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The following tables rank the Bearded Collies with points totals down to and including 10th place for each of the four main show trophies - Tambora, Willison, Orora Puppy and Osmart Veteran, for the current year.

The table was up-to-date as at 28th October 2021. Please note that there were no Willison or Orora points brought forward from 2020 because of the cancellation of all shows following Crufts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The website administrator collates show results for the year, and the leader board is subsequently automatically generated from them. However, the absence of shows in 2020 caused an unforseen glitch in the Orora and Willison points calculation process which has now been rectified and the points scores revised. Sincerest apologies to anyone who was misled by the previous totals or whose dog was omitted from the leader board. You may be assured that this will not re-occur.

Trophy points have been calculated up to and including the WELKS Champ Show

163Potterdale AndanteDGarrity/Tibbetts
260CH Corimist Destiny By DesignBWhelan/Young
355CH Snowmead Shades Of Gray JWDWaldron
450Rembrand After Eight DeliteBTurner
548Nellbrook Pure ImaginationBEdwards
639Saint Laurent De Chester at Caldermist (Imp Fra)DPedder
736Talraz Badge Of HonourDNolan
835Farmarens Drums Of Spring at Talraz (Imp Swe) JWDJay
934Pipadene Xtraa Hint Of ChiliBBetts
1031Potterdale PiperDSalmon
1166CH Corimist Destiny By DesignBWhelan/Young
2135Bargemon Brigadoon at BarkenbearDHandley
399Clanwillow Amazing Grace JWBJones
478Aoibh Drummer BoyDAyrton
572Farmarens Imperial Highness at Orora (Imp Swe)BHarcourt-Brown
668Bargemon High SocietyBCanty
760Dychix Never Ending StoryDBeech
858Matamata Lorien Lady at TalrazBJay
943Pipadene Xtraa Hint Of ChiliBBetts
43Saint Laurent De Chester at Caldermist (Imp Fra)DPedder
1042Thingamebob Perfect TouchDGlascott
1161Bargemon Brigadoon at BarkenbearDHandley
2100Bargemon High SocietyBCanty
393Aoibh Drummer BoyDAyrton
490Pipadene Xtraa Hint Of ChiliBBetts
540Talraz Badge Of HonourDNolan
636Thingamebob Perfect TouchDGlascott
735Menander Special EditionBCope
833Irisaddition Love ActuallyBSalter
928Clanmac's Hey There DelilahBMacdougall
28Osmart Tzara's Midnite JazzDGault
28Saint Laurent De Chester at Caldermist (Imp Fra)DPedder
1020Irisaddition She's All That with BridusB
121Talraz Nuts In MayDNolan
214JB De Chester at Gallus (Imp Fra)DGlasgow
310Edenborough Edge Of GloryDCarter/Holmes
49Corimist Musical Soul at EltimarisBPaterson
9CH Pipadene Ultimate Dream JWBBetts
58CH Braemoray Loch An Eilein JWBHards
8Highglade Angel Of DreamsBKitchen
8Pretty Bear Wild Flower mit Adjucet (Imp Deu)BHollis
67MULTI CH Beardie Connections Kenji JWDOtto
7Ciopar Celtic Mine AloneBBuchanan-Hislop
75Kiltondale Liadhich with QuothquanBRobertson
5CH Moonhill Sweet Sensation of Atherleigh JW SHCMBO'Connell/Evans
5Sengalas Indiana Eclipse for Emazenridge JW SHCMBGriggs/May
5Snikkles SapphireBAtkins/Charles
84Clovabrae Solar Flair SHCMBSavage/McLean
4CH Dychix Meet Joe BlackDBeech
4Nellbrook It's A Mystery at WhizzbombDGriffiths
4Pattishawl She's A Dream for PepperjayBWood
4Snowmead Savannah Belle SHCMBCooper
93CH Carbonnie Callieco Star for Kelligrews JW SHCMBBartlett
3CH Gallus Fortune Cookie SHCMBGlasgow
3Greenybabes Princess Evie Avec Adjucet SHCMBHollis
3Kiltondale Spring BlossomBKneeshaw
3Kiltondale Spring Evening for EllisharBJenkinson
3Snowmead Super SleuthDWaldron