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Search and Recovery

Hopefully, you will never have to use the information contained in this page but should the unthinkable happen and your Beardie goes missing, taking prompt and correct action will be essential to hopefully finding and recovering your precious companion as quickly as possible.

The Bearded Collie Club has invested in a network of traps to facilitate the capture of lost Beardies. These traps are located around the country as shown on the map below. Trap holders and contact numbers are listed alongside.

To help you focus on the essentials at such a traumatic time, a search and recovery pack is available here to download, giving invaluable and essential information on the most effective ways to instigate a search and on how to deploy a trap.

UK map showing the location of trap holders
Area Trap Holder Telephone No.
1 Graham & Doreen McErlane 01473-658545
2 David Hailstone 01553-674653
3 Shirley Hinchliffe 01473-464021
4 Paula Brooks 01600-740694
5 Jane & Jason Scott 01884-821201 or 07818 045215
6 Gill Kedzierski 02380-666328
7 Tony & Chris Burscough 01352-711964 or 07538 627950
8 Alex Prescot 01772-814109
9 Pat Wincott 0121-705-7004
10 Unallocated
11 Kay Farrier 0191-243 4432 or 07766 743436
12 Janet Jemmett 01875-340910
13 Don Moir 01683-220588 or 07532 111667
14 Ailsa Gill 01651-882264 or 07773 305044