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Bearded Collie Club Championship Show - 9th July 2022
Judges' Critiques


I was delighted to finally honour this appointment after such a long delay and I thank the hardworking members of the Club committee who worked so hard to make it happen.

We were blessed with summer sunshine which some of the handlers, but very few of the dogs, found a little too much at times, and our ring, though slightly uneven in places, was large enough for all to show off their best movement.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day, with a decent entry which produced quality in depth, and in several classes and especially in the challenge I was spoiled for choice with some very difficult decisions to be made. I thank my dedicated ring stewards, Sue and Laura, for keeping me straight at all times and ensuring the classes ran smoothly.

I was looking for males which were obviously masculine and combined the necessary strength and substance with that degree of elegance and suppleness so typical of an active herding breed. All my placed dogs were well-constructed with good breed type and all were capable of that effortless movement so characteristic of our breed.

The final awards of the day were decided jointly with my co-judge Dr Peter Fox, and we were able to agree on all decisions, quite satisfying for us if not for the Referee!

Veteran (5, 2)

1st. Baker & Van De Hoef's Ch Malandex Most Xciting JW. I last judged this dog as a youngster and followed his show career with interest as he went on to be a consistent winner and a most worthy Champion. At nine years he is still fit, in good coat and so sound on the move. Correct proportions, good depth to chest and broad skull, he is of excellent breed type and still held his own in my final line up today.
2nd. Glasspool's Bonny and Clyde’s This Boy for Gildenmede (DEU IMP) JW Beautiful expression on this dark slate 8 year old, presented to perfection and so responsive to his handler. Kind eye, excellent pigmentation, in very good coat. Preferred the hind movement of my winner today.
3rd. Handley's Invercoyle Caperdonich at Barkenbear Eight year old very fit blue with correct toning pigmentation and eye colour. Long and lean, he moved out well with reachy effortless strides and looked capable of going all day.

Minor Puppy (1, 0)

1st.Buckley's Holtend Beyond The Blue. Only a raw baby and learning his job, this well-coated dark blue youngster has a sweet expression and correct conformation, showing lots of promise, one I would be interested to see again when mature. He showed flashes of super effortless movement and held his topline well for one so young. Best Opposite Sex Puppy in Show after deliberation with my co-judge.

Puppy (1, 0)

1st.Buckley's Holtend Beyond The Blue

Junior (5, 1)

1st. Whelan &Young's Old Smuggler’s Special Effect at Corimist (IMP SWE) One I have admired from the ringside, and was not disappointed to have hands on. Quite mature for 14m he has an excellent head with broad skull and strong muzzle, good arch to neck leading into shoulders well laid back and strong topline. Lovely outline both standing and moving enhanced by a good coat of most glorious shades of brown. I am sure he will have a very bright future.
2nd. Handley's Bargemon Brigadoon at Barkenbear JW. Slightly different type being rangier and more workmanlike, this 17m slate has an impressive outline on the stand, good strong head well carried on reachy neck. He is masculine without coarseness and when his adult coat arrives he will be quite some dog. Today I felt he was a little headstrong and didn’t really settle to show us his best movement, he would have liked a bigger ring!
3rd. Ayrton's Aiobh Drummer Boy. Sixteen month slate boy of quality with a super head and expression. Moved out well and was not disgraced in this company but he is currently very in between coats, he will have better days.

Yearling (3, 0)

1st. Handley's Bargemon Brigadoon at Barkenbear JW
2nd. Beech's Dychix Never Ending Story Twenty two month, very dark plain slate with much appeal. He is very nice to go over with plenty of bone and substance, and moved out well. I just preferred the neckline and that extra length of ribcage on my winner today.
3rd. Kelly's Allachoy Sound Of Harris Fourteen month dark slate, so difficult to assess this one as his ring craft is sadly lacking and he refuses to co-operate with his owner. I managed to note a good strong head with correct bite and pigmentation, a wealth of well-groomed coat and glimpses of decent movement, more schooling would enhance his chances in the show ring.

Maiden (1, 0)

1st. Buckley's Holtend Beyond The Blue

Novice (3, 0)

1st. Ruddd's Lubin's London Calling Almost 2yr dark slate of lovely breed type. Correct broad head with intelligent expression and good pigmentation. Not quite finished in coat but moved out OK and well deserved his red card.
2nd. Rowan's Beabeardies Golden Brown More mature than my winner and has the most glorious coat to match his name, beautifully presented. I just felt he was a little low on the leg for correct balance and could have been a shade more masculine, but a very appealing exhibit
3rd. Kelly's Allachoy Sound Of Harris

Debutant (2, 0)

1st. Buckley's Holtend Beyond The Blue
2nd. Rowan's Beabeardies Golden Brown

Under Graduate.

1st. Rowan's Beabeardies Golden Brown

Graduate (7, 1, 1w/d)

1st. Brooks & Grundy's Fraglestone Family Affair At 2yrs this dog still has some maturing to do but he is typy and masculine with good bone, good reach of neck and strong topline. Excelled on the move with effortless reachy strides and well carried tail.
2nd. Salmon's Potterdale Heritage Salmon’s Potterdale Heritage, this charming well-mannered slate pushed my winner hard and shares many of the same virtues of construction and movement. Good deep chest and enough bone.
3rd. Ruddd's Lubin's London Calling

Post Graduate (8, 1)

what a lovely class this was and another day my first three could all change places
1st. Garrity & Tibbett's Potterdale Gorgeous George. another 2yr old of promise growing into a steady reliable show dog. This masculine slate is quite strongly made with plenty of bone and coat and is impressive both standing and moving, just needs to mature now and finish in coat, one for the future.
2nd. Dumbrell's Brodaty Limited Edition at Bethlyntee Three year old, eye-catching, light brown dog of excellent breed type, a little taller than my winner. Excels in head and expression and is very obviously masculine without coarseness. Lots to like but sometimes gives his handler a hard time.
3rd. Baker & Van De Hoef's Malandex Most Xquisit This dark slate boy really draws you in with his kindly expression, he is all Beardie and impossible to ignore. Fit and well-muscled he was super on the move but standing he really seemed to be feeling the heat and his topline was suffering, he will have better days I know.

Mid Limit (3, 0)

1st. Hollis's Adjucet Tale As Old As Time. Three year old dark slate, not the biggest, and has taken his time to mature in coat but is now making an impressive dog who can certainly move as well as his construction suggests. Elegant with a lovely clean outline, reachy neck, deep chest and good length coming from the correct long ribcage. Correct angulation and presented in beautiful condition, love him.
2nd. Wood's Pepperjay Bartholomew. A different type, being taller and more upstanding, this boy has the real beardie expression, an affectionate gaze coming from dark eyes and super pigmentation. Strongly made with plenty of bone and a wealth of beautifully presented coat of correct texture.
3rd. Hinchcliffe's Pretty Bear Beautiful Bill at Croftdale (Imp Deu). Five year old brown with a more moderate coat, this understated dog has good angulation and moved out well.

Limit (4, 0)

1st. Harcourt-Brown's Orora The Emperor. One I have judged as a youngster and did well, now in his prime he has fulfilled all his early promise and made a beautiful dog in excellent, straight, harsh coat which enhances his outline. Good head well carried on reachy neck which he uses well. Shapely and elegant, though strongly made, he floated round the ring and could not be denied this class and was always in contention for top honours.
2nd. Atkins & Charles' Memorylane Do The Tra-La-Laa at Snikkles (Imp Fin) JW. Very calm, relaxed show boy with that gentle intelligent expression, he has a wealth of good textured coat. Underneath it he is well put together and in super condition, has plenty of bone and substance and is steady on the move.
3rd. Osborne's Malandex Xpressly Loved JW. A slightly smaller, dark slate dog with a lovely head and expression. Strong in top-line and good harsh coat well presented, moved out OK.

Open (7, 1)

This was such a lovely class.
1st. Sandberg's Int Ch Farmarens Take Me To The Circus. What a pleasure to judge this impressive 7 yr old slate. He caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring and once closer examination confirmed what I had just seen, I knew he would be my CC winner today. When everything is in the right place and your hands just flow over a dog of this quality then judging is pure pleasure. I found that blend of strength and elegance which combined with superb showmanship and ring presence gave this exhibit star quality and was happy that my co-judge agreed for Best In Show - even though he was pushed so hard by the beautiful bitch which has long been a favourite of mine. Well done and thank you for bringing him to our Club show .
2nd. Garrity & Tibbett's Ch Potterdale Andante. It is easy to see why this 5 yr slate has done so much winning as he is so well put together, well-presented and sound. Compared with my class winner he is quite understated but he has much to like and gave a good account of himself especially on the final lap round when he pulled out all the stops to take the Res CC in very good company
3rd. Atkins & Charles' Ch Snikkles Swashbuckler JW. another worthy champion with much to like, a sound and honest 3yr slate, masculine with good bone, coat and substance and a particularly appealing head, moved out smoothly.

Judge - Liz Jay (Talraz)


The Bearded Collie Club held their Championship Show at the East of England Show ground where BIS was Sandbergs’ Int Ch Farmarens Take Me To The Circus (ATC Swe), RBIS and BOS Edwards Nellbrook Pure Imagination JW, BPIS Harcourt-Browns’ Orora’s Oriana and BVIS Baker and Van de Hoefs’ Ch Malandex Most Xciting JW. All in agreement with my co-judge Mrs Liz Jay.

Many thanks to the exhibitors for such a good entry and to the organising committee for such a well run show on a very hot day. I thoroughly enjoyed my judging. The ring was nice and large, with well cut grass. The quality amongst the top places was excellent with the easy, reaching movement required. Compared to when I last judged a few years ago we do seem to be getting back the feminine, unexaggerated, lean girl with the construction I look for. I was especially pleased to see some excellent youngsters, whom I shall watch with interest as they mature.

Veteran (7, 3)

1st. Kneeshaw's Kiltondale Spring Blossom Nicely proportioned head with the darkest of eyes, good deep chest, correct shaped ribs. Well constructed and angulated throughout, rear balances her front. Moved around the ring with ease.
2nd. Bartlett's Carbonnie Calieco Star for Kelligrews Good head, dark eyes. Nice neck onto shoulders. Well shaped chest, little unsettled on the move today, preferred the overall balance of 1.
3rd. Atkins & Charles' Snikkles Sapphire Lovely type and proportions overall. Good chest, steady movement, would prefer a little more front extension.

Minor Puppy (1, 0)

1st. Glasgow's Basnikova Muza Od Plzenskeho Lotra at Gallus (IMP CZE) NAF Sweet feminine, brown girl, lovely type. Dark eyes and pigment. Correct rib shape and nice depth of chest. Balanced angulation front and back, covered the ground well. One to watch as she matures.

Puppy (4, 0)

A lovely class with 4 super puppies, I am sure they will all do well in the future.

1st. Harcourt-Brown's Orora's Oriana This dark slate got my attention as soon as she moved and didn’t disappoint on going over. Feminine head with dark eyes and good pigment. Good deep chest with well shaped ribs, lovely balanced angulation front and rear. She covered the ground with ease, her front extension was excellent and she continued to move well all day. Pleased to award her Best Puppy Bitch and then Best Puppy in Show, in agreement with my co-judge.
2nd. Glasgow's Basnikova Muza Od Plzenskeho Lotra at Gallus (IMP CZE) NAF
3rd. Peirson's Kiltondale Cinderelli Good outline standing, excellent pigment and lovely expression from dark eyes. Well ribbed with good front and rear angulation. A little more strongly made than 1 and 2. Moved well in a very strong class of puppies.

Junior (6, 0)

1st. Canty's Bargemon High Society Slate going through the pale stage, nice type with good head, lovely dark eyes and pigment, well angulated shoulders with deep chest. Rear angulation balances front, which shows on the move with nice balanced action and good extension. Just needs to finish in coat now. First in a strong junior class.
2nd. Cope's Menander Special Edition Darker slate and more finished. A well balanced girl, nicely proportioned with balanced front and rear angulation. Length of back from ribs, covered ground well. Just slightly preferred the front extension and overall proportions of 1 but a quality girl.
3rd. Butler's Calowych Moana at Baxilby Nice overall shape and type, strong head with correct muzzle. Would just prefer a slightly longer rib, however she was a balanced mover, who covered the ground well, another I liked a lot.

Yearling (3, 1)

1st. Jones' Clanwillow Amazing Grace JW Slate with good pigment and dark eyes. Would prefer a little more length of rib. Good coat, moved steadily, not quite the extension in front which affects her overall balance at times.
2nd. Higgins' Allachoy Isle Of Neave Nice head and eye, depth of rib OK, would prefer a little more rib for her proportions. Balanced mover but needs to extend more front and back.

Maiden (5, 0)

1st. Harcourt-Brown's Orora's Oriana
2nd. Glasgow's Basnikova Muza Od Plzenskeho Lotra at Gallus (IMP CZE) NAF
3rd. Lee-Finglas's Braemoor's Quite The Catch for Richeath (NAF) (Imp NLD) Good head and pigmentation. Good chest and ribs. Balanced mover front and rear. Moved steadily.

Novice (7, 1)

1st. Harcourt-Brown's Orora's Oriana
2nd. Butler's Calowych Moana at Baxilby
3rd. Glasgow's Basnikova Muza Od Plzenskeho Lotra at Gallus (IMP CZE) NAF

Debutant (2, 0)

1st. Harcourt-Brown's Orora's Oriana
2nd. Glasgow's Basnikova Muza Od Plzenskeho Lotra at Gallus (IMP CZE) NAF

Undergraduate (4, 0)

1st. Canty's Bargemon High Society
2nd. Harcourt-Brown's Farmarens Imperial Highness at Orora (Imp Swe) Lovely type, very feminine, excellent head, darkest of eyes. Nice neck onto well balanced front and rear angulation. Coat needs to mature but that will come. Free mover with good extension who pushed 1 all the way. I just preferred the overall reach and balance of 1.
3rd. Butler's Calowych Moana at Baxilby

Graduate (10, 4)

1st. Bevis's Beabeardies Cinnamon Girl Pretty, feminine, fawn bitch, good head and jaw, dark eyes. Lovely neck onto well angulated front, good length of ribs. Rear angulation to match. Nicely balanced mover with good front extension, showed what she could do on the final run around, her owner needs to have a little more confidence to show off this girls undoubted qualities and she should do well.
2nd. Brooks & Grundy's Fraglestone Familiarity Initially thought she would be my winner. Slate girl of lovely type, excellent head, dark eyes. Well balanced front and rear angulation, lovely length of neck. Well handled to get the best out of her, just thought 1 gave a little more on the move in the final go round. Coat maturing nicely.
3rd. Kuz's Kiltondale Memphis Belle at Strufingill Another feminine bitch of unexaggerated type. Balanced head, with dark eyes and pigment. Correctly shaped ribs giving good length to back. Would prefer a touch more front angulation, well angulated rear, a little unsettled on the move today.

Post Graduate (6, 1)

1st. May's Memorylane More Than Words for Sengalas (Imp Fin) Well constructed young slate lady of lovely type, beautiful dark eyes and sweet expression. Correct rib shape and lovely proportions overall. Well angulated front and back. Coat developing nicely. Moved well and covered the ground with ease.
2nd. Baker & van de Hoef's Malandex So Xquisit Strong head, lovely dark eyes for a brown. Balanced front and rear angulation, moved well, just slightly preferred the overall proportions and reach of 1.
3rd. Richardson's Firstprizebear's Sanfrancisco at Caramac (Imp Bel) Another brown with excellent pigment and dark eyes, well-constructed overall with good chest. Good rear angulation, on the move not extending as well in front today, just preferred the overall balance of 1 and 2.

Mid Limit (4, 2)

1st. Bowden's Subessen Heart Of Hearts Slate and another of lovely feminine type. Liked her head and dark eyes, dark pigment to match. Good reach of neck onto well a constructed front. Nicely proportioned overall, well balanced mover with good reach and drive.
2nd. Higgins' Innkalies Miss Marple at Allachoy Well made slate girl with pleasing head and dark eye. Balanced front and rear, I would prefer a little more length of rib. Balanced on the move, though I would like more extension overall.

Limit (10, 1)

1st. Whelan & Young's Corimist Glamour Girl Slate with feminine head and the darkest of eyes. Good depth of chest from well shaped ribs. Well angulated front and rear with good extension on the move, nice easy action. Nicely coated to finish the picture, pleased to award her the RCC against some very good company.
2nd. Anderson's Brodaty Barley Sugar at Bobsacres Good overall proportioned, feminine brown girl. Nice head, sweet expression. Good neck, well shaped ribs of good depth and length. Balanced angulation front and rear, in full coat. Just preferred overall balance and reach of 1 today.
3rd. Carter & Palmer's Nellbrook Incantation of Woodsacre Another of lovely type with the dark eyes. Good chest with correct rib shape. Balanced action from good front and rear angulation. Just not covering quite as much ground as 1 and 2 today.

Open (12, 0)

1st. Edwards' Nellbrook Pure Imagination JW Lovely blue with feminine head, good pigment and dark eyes. Excellent length of neck onto well angulated front with deep chest. Length of back from ribs. Good rear construction, balances front. Loved her type and easy ground covering action, nothing exaggerated here. She settled more as the class went on, then continued to excel in the challenge against some top quality girls. Delighted to award her the CC and then RBIS in agreement with my co-judge.
2nd. Bowden's Ch Subessen Blaze Of Fire Another feminine slate girl of excellent type and overall shape. Lovely head, good neck onto correct front with good balanced angulation all round. Covered the ground well and had to in this really lovely class of quality girls, a worthy Ch.
3rd. Collins' Ch Luna De Chester at Kingswud Lovely shape and type, slightly heavier made girl than 1 and 2. Good head and eye colour with nice neck onto well angulated front. Balanced front and rear angulation. covering the ground well with a balanced reaching action in strong company. I just thought the first two covered the ground with a fraction more extension today but I liked her a lot and a worthy Ch.

Judge : Dr Peter Fox (Bushblades)