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Bearded Collie Club Open Show - 2nd April 2022
Judges' Critiques


Thank you to the officers, committee, for the invitation to judge at this show.

A special thank you to my two ring stewards ,who did a wonderful job throughout the day and also the exhibitors who turned out in large numbers for what was a special day for me, the final appointment to judge this lovely breed.

Minor Puppy Dog - NO ENTRIES

Puppy Dog (3, 0)

1st.Skinner's Tamjenta Bendelcreme. A very mature boy for his age, just twelve months and his last puppy class. He did not fail to impress, with a strong handsome head of correct proportions, well put together in all quarters. Moved around the ring with purpose, must have a bright future. BPIS.
2nd.Pedder's Saint Laurent De Chester At Caldermist Another good specimen of the breed, close decision between 1 and 2nd.Pleasing head, well constructed, good length of back, level topline on the move, presented in excellent condition.
3rd.Kelly's Allachoy sound of Harris

Junior Dog (4, 0)

1st.Handly's Bargemon Brigadoon At Barkenbear At just 14 months of age attractive head with typical expression and watchful eye, strong in bone and muscular rear quarters. Just needs his coat to grow.
2nd.Pedder's Saint Laurent De Chester At Caldermist
3rd.Ayrton's Aoibh Drummer Boy

Yearling Dog (4, 2)

1st.Handly's Bargemon Brigadoon At Barkenbear
2nd.Ayrton's Aoibh Drummer boy A nice light grey jacket, but still has to come through; rather a little lively so not able to assess properly. Just needs to settle down, still a baby.

Maiden Dog (3, 1)

1st.Pedder's Saint Laurent De Chester At Caldermist
2nd.Rowan's Beabeardies Golden Brown This boy has a very striking brown coat, certainly a different brown to any I have seen. Well constructed in all quarters. Still rather lively , but moved with reach and drive.

Novice Dog (3, 1)

1st.Pedder's Saint Laurent De Chester At Caldermist
2nd.Rowan's Beabeardies Golden Brown

Graduate Dog (5, 1)

Garrity and Tibbetts' Potterdale Gorgeous George A very mature and handsome boy, strong head, of equal proportions. Good pigmentation with a very watchful eye. Typical expression one expects.Moved and handled well.
2nd.Handley's Bargemon Brigadoon At Barkenbear 3rd.Salmon's Potterdale Heritage

Post Graduate Dog (5, 1)

1st.Hollis's Adjucet Tale As Old As Time Head and muzzle of equal proportions, good strong pigmentation, solid around eyes. Medium neck, level top line, hocks well let down, moved with reach and drive, good presentation.
2nd.Dumbrell's Broadaty Limited Edition At Bethlyntee Very well presented and balanced in all quarters, strong bone and deep chest, front legs nice and straight. Good rear angulation, just needs coat to complete the picture.
3rd.Carter And Palmer's Burnhock Perfect Diamond Of Woodacre

Limit Dog (3, 1)

1.Garrity and Tibbetts' Potterdale Andante Really handsome boy, distinctive head, ever watchful eye, in super coat, good front and rear quarters, moved around the ring with such ease, handled to perfection. RBIS BD
2nd.Maher and Richardson's Snowmead Simply Brilliant A smaller dog than 1, but well put together. Nice dark jacket, dark solid pigmentation. Handled and moved well, just preferred 1 on movement.

Open Dog (4, 0)

1st.Wood's Pepperjay Bartholomew JW A real gem to go over, strong head, medium neck, good lay of shoulder. Strong bone with a deep chest. Well angulated hind quarters, with low hock. Moved with reach and drive. Excellent presentation.
2nd.Atkins and Charles' Memory Lane De The Tra la Laa At Snikkles Another excellent quality specimen with strong masculine head of correct proportions, good front strong bone, flexible pastern, standing with rear rising, very long coat of harsh texture.
3rd.Glasspool's Bradiba's Brilliant English Muffin For Gildenmede

Bred By Exhibitor Dog (3, 1)

1st.Wood's Pepperjay Bartholomew RBD
2nd.Steer-Eldridge's Gwalltafwyn Rhodd Unigryw Well constructed in all quarters, good lay of shoulder, good front and moved with purpose.

Not Bred By Exhibitor Dog (4, 1)

1st.Handley's Bargemon Brigadoon At Barkerbear
2nd.Griggs' Malandex Rubys Kitesurfer For Emazenridge A two year old just maturing nicely, good head with equal proportions, nice watchful eye and typical expression, level topline but still a little lively.
3rd.Kelly's Allachoy Sound Of Harris

Special Beginner's Dog (1, 0)

1st.Kelly's Allachoy Sound Of Harris Very lively but lovely little chappie, obviously out to enjoy his day. In full control of his handler but with much training will be a good specimen.

Veteran Dog (6, 3)

1st.Glasspool's Bonnie And Clyde's This Boy For Gildenmede At eight years of age still a youngster at heart. Lovely head with typical expression, deep chest and well angulated rear, moved out with reach and drive, a joy to watch.
2nd.Salter's Snowmead Super Sleuth This gentleman has such a layed back nature, I thought he had gone to sleep! Strong head, good front, level topline, coat of harsh texture, but came alive on the move, brilliant!
3rd.Buswell's Cormist Soul Legend Of Scotesham

Special Vintage - No Entries

Special Champion Dog (3, 0>

1st.Atkins And Charles' CH Snikkles Swashbuckler JW At just 2 years old and already a champion, this boy is full of quality and substance. Good head, watchful eye , good front and rear quarters. This reflected in his movement, reaching out and driving from the rear, handled to perfection.
2nd.Salmon's CH Potterdale Piper Very evenly matched with 1, head in equal proportions, lovely eye, deep chest, well boned and straight legs, another great mover.
3rd.Waldron's CH Snowmead Shade Of Gray

Special Champion Bitch (2, 0)

1st.Betts' CH Pipadene Ultimate Dream JW At 11 years of age and in full bloom, very feminine, lovely head and eye, covered the ground with such ease, handled to perfection.
2nd.Wood's CH Pipadene Visionary Spirt Of Pepperjay Very feminine lady with a dark jacket, and a lovely white collar to complement the picture. Solid dark pigmentation and nice dark eye. Another quality lady reaching out with rear drive on the move, very nice bitch.

Minor Puppy Bitch (5, 0)

1st.Mogford's Bartfellows Eternal Glory Lovely baby, yet so mature in many ways, super head of equal proportions, good all round construction, extremely good coat for one so young, must have a very bright future in the ring.
2nd.River's Orora's French Silk At Merrimark Another youngster with what must be a bright future. Lovely dark jacket, dark eye and solid pigmentation. Well constructed overall, loved its typical expression, moved and handled well.
3rd.Sullivan's Philemon Persnal Note For Navillus

Puppy Bitch (7, 1)

1st.Jay's Talraz Song Of Summer What a super class of young ladies! This one had a very femine head and a very peaceful expression, good front with strong bone, level topline and nice rear angulation, low on hock, movement nice and smooth around the ring.
2nd.Salter's Irisaddition Love Actully Very affectionate eye, dark jacket with nice white collar to complete the picture, good all round construction, made good use of the ring.
3rd.Betts' Pipadene Extra Hint Of Chili

Junior Bitch (4, 0)

1st.Canty's Bargemon High Society Nice slate jacket coming through, typical type of the Beardie of yesteryear, must admit it made my eye well up. An ever watchful eye and expression. Low on hocks and moved with purpose, handled to perfection.
2nd.Emmingham's Aoibh Djembe A little higher at the shoulder than 1, jacket needs to grow but well constructed throughout, still only just out of puppy, so has time on her side.
3rd.Jay's Matamata Lorien Lady At Talraz

Yearling Bitch (2, 0)

1st.Skinner and Beech's Dychix The Rag Nymph Astunning lady, typical beardie head, very feminine, good front and rear quarters, moved with a glide around the ring, super to watch.
2nd.Hough's Clovabrae Nikita For Seacharmzed Head of equal proportions, nice medium neck into good lay of shoulder, strong in bone, rather a profuse coat of harsh texture, covered the ground well with purpose.

Maiden Bitch (5, 0 )

1st.Salter's Irisaddition Love Actually
2nd.Bird's Irisaddition She's All That With Bridus This young lady in earlier class failed to co-operate with handler, but was now able to go hands on. Femine head, nice straight front legs, good rear angulation. Low on the hocks, moved well now showing her true potential. Hence she was awarded second place over third bitch. (Note: my stewards made me aware of the previous placing, but she deserved the upgrade.)
3rd.Jay's Talraz Song Of Summer

Novice Bitch (4, 0)

1st.Salter's Irisaddition Love Actually
2nd.Bird's Irisaddition All That with Bridus
3rd.Emmingham's Aoibh Djembe

Graduate Bitch (7, 3)

1st.Evans' Saskyadu Moments Of Majic Very attractive young Lady, with her dark jacket, dark eye with solid pigmentation, soft expression. Legs nice and straight, deep chest, level topline on the move, well handled and presented.
2nd.Kneeshaw's Adjucet Stand By Me Close decision with 1, this lady has a rich brown jacket still coming through, good texture, very feminine head, full of quality throughout. Moved with reach and drive.
3rd.Brookes' Brookles Rhymes And Reason

Post Graduate Bitch (4, 2)

1st.Hollis's Adjucet My Girl This lady entered the ring with confidence and purpose, and did not fail to impress me. Very femine head and expression, watchful eye, good length of rib, held top line on an impressive move.
2nd.Skinner's Dychx Incandescent for Tamjenta This lady pushed 1 very hard, very well constructed, dark jacket of good quality and texture, deep chest and her well angled hindquarters pushed hard on movement, brilliant to watch.

Limit Bitch (5, 0)

1st.Jay's Talraz Gift Of Gold Before me I found a lady full of quality and substance, a cheeky smiling face, with a lively eye, solid pigmentation, head of equal proportions, well layed shoulders. Good rear angulation, low on hocks, moved with such ease.
2nd.O'Brien's Potterdale Angeleyes at Sammara Strong yet femine head, good all round construction, well placed shoulder, front legs nice and straight. Jacket of correct harsh texture.
3rd.Lewis & Moreland' Potterdale Precious Rose

Open Bitch (7, 1)

1st.Harkin's Corimist Galway Girl at Claudalla Perfectly presented, lovely dark jacket complemented with a white collar. Very feminine face, with solid dark pigmentation. Movement around the ring nice and smooth, with good reach and drive.
2nd.Hollis's Pretty Bear Wild Flower Mit Adjucet (Imp Deu) Good head with pronounced stop, and equal proportions. Strong in bone, with deep chest, well sprung rib. Rear angulation excellent low hock, this showed well in her movemrnt, moved with purpose.
3rd.Stockwell & Patterson's Winterlyn Amethyst Reef

Bred By Exibitor Bitch (6, 0)

1st.Evans' Saskyadu Moments Of Magic
2nd.Canty's Bargemon High Society
3rd.Salter's Irisaddition Love Actually

Not Bred By Exhibitor Bitch (9, 1)

1st.Betts' Winterlyn Heaven Can Wait With Pipadene A very alert young lady with a pleasing head, affectionate watchful eye, good shoulder, strong in bone. Well muscled hindquarters, moved with ease around the ring.
2nd.Richards' Kilfinan Country Shadow At Elemark JW ShCM Pleasing head with medium neck leading into good lay of shoulder, strong boned, legs nice and straight. Coat of harsh texture, movement nice and smooth, handled with perfection.
3rd.Bird's Irisaddition All That At Bridus

Special Beginner's Bitch - No Entries

Veteran Bitch (9, 1)

1st.Hollis's Greenybabes Princess Evie Mit Adjucet (Imp Deu) What a fine specimen of the breed, full of quality and substance, unable to fault this lady in any way, well constructed in all departments, moved around with a smooth gait, watching her legs was like watching a steam locomotive, with her jacket flowing out, such a joy to watch. BV BIS.
2nd.Atkins And Charles' Snikkles Sapphire This was certainly a class of quality ladies. This one has a super head, excellent pigmentation, nice medium neck into a good lay of shoulder. Correct front and rear angulation, low on the hock, again moved around the ring with reach and drive, a very happy Lady. Loved it.
3rd.Wood's Pattishaw She's A Dream for Pepperjay

Special Vintage Bitch (2, 0)

1st.Kneeshaw's Adjucet Stand By Me
2nd.Kneeshaw's Kiltondale Spring Blossom A femine lady, lovely beardie expression, deep chest, strong in bone, rather a profuse coat, moved well.

Mike Furzland (Mellotron)