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The following tables rank the Bearded Collies with points totals down to and including 10th place for each of the four main show trophies - Tambora, Willison, Orora Puppy and Osmart Veteran, for 2018.

Tables have been updated following the BCC Championship Show on 1st December 2018.
Next update:
the next update will be made after the LKA Championship Show on 15th December.

1231CH Malandex Most Xciting JWDBaker/Van De Hoef
2209CH Malandex Xquisit Diamond JWBBaker/Van de Hoef
3208CH Sammara Little Black DressBO'Brien
4180CH Caldermist Kiss In The Dark JW SHCMDPedder
5179CH Malandex Xclusive Diamond JWDBaker/Van de Hoef
6161Snowmead Shades Of Gray JWDWaldron
7142Potterdale Potential JWDLewis/Edinboro
8127CH Pipadene Ultimate Dream JWBBetts
9118Kiltondale Pearls A SingerBPeirson
10115CH Moonhill Sweet Sensation of Atherleigh JW SHCMBO'Connell/Evans
1181Nonesuch Best Of Times at Bendale (Imp USA)DWilding
2159Snowmead Shades Of Gray JWDWaldron
3131Debbeacol Rhythm Is A Dancer JWDWeightman
4127Memorylane Do The Tra-la-laa at Snikkles (Imp Fin)DAtkins/Charles
5110Talraz Comic Relief at CanaichDSavage/Maclean
6105Orora's The EmperorDHarcourt-Brown
7102Braemoor's Fabulous Fennela at Winaria (Imp Nld) JWBMoir
8100Denters Whirlwinds Broadway Baby (Imp Deu)BPeirson
998Bargemon MelbaBCanty
1092Zoesta Perfect BlissBFooks
1130Kelligrews Kiss Under A StarBBartlett
2128Nonesuch Best Of Times at Bendale (Imp USA)DWilding
3124Denters Whirlwinds Broadway Baby (Imp Deu)BPeirson
4113Nellbrook Pure Imagination JWBEdwards
593Malandex Xpressly French for EmazenridgeDGriggs
690Potterdale Angeleyes at SammaraBO'Brien
90Talraz Light Up The Sky for KilfinanDBurscough
788Orora's The EmperorDHarcourt-Brown
879Kelligrews Kiss Under A TreeDBartlett
973Rembrand After Eight DeliteBTurner
1072Talraz Relight My FireB
179CH Pipadene Ultimate Dream JWBBetts
266CH Subessen Echoes Of Power JWDBowden
365CH Bargemon Baryshnikov at Barkenbear JW SHCMDHandley
460CH Brenriga Wrapped in Gold for Zoesta JWDFooks
553CH Nellbrook Imagination JW SHCMBEdwards
639Bargemon En Vogue SHCMBCanty
736CH Talraz Hot FavouriteBJay
834Bargemon Beauford Tourer at Barkenbear SHCMDHandley
34Willowmead Prince RegalDMoorhouse
929Sweetly Scrumptious with DavankirkBCurry/Wilson
1027Ramsgrove Gandalf SHCMDSalmon