (Dutch) Bearded Collie Club Show (2005), Special Klub for Bearded Collie (Sweden) (2006), SCBCC (2007), Three Counties Championship Show (2008) and will be judging bitches at Crufts in 2012.

A high proportion of exhibits to whom he gave CCs early in their show career have progressed to Champions and one gained Group 1 status at Crufts.

Dave is a past Chairman of the East Anglian Branch of the Bearded Collie Club.

Mrs Marian Appleby (Diotima)

I've lived with long-haired dogs since I was 11 and discovered Beardies in 1972. Our first Beardie came from John and Betty Meyrick (Nigella) in 1973 and in 1974 we bought a bitch from Tine Bowen (Blumberg). Ch Blumberg Diotima Steel JW became the foundation bitch of Diotima Beardies. From Ella descend all Diotimas and we now have an unbroken line of seven generations of bitch Champions, with Ch Diotima's Heart of Gold being the latest. We bred Ch Diotima Sea Wolf at Ramsgrove, top Beardie 2004, and own Ch Brenriga Gift Wrapped for Diotima JW, top Beardie 2005. Am and UK Ch Diotima Always on My Mind became the sixth Beardie owned/bred by Diotima to win a CC at Crufts.

I first judged in the 1970s, approved to award CCs in 1987. I have also judged in Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, Canada and the USA.

I was Membership Secretary for the Southern Branch of the BCC, then SCBCC Membership Secretary for 11 years from its foundation and Secretary from 1991 -1996.

Mr Alan Archer (Squirrelsdray)

Along with my wife we have owned Bearded Collies for 32 years. Our first Bearded Collie was Squirrels Dray Toby, bought as a pet and we were persuaded by Sally and Lesley Tomlinson to show him. We started showing him in 1981. We have shown Bearded Collies on a regular basis at all levels, showing dogs and bitches, for 17 years.

We have had four Bearded Collies who gained their stud book numbers, one home bred, and three junior warrants with home bred dogs and one junior warrant with a dog not bred by us. Gaining a Challenge Certificate with a home bred dog, also reserve Best in Show at a club Championship Show. We also have a dog with two Reserve Challenge Certificates

I am on the A1 list for all the Bearded Collie Clubs, the A3 list for Old English Sheepdogs, passed my A2 assessments for Rough Collies and am on several B lists for the Pastoral Group. Included in my CV are many other breeds I have judged.

I have judged Beardies at four Bearded Collie Championship Shows to date, my first being in 2001, plus Best in Show at two Bearded Collie Championship Shows, and have acted as referee at several breed club Championship Shows. At open show level I have judged five Best in Shows to date, and at 89 shows including 30 groups. My judging includes most of the Pastoral breeds. I have also judged many of the Working breeds and quite a few through other groups.

I am a founder member of the Midshires Bearded Collie Club, and have been their treasurer for the last 15 years, also a founder member of the North of England BCC serving on their committee for several years.

I steward regularly at Open and Championship shows including Crufts. Many judges in a variety of breeds ask for me to steward for them. I steward across all groups which keeps me in touch with and also lets me give back to the dog world.

I have judged many other breeds and find this very rewarding and exciting, but Bearded Collies have a special place in my heart.

Mrs Denise Atkins (Labooshar)

I have been in dogs now for 35 years, my first show dog being an Afghan Hound. In 1976 came our first Beardie - Brambledale Blue Star, shortly followed by Tamevalley Folk Lyric, who I campaigned to a Champion. Folk Lyric produced our first homebred Champion - Ch Labooshar Lore Lord who I retired at 3 years old with 5 CCs and 5 RCCs. I also campaigned Tamevalley Lamplighter of Labooshar who won 2 RCCs and produced Champions including Ch Coalacre Lampoon.

We have produced 2 International Champions, 1 English Champion, numerous Stud Book entrants and I have only bred 14 litters in 35 years.

I now own 2 Beardies but have also owned a Lhasa Apso and a Maltese Terrier whowas runner up puppy in his breed.

I have judged widely around the UK at Championship and Open show level both in Beardies and breeds from the pastoral/working group including the Pastoral Group itself. Judging appointments have included Norway, Belgium, Finland, Canada (National Specialty) and USA (Regional Specialty).

Mr Robert Ballentyne (Bustroc)

I obtained my first Bearded Collie in early 1983 - a little brown ball of fun as I thought! He turned out to be a total rebel but what a character! That's what I love about our breed - every one of them has their own little characteristics.

In 1984 I took him along to local ring craft training, did my first show with him and that was it - I was hooked and I have been showing ever since.

I first judged the breed in 1988 at The Scottish Kennel Club open show and have been judging on a regular basis ever since, awarding Challenge Certificates in the breed for the first time in 2000. I have also judged abroad in France, Germany and America.

I like to think that I give a fair and honest opinion when I judge.

Mrs Maureen Betts (Pipadene)

My first beardie, Moonglow Magic Charm of Pipadene, came into my life in 1975. This was my foundation bitch and from that time beardies have been a huge part of my life.

I always try to keep quality not quantity to the fore and have bred seven English Champions, American, Australian, German, Danish and Swedish champions plus many CC, Reserve CC and stud book qualifiers.

I commenced my judging career at Open show level in the the early 1980s and having obtained the appropriate numbers in the breed was approved by the Kennel Club to award CCs in 1996. Since that time I have not only awarded CCs in the UK on a regular basis but have judged at many breed club championship shows throughout Europe, America and Australia. I was honoured to judge the American National Specialty in 2004 and believe the pinnacle of my judging career to date has been to judge bitches at Cruft 2011.

I enjoy all aspects of the dog scene, being a regular exhibitor and thoroughly enjoy teaching others the skill of ringcraft. I have been the trainer at my local club for over 25 years.

My love for the beardie was founded on an unexagerated dog, that gentle knight, fit and light of foot, able to cover any terrain and I believe this is the grounding on which I judge.

Ms Paula Brooks (Fraglestone)

I have owned dogs, along with my family since 1972. Owning a Smooth Collie followed by Rough Collies and Cairn Terriers, my introduction to Bearded Collies was in 1988. I have been showing Beardies since 1992 and have successfully qualified 6 Beardies for the Stud Book Register (owned by myself and Steve Grundy). My biggest achievements being Ch. Braddabrook Botzaris at Fraglestone winning BOB at Crufts 1998 and Ch. Fraglestone Foxstar JW gaining her title in 2007. I am currently campaigning a 'Botzaris' Grandson and Great Grandaughter.

I started judging in May 1998 and have judged three Breed Club Open Shows. I awarded CCs for the first time in 2008 and judged Bitches at the Southern Counties Bearded Collie Club Championship Show in 2010. I will be judging Beardies again at Bournemouth Championship show later this year.

I have stewarded on many occasions for many local Societies since 1994. I have been a Committee member of the Bearded Collie Club for the last twelve years mainly taking the role of PR/ Education Officer and in 2004 becoming Vice Chairman. I served on the Committee for the South Wales and West Branch of the Bearded Collie Club for twelve years where I held the position of Secretary & Membership Secretary, initially holding the position of Editor for the Beardie Gossip (Club Magazine). I also served on the Committee for the Barry, Penarth & South Glamorgan Canine Society for 8 years. I was Secretary of this Society for three years but resigned when I relocated to Monmouth.

A huge part of my life is dedicated to the breed as Vice Chairman of the Bearded Collie Club and until quite recently as Secretary for the West of England Branch of the BCC.

Dr Margaret Buckley (Holtend)

I had my first Beardie 35 years ago, Swinford Sky Flyer CDEx UD open: Ch Brambledale Balthazar x Ch Charncroft Country Maid. She is still only 4 generations away from my 3 year old. All Holtend Beardies are directly descended from her, including Pelido Mello Cello of Holtend, and have been bred very much with form and function, type and livability in mind.

I bred my first litter in 1980 and have been judging since 1983. I last judged at SCBCC Championship Show in 2009 [Dogs]. I have judged Working Tests in the Czech Republic and in Germany in which country I have also awarded CACIBs. I have campaigned 2 Beardies to their titles: Ch Holtend Chiffchaff and Ch Ellymore Starlet of Holtend. Denim, Wellknowe Knight Errand currently has two CCs. I qualified my first Beardie in working trials and competed more recently with success in Open and Championship Obedience.

I believe in maintaining the versatile Beardie that can adapt itself to its owner's wishes whether it be in the show, obedience or agility ring, at working trials or as the ultimate companion at home.

I work as a GP specialising in the use of acupuncture for musculoskeletal problems, keeping humans 'fit for function'.

Mrs Sheila Burditt (Mabursh)

Our first Beardie came to live with us in 1972 as a companion and we have enjoyed their company ever since. I began judging in 1982 and have had the honour of assessing our lovely breed on numerous occasions gaining approval to award CCs in 2000.

Malcolm and I have owned 10 Beardies, mostly homebred, from the 7 litters born at Mabursh, we campaigned 1 to Champion, 1CC winner, 1 RCC winner and 5 Stud Book qualifiers.

Founder members of Midshires BCC, I was for many years a committee member and believe in putting something back into the breed that we adore as they give us so much.

I am still exhibiting here in Spain, having gained a CAC recently with our youngster and if not in the ring, showing or judging, you can find me discussing the breed with like minded folks from the sidelines, always willing to learn.

Mrs Gill Burfitt (Breaksea)

I was given my first Beardie in January 1978 as a birthday present, her breeder wanted her to be shown and that got Alan and I hooked.

We went on to breed our own Beardies and to date have bred eight UK Champions, several in the US and others around the world, the top Norwegian Beardie for several years, the first Grand Champion bitch in the Czech Republic and also many others with CCs, RCCs, JWs and Stud Book numbers and dogs doing well in Obedience, Herding and Therapy all around the world.

I judged my first Ch. show in 1999 and since then have awarded CCs in the UK several times and judged Club shows in both the USA and Europe.

Mrs Chris Burscough (Kilfinan)

Tony and I have owned and exhibited Bearded Collies for 22 years. In that time we have qualified 16 for the Stud Book, 11 of which were home- bred. 4 became Champions with 1 holding a dual title. In addition we have bred numerous CACIBs, CC and Res. CC winners, 3 have achieved Irish titles and 1 his Canadian title.

I have been privileged to have judged 3 Breed Open Shows and 156 classes of Beardies since 1994. I have also judged classes of Shelties, Belgian Shepherds, PMDs, Skyes, Roughs, OES and Border Collies plus large variety classes at Matches. I am on the A3 lists of the BCC, BCC of Scotland, Midshires, NEBCOL and Eastern BCA, the B list of the Skye Terrier Club and Portuguese Water Dog Club.

I enjoy judging, consider it an honour and view it as an opportunity to gain further valuable experience.

Mr Tony Bush (Manortonway)

It is 30 years ago that David Hyde and I, in partnership, started Natterjack Bearded Collies. From our very first litter we had Ch Natterjack Natashka, a lovely bitch and so true to type. We then had our lovely Molly from the Applebys who became Ch Diotima Blue Kisses to Natterjack, a lovely blue girl whom we have only just lost aged 16 years. She went on to produce the lovely Wilma, Ch Natterjack Just Perfect for Diotima, who herself has produced some lovely Champions owned by the Applebys.

I think it is a shame that people may have forgotten the early beginnings of the Natterjack line but in our partnership we produced numerous champions both here and abroad. I think I am right in saying that all the Natterjack Champions were made up in our partnership. A few years ago I allowed David to retain the Natterjack affix, and I, with my sister-in-law, now have Manortonway and have enjoyed showing our youngsters.

I would deem it an honour to be elected to judge the Club's championship show.

Mrs Sue Carter (Woodacre)

Sue has loved dogs for as long as she can remember, her first dog being a Spaniel who lived to the grand old age of 17 years. She has owned and shown Bearded Collies since 1980 and her first Beardie, Woodland Merle, won the Woodacres their first CC in 1985.

In 1988, Moonhill Rosy Glow of Woodacre joined the household, winning 1 CC and 2 RCCs. She was the foundation bitch of the Woodacre kennel and the mother of Woodacre Wynsome Blue (4 RCCs) and the first homebred Woodacre champions - Ch Woodacre Wynter Knight (7CCs, 7 RCCs) and Ch Woodacre Wynter Star at Geliland (3CCs, 6 RCCs).

The Woodacre show team currently comprises Woodacre Thyme to Beguile (9 RCCs), Woodacre Thyme Will Tell, Nellbrook Wynter Magic of Woodacre (1CC, 1 RCC) and the latest addition, Braemoray Dream Angus of Woodacre.

Sue's first judging appointment was in 1983, awarding CCs in 1998. She has judged mainly in the UK but has held appointments in the Netherlands and America.

Sue has held the position of Treasurer for the Bearded Collie Club for the last 21 years and feels it is rewarding to put something back into the world of Beardies.

Mrs Frances Chapman-King (Strathcarra)

I owned my first Beardie in 1972, a slate bitch Bisquet Bracora (Jenny) bred by Gill Grattidge; who was a grand-daughter of Westernisles Wishanger Rough Grass on her male line, and Brough and Brown Sugar of Bothkennar on her bitch line. Jenny was exhibited in breed and obedience and in fact won first place in both disciplines at an SKC show in 1973. I first judged the breed in 1976, and I am a founder member of the Bearded Collie Club of Scotland and past Chairman.

I fell in love with Beardies as soon as I met Jim and Margaret Logan at a local show with their team of Beardies. Major Logan was extremely kind and encouraging to me and also let me handle their dogs before I got Jenny. I also recall a particularly proud and nerve wracking (school girl) experience handling Scapafield Carbon Copy [whom I later owned in partnership] to her second CC; SKC at the Kelvin Hall in Glasgow, judge Percy Whittaker, dog CC the fabulous Ch Edenbrough Blue Bracken whom of course won BOB. I was also lucky (without realising) to have Blues, Slates, Red Browns and Fawns in my first litter, so it amuses me when an exhibitor feels it necessary to whisper to me "this was born blue" etc.

I have always retained my love for Beardies, but for personal reasons no longer own any. I am now probably better known for my world famous Dandie Dinmont Terriers having bred some 29 Champions and won some 250 CCs.

Stella Clark (Astrellita)

My first dog show was in 1967 and I was a hairstylist in London until moving to Norfolk in 1973 to run a Boarding and grooming Kennel. From 1993 I then ran a large Quarantine kennel, so I have seen all sides of the dog scene. I have bred many Champions and International Champions.

I first judged at CC level in 1984 awarding CCs in Rough Collies, since then I have judged at over 40 Championship shows. My first Bearded Collie Club show judging appointment was in 1985 and I first awarded CCs in Beardies in 1990.

I award CCs in five Pastoral breeds and 1 working breed and judge the Pastoral Group. I judged Smooth Collies at Crufts 1993, Border Collies in 2009 and have been invited to judge at Crufts again in 2013. I have judged at two World Shows and throughout Europe including Hungary, the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, plus South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina.

I have been on the Committee of the Canine Supporters Charity since 1997 and am Secretary of an all-breeds Canine Society since 1976. I am a founder member of Eastern Bearded Collie Association, where I also serve on the judges' sub-committee and EA Border Collie Club. I am also Vice President of the Smooth Collie Club.

Ms Beverley Cuddy (Dearbolt)

I got my first Beardie in 1973, Champion Edenborough Sweet Lady and she was the foundation for the Dearbolt line of Beardies, which did quite well in the ring as well as being much-loved pets.

Together with my late parents, we bred fewer than 10 litters - the last of our homebred dogs dying about five years ago. As a family we became very involved in the Bearded Collie Club, I was Secretary in my 20s and it is my design that is still used as the main BCC logo. (Not many people know that!) I have been the Editor and Publisher of Dogs Today magazine for the past 19 years where Beardies have appeared as often as I could find a space! I have a beautiful Beardie at my side once more, Ramsgrove The Wild Child at Dearbolt, who I was delighted to discover goes back to my very first Beardie.

I haven't judged in the UK for quite a few years but always do take it very seriously, putting soundness and fitness for purpose highest on my list. The more I learn about other breeds, the more I celebrate what we have in this precious and ancient breed. While I no longer actively show, I do think that dog showing plays a major part in selecting which genes in a generation survive and as such I think judging is a very serious and responsible job that needs to performed with altruism and consideration wherever possible.

Miss K Farrier (Kayanarra)

I first became involved in dogs during the 1980s, my initial interests being obedience, agility and then showing. I have been owned by Beardies since 1994 and family circumstances have dictated that, sensibly, I cannot keep a lot of dogs. With small numbers I have enjoyed a good level of success in the show ring, campaigning two champions, three JW winners, etc. My current Beardies are all owned in partnership with Peter and Yvonne Fox (Bushblades).

I believe in the true sense of the word 'commitment' and have demonstrated this by serving on the BCC Committee for eleven years. I was Secretary of the North-East branch from 1996 to 2007 and a committee member for two years previously.

I started judging Beardies in 2000, and have enjoyed judging ever since. I first awarded CCs in the breed in 2012.

I believe we all continue to learn about conformation and movement on an ongoing basis. It would be an absolute honour to be voted by members to judge at the BCC Championship Show

Mr R Fletcher (Romalia)

Our first meeting with Beardies, in the flesh, was at Richmond Championship Show in 1970, when it was still held in London. Brambledale Bravado (Ben) arrived a year or so later, shortly to be followed by Charncroft Country Beauty (Kate) who was to become our foundation bitch.

We bred and owned Ch Romalia Rafaelle (Pearl), still the only fawn to be made up in the UK. As well as Champions in 3 colours, we have also bred CC winners in all 4 colours.

I started judging at Match nights in Lincolnshire. Going over 60-70 dogs in no more than 3 hours was a challenge but provided a good grounding. My first Beardie Open show judging was in 1980, and I gave CCs for the first time in 1989 in Scotland. I have judged over 25 breeds and the Working and pastoral Groups at Open shows; 2 Smooth Collie Club Shows at Smooths at Bath; and Beardies in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden plus a Regional Show (a range of Breeds) in Italy. I am judging Dogs at the BCC Championship Show in 2012.

I have served on the committees of the SCBCC, EBCA and currently the BCC - a combined total of over 20 years.

Dr Peter Fox (Bushblades)

I first became involved in Bearded Collies in 1988, when we bought our first Beardie, Beth, as a pet. Then like so many others, we were persuaded to enter one show by the breeder. Of course we got 'hooked' and have shown ever since. Our second Beardie, Orora's Silver Mica was bought with showing in mind and her half sister, Orora's Marcasite, soon followed. All of our Bushblades Beardies descend from these two special girls.

Although we have only bred 13 litters we have bred four Champions, Ch B. Site and Sound (Top Junior 1995), her daughter Ch B. Soundin' Out, Ch B. Tranquil Skies at Kayanarra & her son Ch B Transaction (Top Puppy 2007 & Top Junior 2008). We have also bred five other Beardies that have gained Reserve CCs and two other CC winners.

I started judging Bearded Collies in 1992 and have enjoyed judging ever since, awarding CCs for the first time in 2005. I was honoured to be invited to judge Bitches at the 40th anniversary show of the Netherlands Bearded Collie Club and I have also judged in Germany & Sweden.

Mrs Yvonne Fox (Bushblades)

We started showing in 1989 but it wasn't until 1992 that I started to handle our Beardies in the ring, although from the beginning I had watched Beardies being judged, read everything I could about the breed and studied pedigrees and breeding programmes with great interest.

I handled our first homebred Beardie B. Silver Dawn to her stud book number and RCC - a very proud moment. Since then from 13 litters we have bred 4 Champions, 3 bitches and our first Champion dog in 2009 - Ch B. Transaction - who was also top Puppy in 2007 and top Junior in 2008, as well as several other RCC winners and two individual CC winners.

I did not start judging at Open shows until 1998 feeling it important to get a thorough grounding in construction and movement and the specifics of the breed, although I had judged at Exemption shows and Match nights prior to that - a great learning experience!

I first awarded CCs in 2008 and had the great honour of being elected to judge at the BCCS Championship show in 2011. I have also judged in Germany. I believe it is a great honour to be asked to judge your breed, as well as an interesting challenge and I have always enjoyed my judging appointments very much.

Mr Bob Gregory (Spotartan)

He first became involved in the dog scene in 1965, and during his showing career, made up many Champions, all home bred, in both Dalmations and Tibetan Terriers.

He began judging in 1974 and first awarded CCs in 1979, since which time he has been approved to award CCs in 30 breeds in the Utility, Working, Pastoral and Hound Groups and now awards and BIS plus the Utility, Pastoral and Working Groups at Championship shows. In 2005 he had the pleasure of judging the Utility Group at Crufts and judged the final of the Pedigree Champion Stakes in 2009.

He has judged at Championship show level in countries including Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Russia, America, South Africa, Asia and all Scandinavia and Europe.

From his records he has judged over 12,000 classes, 63,000 dogs and 190 BIS all breeds, and in what spare time he has, he is a K.C. Accredited trainer in Conformation and Movement and Hands on Assessment, and is the Co-ordinator for the Pastoral Group JDP and is the Chairman of Manchester Dog Show Society.

Mr Steve Hall (Shenedene)

We purchased our first show dog in 1973 which was an Old English Sheepdog, followed shortly after with a Bearded Collie in 1974. I have bred Champions in both breeds.

I judged the Breed at Crufts in 2005 and both Pastoral and Working Group in 2006/2007.

I am approved to award CCs in over 40 breeds plus working and Pastoral Groups and Best in Show at General Championship shows in the UK.

I am approved to award CACIBs to all breeds recognized by the Kennel Club at all International shows under the jurisdiction of the FCI and Best in Show.

I am a past Chairman of the Northern Branch of the Bearded Collie Club and was inspirational in the formation of the North of England Bearded Collie Club.

I have judged regularly throughout every country in Europe, USA, Barbados, Jamaica, Dubai, Trinidad, Africa, Russia, India and Sri Lanka.

Ms Rosie Haywood (Binbusy)

I have owned Beardies for over 30 years and up until my husband, Steve died in May 2000 was very active in the Breeding and Showing of our lovely Breed. I was also Treasurer of the Bearded Collie Club for 13 years.

Together we bred over 20 litters and provided the foundation stock for a number of successful Breeders both in the UK and Abroad. Nowadays I am content to share my home with my remaining two Beardies, Ellie and Whoopie and to continue with my judging career.

I first judged Beardies in 1982 and gave my first set of tickets at the Welsh KC Show in August 1988 - the same day Ch.Binbusy Cadence was whelping her first litter so not ideal timing! Over the years I have judged many of the major UK Championship Shows and Club Shows and judged the Bitches at Crufts in 2004. I have also judged Beardies many times abroad all over Europe, in the USA and in Australia.

I hope to continue judging both at home and abroad for many years to come as my way of giving something back to the Breed that is very dear to my heart.

Mrs Audrey Hicks (Multan)

My first encounter with a Beardie was in 1960 when I met Keith and his bitch, Jennifer of Multan (one of the Breed's foundation bitches). I became a Beardie owner in 1976 when we bought Nigella Jolyonne. She had one litter, from which came Ch Multan Magikana. My first judging appointment was in 1980 and I first gave tickets in 1998. I joined the Southern Counties Bearded Collie Club in 1977 and served on their Committee from 1980 in various posts, including Show Manager, Membership Secretary and Chairman. I have judged at numerous Championship shows, my most 'interesting' appointment being in 1999 when I was invited to take over at very short notice (1 day) Michael Quinney's entry of 200 at the Richmond Championship show. I had the pleasure of judging the Belgian BCC show in 2008 and judged bitches at the Netherlands BCC show in 2009.

Mrs Liz Jay (Talraz)

Our first Beardie 'Razzle' (Rayre's Rhapsody in Blue) arrived in 1979 and was soon joined by 'Tallie' (Deanfield Black Lace of Talraz). Between them they supplied the inspiration for our affix - Talraz - and taught us a lot. Razzle was bright and bouncy and a fun dog to train, introducing us to obedience, basic agility and working trials, and the Beardie Working tests - notably failing her Senior test by a whisker on both attempts (!), whereas Tallie became our first 'proper' show dog and from her descended all our current bunch of Beardies.

Over the years there have been many highs and lows as Mick and I share our lives with this wonderful breed. Showing is endlessly fascinating, and judging too, as the show rings shape the Beardies of the next generation. I have always maintained an interest in the working side, especially the original job of work which is herding, as I would not want to lose sight of the breed's true appeal, as an intelligent and sound working companion.

I have judged regularly since the early 80s and awarded CCs for the first time at Birmingham National in 2002. I have also judged in Germany and France.

Mrs Wendy Knowles (Tonwynde)

In 1989 my husband and I bought our first Bearded Collie dog, he was brown/white and bought as a pet. We were encouraged by friends to show him and the outcome was that Sam became Ch Flosswood Rum Punch. In 1991 Sam sired his first litter and along came Benson, Haylane High Society at Tonwynde. In 1992 we bought our third Bearded Collie dog who was Smokey, Spinningdale Silver Sunset at Tonwynde (1CC). Although we no longer show we do still have a very keen interest in the breed.

I enjoy judging our wonderful breed, and in 2010 gave my first set of CCs at Darlington Championship Dog Show, attracting a strong entry. I shall be Judging Bearded Collies at Driffield Championship Show in October 2013.

When the opportunity arises, I judge other Pastoral breeds, and am currently on the 'B' List for Scottish Border Collies. Stewarding for local Societies and Championship Shows helps keep me in touch with new legislation, and affords me the opportunity to help the Societies in my area.

Mr S Mallard (Tuckles)

Stuart has had a lifelong interest in all animals and became seriously involved in the dog world in the mid '60s.

His initial involvement was with Old English Sheepdogs in which breed he made up a number of well known champions - he won BIS at the LKA as long ago as 1974 with Ch. Lameda Perfect Pal! His 'Lameda' and latterly 'Tuckles' affixes are known worldwide.

He has also bred and exhibited Schnauzers, Bichon Frise, Beagles, Tibetan Terriers and Bouvier des Flandres making up Champions in four of these breeds.

The first UK Bouvier Champion was made up by Stuart - having won the first CC and BOB on offer at Crufts in 1988, under the late Bobby James.

Stuart lived in the Netherlands for ten years where he continued to breed and show his dogs throughout Europe with great success.

As a trained artist, in more recent years he has devoted his time to his art and this combination of experience is really apparent in his work.

At the time of writing he awards CCs in forty one breeds covering Working, Pastoral, Utility, Hound and Toy groups and is approved to judge the Toy, Utility, Working and Pastoral Groups plus Best in Show. He has judged extensively throughout Europe, Scandinavia, East and South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the Caribbean. Stuart had the great honour of judging the Pastoral Group at Crufts in 2007 and the Working Group in 2008.

Mr Don Moir (Winaria)

I have owned Beardies since 1981 but originally never intended to show. However, our first Beardie, Dramesk Winter Dusk, dragged us into it after a visit to her breeder when sshe was 4 months old. Misty became the foundation of Winaria (the name incorporates part of her name with that of one of her first litter).Her second litter gave us the bitch which would go on to become Ch Winaria Wellwisher.

We have not bred a high number of litters but from those that we did, two further bitches gained their titles(W. Welltravelled and W. Whisperer) making three bitch champions in three successive generations, an accomplishment of which we are very proud. After Whisperer died prematurely in 2007 our showing days were pretty much at an end and my involvement in showing is now confined to Club business andjudging when invited. I have given the talk on the breed standard at two BCCS judges assessment days. I first judged in 1984 and was approved to award CCs in 1998. I can say that I have enjoyed each occasion immensely. I have also been invited to judge in Holland, Sweden, Germany and the Czech Republic. I look for (and expect) dogs to display smooth, long-reaching movement without discernible effort and this is what attracts me the most to dogs I place highly when judging. I refereed the BCC Championship Show in 2006 and I wwould be very pleased to judge a full entry at this special show.

Mrs Sue Nicholls-Ward (Bumbleridge)

I have owned Beardies since 1975, founding the Bumbleridge kennel in 1977 when Brambledale Black Bryony of Bumbleridge joined us. My first litter produced Bumbleridge Buckthorn in 1979. The second litter produced Bumbleridge's Andromeda and Bumbleridge's Moonmaiden who truly planted the Beardie bug.

In the early eighties I served with the Midland branch of the BCC and then eight years as a committee member of the main club as I wanted to give something back to our wonderful breed. For the last 7 years I have been chairman of the BCC.

I have had other breeds, which helps to give width to my knowledge both as a judge and an exhibitor but nothing will ever replace my Beardies. I currently have a Spanish Water Dog and I have judged these at National Gun Dog Championship show in August 2008.

I started my judging career in the early 1980s and first gave CCs in 1991; awarding CCs in both sexes at 6 Championship shows and CCs in a single sex at 4 Championship shows. The highlight of my judging career was in 2003 when that letter arrived from the KC inviting me to judge at Crufts in 2008. I had 154 dogs making an entry of 181; the largest Class being Open dog with 33 entered.

Since the mid 1990's, I have also had the honour of judging at the Bearded Collie Club championship shows in Norway, Germany and twice in Sweden and judged in Spain in 2008.

Mrs Angela Pedder (Caldermist)

Angela has owned Bearded Collies for 30 years having acquired her first Beardie 'Basil' (Calderlin Islay Mist), a 'Braid' grandson from Dorothy Lindsay in 1981. Angela continued to enjoy her dogs as companions until a friend persuaded her to show her new puppy at a local limited show. Since then, Angela has either owned or bred 10 stud book qualifying dogs, a UK Champion, an Irish Champion, 3 additional CC and Reserve CC winners and Junior Warrant winners.

She was an active committee member of the Northern Branch of the Bearded Collie Club for 12 years on behalf of which she coordinated the Northern Bearded Collie training class and several successful educational seminars.

Angela started her judging career in 1999 and awarded her first set of Challenge Certificates in 2010. She has judged Beardies throughout the UK, Ireland and Germany including 4 club shows, most recently the Bearded Collie Club of Deutschland's club show. Whilst Beardies will always remain her first love, she maintains a special interest in two Portuguese breeds - the Podengo and the Water Dog which she also enjoys judging. Together with her husband George, Angela currently shares her life with 5 Beardies and a small family of Podengos.

Hans Erik Pedersen (Shepherdess)

There have been dogs around me since childhood; my parents had different breeds from Saint Bernard to Danish/Swedish Farm dog.

When I established my own family my wife Karen and I decided to have a Bearded Collie(1982) and after a few years we started breeding from them under the prefix Shepherdess, I have not bred a big number of Beardies, only when wanting one myself, the best known dogs we have bred/owned is: Ch. Shilstone Diplomat, Ch Potterdale Phoenix, Ch. Shepherdess Bix Beiderbecke, Ch. Shepherdess Sweet Sue Just You and Ch Ramsgrove Prime Thyme.

In 1994 I was authorized within F.C.I. as judge for Bearded Collies, and have judged them in many places in Europe including Scotland 2005 and at the World Dog Show, 2010, I am now approved for all breeds in F.C.I group 1 and another 14 in group 2, 5 and 9.

Mr Haydn Platts (Camberwick)

I have owned and showed Bearded Collies since 1985. Claire and I have campaigned 2 show dogs to their titles, one of which was homebred. We seldom breed, only 3 litters in 20 years. I have been involved in the working side of the breed, successful at obedience, pentathlon and qualifying one of our dogs for her senior working test.

My judging career has spanned 18 years, I have judged BIS several times at all breed Open shows and have awarded CCs in Bearded Collies at home and abroad.

I consider myself a good judge of a dog, I appreciate good movement and type. I always aim to be fair, consistent and honest in my appraisal of all exhibits.

Mr Fred Randall (Kimrand)

Having been around dogs all my life, our first Bearded Collie came to us in 1971 from Mary Partridge, Wishanger Freisan Isles (Jasper) was joined not long after by our two original girls.

Our first 'Kimrand' litter was born in the early 1970s from one of our founding bitches - Quicksilver Fluff (Bonnie). Over the years Kimrand kennels have produced 10 Champions (2 International Champions) with our latest girl gaining her crown in 2006. Our Champion boys have themselves sired Champions.

I have been judging Beardies since the early 80s and have also judged in Norway and the Netherlands.

I have been honoured to give CCs at Championship shows and also to be able to judge at various Bearded Collie Open and Championship shows over the years.

Mrs Frances Richards (Elemark)

I got my first Beardie in 1979 and began showing my second one (Wildan Sunset Isles) in 1981. These were both browns.

I bred my first litter in 1988 and have since bred 4 other litters. Elemark Woodruff from my second litter won 1CC, 1 RCC and a Junior Warrant. I made up Layla, Ch. Odderwood Godetia at Elemark JW who has 5CCs and was bred by Gill Yeates. There are currently 4 Beardie bitches at home, Layla, her daughter Berry and her daughter Rosa and Maddie whom I bought in from Madeleine Hand as I seem to have been unable to breed a brown myself! I also have 1 Australian Shepherd male, now 14 years. I have never had more than 5 dogs at any one time.

I began judging in 1990 and first awarded CCs in 2006 at Midshires BCC show, dogs only and then judged both sexes at Midland Counties in 2008.

I also judge other breeds in the Pastoral Group judged Australian Shepherds with a single set of CCs at Leeds 2009. I judged bitches at the Midland Border Collie Club Open show in October 2009.

I am on the Committee of the EBCA and am currently Vice-Chair and Trophy Steward. I am also on the Judges Sub-committee of EBCA and the National Australian Shepherd Association.

Mrs Althea Richardson (Caramac)

I have been a beardie owned human since 1977. Although not compulsory back then, I attended the Judges Training day organised by the Southern Counties Bearded Collie Club.

In 1994 I gave my first CC at a Bearded Collie Club Championship Show, and prior to that year I judge an open show for Southern Counties Bearded Collie Club. My co judge on that occasions was Ian Copus and the entries in those days were nearer the numbers we now get at the average Championship show.

To date I have given CCs in this country eight times and have had the pleasure of judging in Sweden on 2 occasions, Germany on 2 occasions, also America and Canada..

My aim has always been to breed and judge for the beardie as a 'herding dog/working dog'. Yes I do appreciate good presentation and a must is fitness, but I have no time for the exhibit that looks too exaggerated in the many forms we are now seeing.

Mr Geoff Spurrier (Geliland)

When Linda and I married we decided to make dogs our family before the children came along, and purchased our first Beardie, Tambora's Brown Sugar at Geliland, after seeing Margaret Osborne award Ch Osmart Bonnie Blue Braid BOB at Crufts in 1972. Brown Sugar was bred by Jackie Tidmarsh from Braid ex Ch Edelweiss of Tambora.

After having reasonable success in the showring with Brown Sugar, we showed two of his grandchildren, both of whom gained RCCs. Another became an American Champion (Ch Geliland Black Bawbee at Chaniam) who went BIS all breeds, and another a Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian Champion (Ch Geliland Morning Miracle).

Our first homebred Champion was 'Disney', Ch Geliland Star of the Screen, who sired two English and two Irish Champions.

We are currently showing Breeze (Ch Geliland Sea Breeze), a Disney great grandson who, as well as having great success in the ring, being the top Beardie in the UK for 2007 and 2008 and winning the Tambora trophy, has also qualified as a PAT dog.

I first judged Beardies in the 1980s, was approved to award CCs in 1992 and awarded my first set of CCs in 1993. I am also a Life Member of the Bearded Collie Club.

Outside of dogs one of my hobbies is raising money for charity and I am authorised by Teenage Cancer Trust to hold fundraising events on their behalf.

Mrs Janet Steel (Spinningdale)

I have owned and campaigned Bearded Collies since 1982. I judged my first Open show in 1986 and have gone on to award Challenge Certificates in the Breed and to this day I am still actively campaigning a Bearded Collie.

Mr Alan Stevens (Whistbrae)

I have owned Bearded Collies since 1978 and have made up 3 UK champions, 2 of which are homebred. In addition to the champions here I have bred dogs that have gained titles in various European countries and several that have been awarded CCs or stud book numbers in the UK. I have awarded CCs in the breed several times, including officiating at the Club championship show, and have also judged the breed in Europe. I am also approved to award CCs in my second breed, Portuguese Water Dogs.

Mrs Viv Stevens (Whistbrae)

I have owned Bearded Collies since 1978 and have previously awarded CCs in the breed on a number of occasions, including the Bearded Collie Club championship show twice. I have also judged dogs at the German Bearded Collie Specialty show in 2006. My second breed, Portuguese Water Dogs, received CC status in 2007 and I have awarded CCs three times, with a fourth appointment at CRUFTS in 2013.

We are not prolific breeders, only breeding when we want a new puppy, but have bred two UK champions, one of whom is a group winner, and numerous CC; RCC and stud book qualified dogs. In addition to UK champions we have bred multi European champions and an International champion. We also made up our foundation bitch, Charncroft Cloverbelle at Whistbrae, to a champion. At the moment we are not showing much due to other commitments. Outside of the show ring I served as a committee member for the Bearded Collie Club for a number of years.

Mr Mick Taylor (Bruernish)

In partnership with my wife, we have owned and shown Beardies for over 30 years, and gained BOB at Crufts in 1987.

I first judged them in 1984, and awarded CCs for the first time in 1996, and have judged them on a regular basis both here and overseas since then.

I am now passed to award CCs in three other Pastoral breeds (Australian Shepherds, Border Collies and Polish Lowland Sheepdogs and was honoured to judge the latter at Crufts in 2005.

It has been my good fortune over the years to have judged most of the other breeds in the Pastoral and Working Groups, both Groups and BIS at Open show level, and have judged Club Open Shows for both Briards and Old English Sheepdogs.

I am currently on the 'B' lists for Briards, Hungarian Pulis, Old English Sheepdogs, Pyrenean Sheepdogs (Long Haired), Rough Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs and Bernese Mountain Dogs.

I always enjoy judging these, and other breeds in the Pastoral and Working Groups, but Beardies are, and always will be, my first love.

Mrs Sandra Taylor (Bruernish)

Between 1980 and 1982 four Beardies from the Davealex kennel came to share our lives and my love of the breed has endured since then. Our first bitch, Davealex Royal Bianco at Bruernish, gained her title in 1985 and was declared Best of Breed at Crufts in 1987 where she was shortlisted in the (then) Working Group.

Our Bruernish affix was granted in 1982 and we bred our first litter in 1989; in all we have bred four litters and qualified seven Beardies for the KC Stud Book. Sadly we were unable to campaign our home-bred CC winner to his title due to family health problems.

I first judged in 1984 and was passed to award CCs in 1997 since when I have judged on a regular basis. I also award CCs in Polish Lowland Sheepdogs. I consider myself lucky to also judge other Pastoral breeds, Groups and BIS at Open Show level.

Mick and I have been involved with the breed for well over thirty years , we have co-existed with twelve wonderful Beardies and it has been a privilege to know them all

Ms Justine Waldron (Snowmead)

In conjunction with my mother I have been involved in Bearded Collies since 1982, having a separate interest in the Snowmead affix. As a partnership our achievements include 16 Junior Warrant winners, 30 dogs bred/owned qualified for the Kennel Club Stud book, 17 dogs bred or owned with CCs or RCCs including 5 Champions, with, Ch Snowmead Sans Faute JW being top puppy in 2001 and top Bearded Collie in 2003 with 17 CCs, 14 BOBs, 13 RCCs and has been BIS at the BCC Ch show, EBCA Ch Show, NEBCC Ch Show and BOS at the BCCS. His mother, Ch J'aime de Chester at Snowmead, was imported under the Bali directive and is a daughter of our Snowmead Superstition. She was top bitch in the breed in 1997 and top brood in 2004. With my mothers untimely death in 2000, I have taken complete responsibility for the Snowmead dogs. We currently share our lives with 10 Beardies at Snowmead ranging in age from 15 years to 2years.

Our first Beardie Penliza's Teasel was Our Dogs/Pedigree Top Sire in 1991, with one of his sons becoming a Champion. We also bred the Our Dogs/Pedigree Top puppy for 1994, bred/own the Our Dogs/Pedigree Top puppy 2001 and bred/own the Dog World/Pedigree Top Dog for 2003 and own the Our Dogs Top brood for 2004.

I have handled numerous dogs for people with success as well as our own dogs, including stud book numbers, Crufts qualifiers and have handled 8 dogs to CCs, campaigning 5 of these to Champions.

My first judging appointment was in 1990, and I have awarded CCs in the UK, Sweden, France and America.