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SCBCC Tramps Tuck In, 17th September 2017

Kennel Club Good Citizen Tests - Judge: Mary Jamieson

Bronze Test - passes

Handler/Owner Dog's Name
Shirley HinchliffeBaggins (Pretty Bear Zweet Dream at Croftdale)

Silver Test - passes

Handler/Owner Dog's Name
Sue ClackPoppy (Ch Sengalas Indiana Rose)
Sue ClackDaisy (Ch Moonhill Simply a Dream)
Nikki EllisDella (Wightbeards Isle Delight)
Penny GreenKizzy (Wightbeards Plain Sailing)
Penny GreenEmmie (Elamount Endeavour)

Not ready: Lorraine Robinson - Henry (Tonsarne Stormy Blue)

Working Test Results, Selmeston (SCBCC Strawberry Tea), 16th July 2017 - Judge: Jill Kevis

Primary Test (8 passes)

Handler/Owner Dog's Name Test Level Result
Elaine Colley Tonsarne Music MakerPrimaryPass
Lynn Dumbrell Mojo Magical Mystery for BethlynteePrimaryPass
Lillia KirkhamNancyPrimaryPass
Veronica HarrisonSeabride Black PearlPrimaryPass
Veronica HarrisonFirstmiss Josephine RoseJPrimaryPass
Wendy SmithPhilemon Final Fling for ThymewindsPrimaryPass
Sally TaylorBridus Between the Sheets with CheryshdPrimaryPass
Freja TinkPoppyPrimaryPass

Junior Test (2 passes)

Handler/Owner Dog's Name Test Level Result
Veronica HarrisonSeabride Black PearlJuniorPass
Veronica HarrisonFirstmiss Josephine RoseJuniorPass

SCBCC Working Test Day, Standford (Hampshire), 11th June 2017 - Judge: Jill Kevis

This day was wonderfully organised by Vonnie Newton, especially for Intermediate and Senior handlers. I would like to thank Vonnie for working so hard mentally and physically to provide the venue, organise the field and provide refreshments!

Thank you also to Angela Chapman, my training assistant in the morning and steward in the afternoon. You worked very hard but sympathetically with all the handlers and dogs. Maureen Sale was able to offer her expertise as well.

The day took me back many years to Southern Counties days when there was a good nucleus of working test handlers spectating and encouraging fellow handlers. It was good.

Primary Test (1 pass)

Maureen Sale with Misty (Potterdale Platinum Star)

Junior Test (1 pass)

Vonnie Newton with Fraggle (Pelido Fraggle Rock at Alkibia)

Intermediate Test (3 entries - no passes)

Senior Test (1 entry - no passes)


Elizabeth Kershaw and Dolly - Heelwork and stop on recall were Dollys downfall today but other exercises gained full marks.

Gordon Gilbert and Lady - Stop on recall, the clear jump and seek back were the weak exercises today. With more focus Lady could achieve this level.

Marilyn Gilbert and Poppy - Heelwork and recall to heel were good exercises but again stop on recall and the clear jump were not achieved.

It was a great shame that there were no intermediate passes but with more training in different venues the 3 dogs are capable of passing this standard.


Carol and Darcy - Unfortunately by the afternoon Darcy had lost her focus and did not gain enough marks in most exercises. I am sure with more training she is capable of gaining this award.

As none of the intermediate dogs passed and could not progress to the senior test I had the time to test 1 primary and 1 junior.


Maureen Sale and Misty - Misty achieved this level with flying colours and I am sure she will gain her Junior once she has mastered retrieve.


Vonnie Newton and Fraggle - Fraggle also passed this level easily despite her nervous handler! Well done Vonnie I know you have worked hard with this dog.

Happy training - Jill Kevis

Working Test Results, Inkberrow (Midland Branch Fun Day) 14th May 2017 - Judge: Janet Martineau

The organisers are well versed in putting on these days of Beardie fun. Thank you for all your hard work. The sun shone, the field was perfect. Gazebos were up and tables and chairs were in place, rings were up. Our lunches were being prepared, the kettle was on, music was playing and dogs and picnics were settling into their chosen pitches around the field. I just had to turn up and put up the long jump.

Maureen Sale was my steward for the day and all the paperwork was ready. Thank you so much Maureen for all that you did to assist, steward and remind me what came next.

I took dogs as they came at whatever level they were going to go for so there was no unnecessary waiting but it would have been helpful if those wanting to do a test had come to let us know when they arrived rather than leaving it till we were on our last few and then disappearing home without being prepared to wait a few minutes or to let us know about their change of mind. It was not a very busy list. I had fourteen in all to assess but maybe there could in future be a time by which names could be on the list for the first tests they wished to attempt. I know the games and classes were being enjoyed in the other ring and I would always be prepared to wait if dogs that were booked in for a test with me were busy over there, and thank you so much for holding up the racing while our senior test stays were being held. It would be too tempting I felt to have racing Beardies and the 'encouragement' that goes with it while out of sight stays were being done.

To the tests.They were initiated by the Beardie Club way back in the 1960s with the intention of encouraging our Beardie companions to have good temperaments, reasonable behaviour and enjoy their time doing things for us.I believe I might have had ago at one of the earliest functions where they were put on. My Tanna passed all three levels that there were in those days at her first attempt. But then I have always known that she spoiled me for any dog that has followed her. "Regrets - I have a few....." That she should die of an annular tumour operation at the age of 6 years. Enjoy your dogs and give them a good life, it is all too short.

The Primary Test should not require an arduous training schedule. In my opinion any dog should be reared to be able to sail through this simply by being managed and handled well as a pet dog. I had seven dogs who attempted it and four who achieved their certificates. One little pup was not old enough to know what staying still was about so we cut that exercise short, and two who decided to play their freedom card on the recall which is the only thing they had to do off the lead. We take any breed at this level and the star of the show was undoubtedly Hugo who was expertly handled, had superb attention and seemed absolutely focused. I hope Carys finds a good training club for him because he, and she, could go far.

It was achieved by :-

Alan Barnaby with Murphy (Glen of Imaal Terrier): 96%

Sally Barnaby with Whizzer (Bearded Collie): 99%

Andy Darnley with Seren (Bearded Collie): 92%

Carys Middleton with Hugo (Cockerpoo): 100%

The Junior Test has a bit more to it in that the stay is not a tied one and the dog must retrieve informally to hand and pop over a small hurdle so a certain amount of training is required along with that sensible good management as the dog grows up. The three that passed had one or two minor details to tidy up.

Passes went to:-

Sally Barnaby with Whizzer (Bearded Collie): 99%

Janette Dalby with Breaksea Glenmorangie (Molly) (Bearded Collie): 99%

Carys Middleton with Hugo (Cockerpoo). 99%

The Intermediate Test is where the training starts to show and the dog that passes at this level is really learning to cooperate and enjoy more than just good behaviour. Only one had a try for this level and passed on all but the jump which was so frustrating, possibly it was a different type of hurdle for her - and this shows the need for generalising the dog's training with lots of variations. So no passes I am sorry to say.

The Senior Test is a slightly simpler version of the Working Trial CD qualification. I had two customers for this and they both achieved their certificates. Many congratulations on showing me two totally different styles but both are absolutely worthy of this award. Especially super sendaways, search squares and jump control. They know their stuff.

So Senior Certificates went to :-

John Stanbridge with Nancy (Bearded Collie) - really cooperative, perfect control and partnership. 99%

Maureen Sale with Bobby (Bearded Collie) - handled with great knowledge and understanding. He had had to be in the car most of the day due to Maureen's other duties and would have been a bit more easy if he had had more time to get himself in gear but all the essentials of the exercises were done without a problem. 90%.

An enjoyable day, thank you for the hospitality.

A final shot from me. Even if it is only for the first two levels I encourage all Beardie owners to have a go. All dogs need the knowledge to cope with such basics as walking nicely on lead, coming to hand and being handeable. Their lives are so much the poorer without the feeling of understanding and partnership they learn when we do tricks and training with them.

Janet Martineau

Working Test Results, Stonham Barns (Suffolk), 6th May 2017 - Judge: Jill Kevis

The working tests were held Saturday morning in the usual field, before the novelty classes in the hall in the afternoon.
I would like to thank Doreen McErlane for sitting at the table all morning organising all the paperwork. It was rather blustery and cold at times so a bit uncomfortable for Doreen. Also thank you to Ann Trodd for stewarding for me, explaining all the exercises and steering handlers and dogs in the right direction-mainly! Unfortunately I had no Intermediate or Senior dogs to judge this year.

As usual the standard was quite mixed but from the 12 dogs competing there were 8 passes and 4 not ready.

Primary: 7 Passes, 1 Failure

Junior: 1 Pass, 3 Failures

Unfortunately with the Junior tests its often the retrieve and jump which cause the failures.

I have had difficulty reading the owners writing on the entry forms so these results are the best I can do.

Primary Test (8 entries - 7 passes)

Linda with Mae

Julie with George

Sue with Polly

Teresa with Paige

?? with Maisie

Anne Buswell with Quince

Anne Pinto Wright with ??

Junior Test (4 entries - 1 pass)

Lynn with Keri

Jill Kevis

SCBCC Spring Frolic, Bradfield (Reading), 23rd April 2017

Kennel Club Good Citizen Tests - Judge: Dawn Jenkins

Bronze Test - passes

Handler/Owner Dog's Name
Wendy AustinBruno
Colette BurgessSunny (Keebercoo Currant Bun)
Tracey KellyRosie (Karmeliann Joyful Spirit)
Helen KingFergus (Manortonway Mr Moonlight)
Helen KingDougal (Medmerry Fernando)
Brenda KnightReesca (Sulynbourne Lunette)
Warren RobertsDenim (Carbow Cosmic Creation)
Rebecca Swales-GlasscoeMurphy (Emmanelz Little Lover)
Sally TaylorCrysti (Bridus Between the Sheets with Cheryshd)
Kate ThompsonApple
Kate ThompsonBramley (Elamount Endeavour)
Tina WrightAnnie (Balidorn Cinnamon Fantasy)

Bronze Test - 'Honorary Beardie' passes

Handler/Owner Dog's Name
David AdbyBramble - Lucas Terrier
Grant AlexanderDexter - Schnauzer
Toni TeasdaleManni (Tonsarne Whitney's Cuckoo) - Affenpinscher