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Cornwall Weekend, Sunday 16th September 2012
Judges - Dr Margaret Buckley and Madaleine Hand

HandlerPet NameKennel NameTestScorePass/Fail
Chris HearsumBertieBellandean BeaujolaisPrimary93Pass
Andrew DanielsRaffieHighglade Heavenly DreamPrimary93Pass
Cyril TurnerMackAlcheringa Black UtopiaJunior96Pass
Gillie CurtisMakenzieWillowmead Gaelic PrinceJunior97Pass
Gillie CurtisMakenzieWillowmead Gaelic PrinceIntermediate95Pass
Val CorganTayMadsway Purple SageIntermediate91Pass

Midland Branch 'Beardie Bounce' - Martley, 22 July 2012 - Judge: Maureen Sale

Handler/Owner Dog Pet Name Test Score Pass/Fail
Keith & Lou HaleyHighglade Wings Of BluePrimaryPass
Keith &Lou HaleyHighglade Heart Of GoldPrimaryPass
Colin & Mandy ChadwickPotterdale SupergrassPrimaryPass
Colin & Mandy ChadwickMegamaree Jedi KnightPrimaryPass
Sue Nicholls-WardBumbleridge's Lacey Locket JWJuniorPass
Sue Nicholls-WardCh Bumbleridge's Naughty 'N' Nice JW ShCMSeniorPass

WE & SW Branch - Hollowtree Fun Day 15 July 2012 - Judge: Val Corgan

Handler/Owner Dog Pet Name Test Score Pass/Fail
Gail LithgowMollyfleck TrufflesCharleyPrimary93Pass
Gail LithgowMollyfleck TrufflesCharleyJunior89Pass
Jeni AgerRamberhay FlorenceMarniePrimary98Pass
Jenny WebbPotterdale BilberryBenjiJunior88Pass
Mark MogfordBryonyhill Double DutchFinnPrimary98Pass
Trish Parsons MivviPrimary92Pass
Trish Parsons MivviJunior96Pass

Having never judged the Working Tests before, it was with some nervousness that I started the day. However, to see so many well behaved dogs do so well was such a delight that all nerves disappeared. Gail with Charley and Trish with Mivvi were exceptional so well done for easily passing 2 grades. Mark would have also passed his junior with Finn, but we just ran out of time to judge it. These tests are quite basic, but do show those handlers who extend their dogs minds as well as their bodies, so that the rapport between the two is delightful to see.

Finally, very many thanks to Judith for stewarding, map reading and all her encouragement throughout the day. Looking forward to seeing you at the next event.

Val Corgan

Bearded Collie Club South East Branch - Fun Day, Great Blakenham - Sunday 1st July 2012

Working Test Results - Judge:

Handler/Owner Dog Pet Name Test Score Pass/Fail
Sara QuickChesterPrimary98Pass
VJ, PJ & SA RuddLubin's DignityPrimary97Pass
VJ, PJ & SA RuddLubin's DignityJunior97Pass
Mr & Mrs KitchenBrookles Mischief ThymeIntermediate96Pass
Megan & Nick BatemanSkyebucks Super TrooperLunaPrimary92Pass
Mr D & Mrs S HudsonSkyebucks What a Difference JWJuniorFail

Bearded Collie Club Midland Branch - Inkberrow Fun Day - Sunday 20th May 2012

Working Test Report - Judge: Ron McCawley

Handler/Owner Dog Pet Name Test Score Pass/Fail
Andy Felton/
Kirstie Barton
Labooshar Lord WellingtonFinnPrimary88Pass
Angela ButlerCeilmear Winning WendyGracePrimary94Pass
Christine CampbellBumbleridge Kara KatrionaTaraPrimary98Pass
Ellen SullivanNavillus Rainbow ShadowIantoPrimary88Pass
Lesley BrooksBrookles Mischief MakerAllyPrimary86Pass
Malcolm &
Hilary Soar
Navillus Guiding StarLilliePrimary90Pass
Steve Horne &
Halina Kochanowski
Thornsky Tango In The NightTangoIntermediate97Pass
Steve HorneThornsky Tango In The NightTangoSenior100Pass

My thanks to Pat for asking me to judge Working Tests again this year. Working Tests have always been one of my favourite activities in the Beardie world. This year, numbers were down but I was very impressed with the rapport that handlers had with their Beardies. Teams at Inkberrow have always impressed me.

Some of the younger dogs could not maintain full concentration for long, but because their handlers worked hard and were able to get their attention, then there was a better success rate. At a venue like Inkberrow, there are many distractions, food, people, noise and dogs running free, so it takes hard work to maintain a Beardie's attention. One problem that the tests highlight is 'test nerves'. Handlers tend to clam up and not talk to their dogs and this leads to the drifting attention. Working tests are not about formal obedience they are about demonstrating that your Beardie is a well-adjusted, well-behaved dog and a rapport between dog and handler.

Remember, Beardies love to have all of our attention focussed on them, so when training or taking Working Tests talk to them, make yourself the best thing since sliced liver and you will gain their trust and affection. Trust is a two-way thing and if handlers can relax and not hang onto the lead with both hands and use their voice more, then they will gain their dogs trust. I like to see the left hand controlling the dog and in training this can be done by holding a treat or favourite toy and is used to focus the dog's attention and hold him/her close to the left leg. The right hand only holds the lead as a safety measure or because the test requires it. Walk with a purposeful pace and with confidence and he/she will keep with you.

Six Beardies took the Primary test and I am pleased to say all passed. With a little more effort and training they should go on to pass the Junior test. Two teams attempted the Intermediate test and there was one pass. Two teams attempted the Senior test, again just one pass.

One handler/dog partnership impressed me very much; this was Steve Horne who handled Tango (Thornsky Tango in the Night owned by Halina Kochanowski). Tango took the Intermediate test and immediately I could see a strong rapport between them. Here was a handler who knew his stuff and had clearly studied the test requirements and had trained well for them. All exercises were carried out positively and sympathetically. It took Tango just five seconds to find the scent article in the intermediate test and 35 seconds in the senior search before returning promptly to Steve. Tango scored 97 out of 100 and was only let down slightly by Steve's 'test nerves' in the heelwork section and lost a bit of attention from Tango. However, Steve went on to take the senior test later on and the difference in the team was a pleasure to see. Steve had lost the 'test nerves' and was handling with supreme confidence, such that Tango gained full marks in every test, 100/100, a very proud achievement in the senior test. Well done Steve and Tango. Where to go from here' Working trials maybe' CDex and UDex shouldn't be a problem.

Thank you to every Beardie/handler partnership that subjected them selves to my scrutiny. I wanted to be fair to all and hope you all accepted my comments in the way they were intended i.e. to be helpful and enable you to enjoy your Beardie more.

Ron McCawley, Brimblebec Bearded Collies