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The following tables rank the Bearded Collies with points totals down to and including 10th place for each of the four main show trophies - Tambora, Willison, Orora Puppy and Osmart Veteran, for 2019.

Leader board tables have been updated following the Nat Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Show on 13th July 2019. The next update will follow the Leeds Championship Show on 26th July 2019.

1131CH Malandex Xquisit Diamond JWBBaker/Van de Hoef
2123CH Sammara Little Black DressBO'Brien
3109Clanmac Braw BroonDMacdougall
4106CH Potterdale Potential JWDLewis/Edinboro
5102Arranbrae Muy Guapo JWDDelaney
6100Miss Dior De Chester at Menander (Imp Fra)BCope
784CH Potterdale Platinum PlusDLewis
879Braemoray Loch An Eilein JWBHards
977Thingamebob Shes A StarBRobinson
1073CH Pipadene Ultimate Dream JWBBetts
1111Potterdale Angeleyes at SammaraBO'Brien
2106Kelligrews Kiss Under A Star JWBBartlett
3105Orora's The EmperorDHarcourt-Brown
492Talraz Relight My Fire JWBJay
589Alistair's Designed Just Right for Kemelstowe (Imp Swe)BSewell
688Nellbrook Pure Imagination JWBEdwards
787Kelligrews Kiss Under A Tree JWDBartlett
884Malandex Xpressly French for Emazenridge JWDGriggs
84Potterdale AndanteDGarrity/Tibbetts
974Highflying Sexy Dancer at Debbeacol (Imp Swe)Weightman
1070Ramsgrove The Great OopsieDHines
198Kiltondale KinkybootsB
290Ramsgrove The Great OopsieDHines
383Thingamebob Shes A StarBRobinson
481Clanmac Braw BroonDMacdougall
580Malandex Xpat's ImageBBaker/Van de Hoef
675Orora's The HeroineBHarcourt-Brown
763Corimist Sunshine GirlBWhelan/Young
63Kiltondale Chicago FlameD
861Aoibh Fiery FlamencoBAyrton
955Victory Wind's Orange Mechanique for Karmeliann (Imp Fra)DCarter
1046Aoibh Ready To RumbaDAyrton
146CH Pipadene Ultimate Dream JWBBetts
226Kiltondale Uptown Girl at ScalbeckBKemp
26CH Sengalas Court JesterDMay/Darrington
26Sweetly Scrumptious with DavankirkBCurry/Wilson
324CH Bargemon Baryshnikov at Barkenbear JW SHCMDHandley
419Bargemon Beauford Tourer at Barkenbear SHCMDHandley
19Fraglestone Flockheart JWBBrooks/Grundy
19Kiltondale Liadhich with Quothquan SHCMBRobertson
516Aratika Creme De La Creme JW SHCMBWoolley
16CH Brenriga Wrapped in Gold for Zoesta JWDFooks
16Pipadene Upper Crust for WinterlynBPaterson
16CH Pretty Bear Real Special Lady for Kemelstowe (Imp Deu)BSewell
613In Vogue Island High Society at Talraz (Imp Fra)DJay
13Manortonway Man About TownDBush
712CH Nellbrook Imagination JW SHCMBEdwards
12CH Potterdale Birthday Star to RagellieBStyles
12Sengalas Indiana RoseBMay
811Jaroca Sea Spray at FraglestoneBBrooks/Grundy
99Elemark Guelder Rose SHCMBRichards
9Osmart Muff's Jessica BlackBParker
108CH Hisnhers Diamond Geezer at Anfranjo JW SHCMDHarrison
8Mojo Magical Mystery for BethlynteeDDumbrell