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The Judges' Sub-Committee normally meet each January and July. Forms for consideration of individuals for inclusion on the Judges List and a questionnaire for applicants can be downloaded from the Club Downloads page.

The Bearded Collie Club Judges Sub-Committee (JSC)


The Bearded Collie Club will produce a list of Judges each year which will be submitted to the Kennel Club as part of the Society’s Annual Returns. The purpose of the Judges Lists is to indicate to interested parties those persons that the Bearded Collie Club would support at differing levels of judging.

Membership of the Bearded Collie Club is not a prerequisite for inclusion in the lists. Judges Lists will be divided into five parts namely, A1, A2, A3, B and C, and will be reviewed annually.

In summary and in conjunction with the Club’s current Judging List, the following applies:

  • A1 List – Judges who have previously been approved to award CCs in a given breed and have carried out the appointment.
  • A2 List – Judges who, if invited to judge by a Society, would in principle be approved by the Kennel Club to award CCs in a given breed for that occasion.
  • A3 List – Judges who are recommended by a Society as being suitable to award CCs in the breed, but not yet approved by the Kennel Club for inclusion on an A2 List.
  • B List – Judges who have been approved by Breed Societies to judge at Shows without CCs or Open Shows.
  • C List – A list drawn up by a Breed Club comprising of aspiring Judges who do not fall into any of the above categories.

These lists will be prepared by a Judges Sub-Committee.

Lists compiled are not subject to ratification by the General Committee or Membership of the Bearded Collie Club.

The lists will be prepared by secret ballot by the Judges Sub-Committee, and the Club will clearly indicate to Members the method by which persons may be nominated for inclusion in the ballot and indicate the judging experience necessary for inclusion of a person’s name in the Lists.

Judges Sub Committee (JSC)

At least 75% of the members of the JSC will award CC’s in Bearded Collies and be on the Clubs A1 list and will be appointed by the Club’s General Committee. Members will be drawn initially from the General Committee, the President and Patrons of the Bearded Collie Club who wish to participate. However, JSC Members need not be Members of the Club’s Committee although would have to be agreed and appointed by the General Committee.

There will be a minimum of five members forming the JSC including Members who do not award CCs. These will be drawn, on rotation for each meeting, from those members of the General Committee who wish to participate.

The Secretary will attend as a non-voting member to minute the meeting and write to the applicants after the meeting, as instructed by the JSC. However, if the Secretary awards CCs or is attending in the role of a non CC giver, then they will have the right to a vote.


The JSC will meet twice a year, in Spring and Autumn to consider the applications for the Club Judging Lists and any other relevant business.

Applicants will complete a 'Judges List Questionnaire' and copies of these, together with an agenda for the meeting, will be made available to the members of the JSC at least 2 weeks in advance of the meeting for their consideration.

If any member is unable to attend they may send their votes and any other comments they may have to the Secretary in advance of the meeting.

Applicants require a majority vote by secret ballot to be included on a judging list.

After the meeting the Secretary will write to inform all applicants of the JSC’s decision on their application and update the Judging lists as appropriate.

Meeting dates will be confirmed by the Secretary and posted on the Club website, or you can contact the Secretary.

Process to Apply for inclusion on Judges Lists

Judges List Questionnaires will be made available from the Secretary and via the Club website.

Completed forms to be submitted to the Secretary.

Review of Lists

Judges lists will be reviewed and updated by the JSC on an ongoing basis and in preparation for Judges to be included in the Club’s Ballots for Open and Championship Shows. Updated lists will be made available from the Secretary and on the Club website. A list will be sent to the Kennel Club as part of the Annual Returns.

Nominations for persons awarding CCs for the first time

Nomination forms for persons awarding CCs for the first time received from the KC by the Secretary will be copied and sent to all members of the JSC for their opinion.

Each member will forward their opinion and vote to the Secretary who will complete the KC form appropriately. Copies of these responses will be held on file for inspection/reference.

Requests for Assessment under the A2 Scheme

In order to be considered by the Bearded Collie Club to be the nominating breed club for A2 assessment, applicants will need to have successfully passed an examination/assessment at a Bearded Collie Club breed specific seminar run in accordance with the relevant Kennel Club code of best practice.

Availability of Judges Lists and Criteria

The Club’s criteria for Judges are published in the Club Yearbook and on the Club website. The Judges Lists are available from the Secretary (email: secretary@beardedcollieclub.co.uk) and appear in the Club Yearbook.

As agreed at April 2015 General Committee Meeting

Page last edited: 12 May 2019