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The Bearded Collie Club Calendar . This is published in full-colour A4 format each year in Autumn and contains a selection of photos submitted by members - one per month of the year plus a full-size cover picture. All Championship Shows and Breed Club Open Shows are highlighted on the relevant dates.

The 2020 Calendar is available at £7 each for collection from shows, etc. or on-line by post via this link.

If you would like to see one or more of your own Beardie photographs published in the calendar for 2021, keep an eye on this website during Spring/Summer 2020 for instructions on submitting your photos for the selection process.

The Bearded Collie Club Yearbook is the main Club publication. It is produced annually and for a particular year contains full details of Club shows, placings and critiques, trophies and a full list of Beardies who gained points in the trophy competitions, working test successes, were elevated to the Roll of Honour and many other items all of which will be of interest to the serious Bearded Collie enthusiast. If pre-ordered (using form available on-line during the Autumn, but also sent out with the Championship Show schedule during September), it can be collected from the Club stand at Crufts the following March.

The Editor of the Yearbook who is responsible for collating this invaluable reference work is currently Robynne Wood. Submissions for a given issue need to be sent to the Editor by around the end of October and the necessary forms can be downloaded from the Downloads page of the website in the Autumn.

The Bearded News is our house magazine. One issue is produced each year and is sent out free to paid-up members. Any articles submitted by Bearded Collie Club members will be considered for inclusion in the magazine. These can cover a varied spectrum of Beardie topics, such as health and welfare, training, rescue stories and reminiscences of both a personal and a general Club nature. Of particular interest are accounts of the earlier years of the Club particularly from a member's perspective, as these can provide valuable resources for Club archives.

The current Bearded News Editor is Mary Busby. Please feel free to email your literary masterpieces to her. Both she and the membership will be grateful for you sharing your experiences.