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Beardie Rescue

We understand that sometimes you are unable to keep your Bearded Collie and if you find yourself in this situation for any reason then we are here to help.

Firstly if possible please phone your Breeder. Most of our Breeders take pride in being there for their pups and are happy to help.

If for any reason you are not able to do this then please contact one of our Rescue Co-ordinators. The Co-ordinators will be able to advise you on the best way to move forward.

All enquiries regarding re-homing a Bearded Collie should be directed in the first instance to the Co-ordinator for the appropriate area (see below). Should he/she be unavailable, then please contact the Rescue Administrator, Pat Wincott, by email or by phone, tel: 0121-705-7004. Should either of these options fail, then any committee member should be able to assist. If re-homing becomes inevitable, Pat will liaise with an appropriate Co-ordinator who will hold a list of available homes.

Please note that the Club's rescue and welfare service is only available to pure-bred pedigree Bearded Collies - see the note on eligibility for re-homing below.

Interested in homing a Bearded Collie?

We are very lucky that we have far more people wanting Bearded Collies that we have Bearded Collies needing a home. However Bearded Collies as a breed are on the decline and need your help. So if you are an experienced Bearded Collie home and/or are considering sharing your life with a Bearded Collie, you may want to consider a puppy instead of an older Beardie. Please check out our Puppy List page to find out more.

If you would still like to be considered for a rescue Bearded Collie please download and complete an Enquiy Form (available in either PDF or Word format) and return it to the Rescue Co-ordinator at the address shown on the form.

Area co-ordinators are as follows:-

Area covered Co-ordinator Location Telephone No.
South East England and
West of England
Madeleine FearChristchurch, Hampshire01425-673660
Mid and South Wales, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire
and Avon
Elizabeth HoltVale of Glamorgan02920-512237
West MidlandsPat WincottSolihull, West Midlands0121-705-7004
North Wales, North of England, North MidlandsAlan FurbyWarrington, Cheshire01925-813224
Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and DurhamPauline JeavonsWashington, Tyne & Wear07766-951589  or
Central & West ScotlandMr Ian McGheeKilmarnock01563-525997  or
North East ScotlandAnn HigginsAberdeen01340-871-854

Which dogs are eligible for re-homing?

The Bearded Collie Club's policy is that Rescue & Welfare funds should be spent looking after Bearded Collies which are 'pure-bred' pedigree dogs registered with the Kennel Club (or, for dogs not born in the UK, with an equivalent overseas organisation recognised by the Kennel Club).

To identify pure-bred Bearded Collies we look at the dog's official pedigree. Occasionally a pedigree is not available and in these circumstances we rely on the expertise of our Co-ordinators to identify whether or not they are dealing with a pure-bred Bearded Collie.

Unfortunately there are many dogs which need re-homing, including dogs that look like Beardies. Whilst we feel sorry for these dogs, we need to protect and maintain our resources to ensure no pedigree Bearded Collie is ever in need or a burden financially or otherwise to any other rescue or welfare organisation.

Last updated: 7 May 2018