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Bearded Collie Working Test Results

Working Tests - April 28th 2019 - Bearded Collie Club - EA and SE Branch
held at Redisham, Suffolk
Judge: Jill Kevis

I spent a very pleasant afternoon judging working tests with a group of enthusiastic Beardie owners at this very suitable venue.

In the morning, a training session was run by Ann Trodd and Vanessa Pooley. This is the ideal way to run Working Tests.

Thank you very much to Vanessa for stewarding for me, Ann for organising the day and Jenny Salmon and Committee for participating and helping on the day.

Primary:- Entries 0

Junior:- Entries 5 - 3 passess, 2 not ready

Jenny Salmon and Piper - PASS
Piper passed this test with flying colours, only losing 1 mark throughout all the exercises. Very well done!

Wendy Lee-Finglas and Bunty - PASS
Bunty had to work at the end of the day as she was in season but performed very well. I held my breath during the retrieve but Bunty completed the basics of the exercise.

Anne Buswell and Bramley - PASS
Bramley found it difficult to focus in an unfamiliar field with lots of interesting smells but he managed to to complete each exercise.

Su Brown and Polly - not ready
Polly worked very well and nearly, nearly completed the retrieve. She is capable of passing this test so keep training Su.

Anne Buswell and Quince - not ready
Quince was totally distracted today and could not focus on the exercises which made it very difficult for Anne. He can, and will do it so stay positive, Anne.

Intermediate:- 2 entries - 1 pass, 1 not ready

Jenny Salmon and Archie - PASS
Archie completed this test very well, just losing the odd mark here and there. His fast pace heelwork was lovely to watch. Well done - Senior Test next!

Alison Lomas and Mistie - not ready
Alison was keen to discover how Mistie would work this test. Seek back and stop on recall are the main main areas to develop. Mistie is capable of passing this test.

Jill Kevis