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The following tables rank the Bearded Collies with points totals down to and including 10th place for each of the four main show trophies - Tambora, Willison, Orora Puppy and Osmart Veteran, for the current year.

The table was up-to-date as at 18th October 2021. Please note that there were no Willison or Orora points brought forward from 2020 because of the cancellation of all shows following Crufts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

1207CH Snowmead Shades Of Gray JWDWaldron
2150CH Snikkles Swashbuckler JWDAtkins/Charles
3124Corimist Glamour GirlBWhelan/Young
4120CH Sammara Little Black DressBO'Brien
5117Corimist Destiny By DesignBWhelan/Young
117Potterdale Precious RoseBLewis/Moreland
6103Potterdale PiperDSalmon
794Subessen Blaze Of FireBBowden
889Bargemon Brigadoon at BarkenbearDHadley
981Clanwillow Amazing GraceBJones
1079Caldermist Dance In The DarkBPedder
189Potterdale Precious RoseBLewis/Moreland
276Malandex Most XquisitDBaker/Van De Hoef
368Denters Whirlwinds Dream Lover at Bendale (Imp Deu)DWilding
433Fraglestone FamiliarityBBrooks/Grundy
530Kiltondale Memphis Belle at StrufingillBKuz
629Heather Mist Miss Tillietudlem at Quothquan (Imp Swe)BRobertson
29Potterdale Gorgeous GeorgeDGarrity/Tibbetts
725Malandex Ruby's Kitesurfer for EmazenridgeDGriggs
25Malandex Ruby's ShellseekerBShield
816Wildan's Heaven SentBJohnson
915Potterdale HeritageDSalmon
1014Breaksea Dark DiamondBSapsford
14Ceilmear's High FlyerBSimpson/Holliday
14Malandex So XquisitBBaker/Van De Hoef
1128Farmarens Imperial Highness at Orora (Imp Swe)BHarcourt-Brown
2113Clanwillow Amazing GraceBJones
355Corimist Destiny By DesignBWhelan/Young
435Potterdale Solar Plus at SnowtipDTippett
533Kiltondale CherokeeDAlexanders/Leckenby
631Megamaree Follow That StarDTaylor
729Matamata Lorien Lady at TalrazBJay
825Dychix Never Ending StoryDBeech
25Potterdale Plus OneBLewis
25Riveybreeze Sapphire CedarDWebb
920Matamata Prancing PonyDHomer
1019Megamaree Shining Star at DavankirkBCurry
134Clovabrae Solar Flair SHCMBSavage/McLean
233CH Carbonnie Callieco Star for Kelligrews JW SHCMBBartlett
327Sengalas Indiana Eclipse for Emazenridge JW SHCMBGriggs/May
424Kiltondale Liadhich with Quothquan SHCMBRobertson
522CH Dychix Meet Joe BlackDBeech
620Talraz Look To The Future at Capelaw SHCMDGamble
719CH Pipadene Ultimate Dream JWBBetts
818Kiltondale Spring BlossomBKneeshaw
916Davankirk Bromley MainDCurry
1015Pretty Bear Wild Flower mit Adjucet (Imp Deu)BHollis