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Beardies Charm the Children At Book Reading

It's always good to be able to promote our wonderful breed to a public who may not even be aware of the existence of a Beardie. So when the author Christine Palmer made plans to visit the Buxton Festival Fringe in order to do readings to children from her trio of books of adventures based on her own Beardies, Custard and Crumble, she contacted the BCC in order to enlist the support of several bearded collie owners and their dogs to illustrate in the flesh just what wonderful dogs they are. So it was that Barbara and Eddy, Joy and Millie and Cheryl and Humphrey attended several sessions to help bring the books to life! The three Beardies were true ambassadors for the breed and author Christine was very pleased with the response. If you would like to read any of the adventures of Custard, Crumble and their friends, you can purchase these charming books through Christine's website.

Christine is seen here at home in Burgundy with her two Beardies, Custard and Crumble on whom her trio of children's stories are based. Sadly, she lost Custard a few years ago. This photo was taken while she had them both.

Millie came to the event with her owner Joy Wooliscroft. Millie is 12 years old and has such a gentle nature.

Although this young boy's face has been blurred for anonymity, his delight shows through in the presence of Millie with her owner Joy and author Christine

Barbara Smith's Eddy sits attentively (right) whilst Millie chills. All three Beardies who attended the readings behaved impeccably.

Humphrey (the 12 month old local lad) sitting with his mom Cheryl watches Christine intently.

Humphrey again, possibly wondering whether there will be a walk in the offing following his exemplary behaviour in the role of ambassador for the breed.