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The following tables show the winners and runners-up of the four main Club trophies for each year from 2002, with the exception of the Osmart trophy which was first presented in 2012.

Tambora Trophy Winners 2002 - 2018
2018Ch Malandex Most Exciting JW231Ch Sammara Little Black Dress217
2017Ch Potterdale Platinum Plus333Ch Natterjack Starman JW237
2016Ch Potterdale Platinum Plus470Ch Natterjack Dwarka's Dream JW ShCM223
2015UK FR Ch Victory Wind's Ghost Whisperer for Snowmead (Imp Fra) JW477Ch Potterdale Platinum Plus323
2014Ch Sengalas Breaking Dawn for Clovabrae JW285Ch Pattishawl Just The One to Cheryshd JW239
2013Ch Sammara Over The Moon205Ch Bargemon Baryshnikov at Barkenbear JW SHCM202
2012Ch Sengalas Indiana Jones163FrIntCh In Vogue Island Come To Look At Me128
2011Ch Malandex Xploits with Natterjack280Ch Diotima From The Heart for Gildenmede205
2010Ch Philemon Secret Smile with Sengalas (Imp Ger)171Ch Westbere Whisper JW ShCM160
2009Ch Potterdale Pure Platinum211Ch Moonhill Zweet Dreams203
2008Ch Geliland Sea Breeze JW268Bendale Meant to Be186
2007Geliland Sea Breeze JW175Bumbleridge's Naughty 'N' Nice JW164
2006Ch Bustroc Drouthy Cronie JW271Ch Malandex Xquisit JW228
2005Ch Brenriga Gift Wrapped for Diotima348Ch Potterdale Audition for Pattishawl229
2004Ch Diotima Sea Wolf at Ramsgrove JW324Ch Benriga Gift Wrapped at Diotima272
2003Ch Snowmead Sans Faute JW358Ch Pipadene Reason to Dream210
2002Ch Potterdale PropagandaCh Mungo's Over the Moon at Zoesta JW
Willison Junior Trophy Winners 2002 - 2018
2018Nonesuch Best Of Times at Bendale JW (Imp USA)180Snowmead Shades Of Grey159
2017Ch Natterjack Starman JW183Arranbrae Muy Guapo155
2016Malandex Xquisit Diamond JW167Snikkles Bluebeard at Pirateer JW156
2015Ch Caldermist Kiss In The Dark JW ShCM248Pipadene Vusa Amakhosi JW163
2014Snikkles Blue Print130Moonhill Absolute Bliss at Zoesta112
2013Braemoray Dream Angus of Woodacre JW185Damalek Designer Chimes134
2012Bendale Sweet Georgia Brown121Pipadene Undercover Agent120
2011Ch Malandex Xploits with Natterjack285Subessen Echoes Of Love at Pastraka JW144
2010Bryonyhill Tripple Truffle143Snikkles Sea Lavender JW141
2009Bendale Meant to Be JW211Braemoray Isle of Gigha JW109
2008Bushblades Transaction JW191Malandex Xquisitly Made JW155
2007Bumbleridge's Naughty 'N' Nice181Ardensax Antony at Merrythorpe105
2006Geliland Sea Breeze JW113Ramsgrove Ragthyme JW107
2005Bumbleridge's Orinoko JW171Willowmead Crown Imperial JW166
2004Bumbleridge's Quincy's Quest JW192Coalacre Cruisin' to Snikkles JW100
2003Brenriga Gift Wrapped for Diotima JW194Leamedo Weaver O'Dreams for Gildenmede JW174
2002Nellbrook Mystical Knight of Woodacre JW Geliland Visionary
Orora Puppy Trophy Winners 2002 - 2018
2018Orora's The Emperor JW153Nonesuch Best Of Times at Bendale JW (Imp USA)138
2017Debbeacol Rhythm Is A Dancer JW180Arranbrae Laird Of Quothquan JW120
2016Natterjack Starman JW221Malandex Xquisit Diamond JW125
2015Kilfinan Prince Hal155Heleview Heartbreaker from Fraglestone151
2014Natterjack Dwarka's Dream201Corimist Chicago for Kiltondale JW124
2013Talraz Fleur De Lys131Moonhill Absolute Bliss at Zoesta JW125
2012Victory Wind's Ghost Whisperer for Snowmead138Pattishawl Just The One for Cheryshd114
2011Pipadene Undercover Agent135Pipadene Ultimate Dream113
2010Malandex Xplicitly Done JW135Breaksea GI Blues133
2009Bryonyhill Tripple Truffle162Snikkles Sea Lavender JW158
2008Braemoray Isle of Gigha JW184Bendale Meant to Be159
2007Bushblades Transaction204Snowmead Silent Storm128
2006Bryonyhill Mr Malteaser JW140Bumbleridge's Naughty 'N' Nice JW131
2005Rainforest Razzle Dazzle Em'123Bumbleridge's Orinoko JW
Moonhill's Forever Free
2004Bryonyhill Mr Morse111Pipadene Sergeant Pepper110
2003Bumbleridge's Quincy's Quest JW139Sammara Overture JW108
2002Brenriga Give'n'take for RuarthaWillowmead Class Act
Osmart Veteran Trophy Winners 2012 - 2018
2018Ch Pipadene Ultimate Dream JW84Ch Brenriga Wrapped In Gold for Zoesta JW67
2017Ch Athemburgh New Beginning
Ch Gallus Absolute Quality JW ShCM
84Ch Malandex Xactly Right for Kemelstowe JW78
2016Ch Athemburgh New Beginning95Ch Debbeacol Pride And Joy JW84
2015Ch Athemburgh New Beginning86Ch Bumbleridge's Naughty 'N' Nice JW ShCM84
2014Ch Bumbleridge's Naughty 'N' Nice JW SHCM90Thingamebob My Guy65
2013Ch Bumbleridge's Naughty 'N' Nice JW SHCM56Ch Manortonway Melody Maker46
2012Manortonway Melody Maker51Ch Nellbrook Mystification JW42