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Working Test Results 2018

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Working Test Results - S.E. and E.A. branch - 'Run Free', Redisham, Suffolk
25th November 2018

Judge: Maureen Sale

Thank you to Ann Trodd for inviting me to judge the tests at this super venue. There was plenty of space to do the tests and a separate paddock for the searches. Ann provided training in the morning with the tests in the afternoon. There was a really good attendance for these activities with the participants taking advantage of Ann's generous offer to provide further advice and to follow up with additional training days. Thank you to everyone who helped on the day and stayed to support those taking the tests.

Primary Test - 3 entries and 3 passes

Sue Hudson and Healey (Ch Skyebucks What a Difference JW)
Healey did a super full point recall, food refusal and stay. Just losing a few marks in heelwork for a tight lead. Well done. Healey is quite capable of doing well in obedience classes which I hope you will have a go at.

Doreen McErlane and Miller (Sulynbourne Miller's Moon)
This 11 month puppy did a super round. Really impressive fast pace in the heelwork, with a good recall, and very responsive food refusal together with a full point stay. For his age this was an excellent test. Congratulations.

Verity Rudd and London (Tolkien's Dream On with Lubin)
A good round from this 18 months old youngster, with an excellent recall, food refusal and stay. Just losing a few marks in heelwork but did super slow pace. Shows great promise to continue to progress through the tests. Well done.

Junior Test - 5 entries and 2 passes

Dennis Hudson and Orlando (Chyanullys Goldsmith at Skyebucks)
This young dog did really well with a fabulous full point retrieve and good heelwork. With a bit more training quite capable of progressing through the higher tests. Well done.

Sue Hudson and Healey (Ch Skyebucks What a Difference JW)
Healey worked even better in this test with excellent recall, retrieve, stay and jump. Just losing a few marks in heelwork. Many congratulations. With Ann's help I am sure the three Beardies who had trouble with the retrieve in this test will be successful next time as they are all worthy of passing.

Intermediate Test - 3 entries and 1 pass

Ann Trodd and Dolly (Sallen Renscombe at Chelsasa)
This 2 year old is so well trained it was a pleasure to judge her today. The fastest stop on recall I have ever seen with an excellent retrieve, controlled jump, stay and the search square which was completed in a record time of just 8 seconds! Amazing. Many congratulations.

I hope the 2 Beardies that didn't pass will be successful next time after some further work on the stop on recall and search square as they both are capable of achieving a pass.

Senior Test - 1 entry and 1 pass

Ann Trodd and Dolly (Sallen Renscombe at Chelsasa)
A fabulous demonstration of excellent work achieving full points in all the exercises as Dolly worked even better in this test. It was a pleasure to award Dolly the Senior test and she received a well deserved round of applause from the spectators. Many congratulations on achieving this high standard as all the extra training you have done over the last few months has paid off. Dolly qualifies for a Senior Test medal and entry in the Yearbook Roll of Honour. A super end to a great day with a great group of Beardies and their owners.

Maureen Sale - Judge

Working Test Results, Midland & Northern Branches Activity Day
30th September 2018

Judge: Steve Horne

Thank you for the invitation to judge the working tests at this event. It was pleasing to see the number of responsive dogs entered in the Primary Test with everybody passing apart from one dog that was unsettled in just one exercise. With attention to tidying up on lead work and training for a retrieve, all of these dogs should be ready to move onto the Junior Test.

Unfortunately neither of the entries in the Intermediate Test gained the qualification. Hopefully it will not be long before their experienced handlers improve on this result as both dogs only failed on one element with momentary lapses in concentration. Intermediate is always a tricky test as there are so many elements that can just go wrong on the day.

Thanks to Halina for stewarding the tests. The plan was for her to judge the Junior and Senior tests but there were no entries for these.

Handler/OwnerDog's NameTest LevelResult
Jane & Cliff ?Wilfred (Bryonyhill Big Star)PrimaryPass
Ms Lyn PatersonIzzi (Winterlyn Amber Sunrise)PrimaryPass
Ms Lyn PatersonElla (Pipadene Upper Crust for Winterlyn)PrimaryPass
Sally BarnabyIncaPrimaryPass
Janet McPhersonMerlinPrimaryPass
A & P Wincott Emily (Croftcaileg Bonnie Gorm)PrimaryPass
Mrs R WoodTzara (Osmart Jess Golden Tzarina)PrimaryPass

Working Test Results, Goonhavern Bearded Collie Meeting 8th-10th September 2018

Judge: Val Corgan

This year the weather was kind to us, unlike last year, so more people were interested in trying a Working Test. I was prepared to judge on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday if necessary, to give more chances to those wanting a specific test. Ron had arranged the field up the road for our use, when we needed more space for scent squares. My grateful thanks to Gilly Curtis and Jan Lemon without whose help, I would have been well and truly stuck! If anyone fancies having a go at stewarding at future events, please come and have a go. Congratulations to those who passed any level and commiserations to a couple of you who tried your Senior Test several times. Its always good to watch this breed use their brains. They never fail to make us cry with exasperation when they get it wrong, and leap with joy when they get it right. Your time will come, Carol and Joy.

Handler/OwnerDog's NameTest LevelResult
Judy LenaghamMaisiePrimary92/100
Ron McCawleyTildaPrimary94/100
Barbara HurryLucyPrimary91/100
Nicola EvansDillonPrimary94/100
Lesley HawkinsBillyPrimary98/100
Mike SnuggsLassPrimary98/100
Kathy McCalisterTassyPrimary?/100
Sally TaylorCrystiPrimary98/100
Julia ForbesDillonPrimary94/100
Judy LenaghamMaisieJunior92/100
Sally TaylorCrystiJunior94/100

Judy, keep working that little dog and you’ll be successful very soon at your Intermediate.
My apologies for those of you going home without a certificate. Certificates will be in the post as soon as I receive them. Good luck for future tries!

Val Corgan

Working Test Results - East Anglian and South Eastern Branch Bounce, Suffolk
22nd July 2018

Judge: Jill Kevis

Thank you very much to this branch of the Bearded Collie Club for inviting me to judge the Working Tests. Everybody had worked very hard to provide a fun packed afternoon. The agility proved very popular so David and Suzanne Morrison were kept very busy. Thank you also to Doreen McErlane and my husband Ian for helping with the paperwork and various odd jobs.

The venue was ideal for the agility ring and the Primary and Junior tests. Flexibility was needed for the Intermediate tests.

I had 14 entries so I had little spare time to watch the agility or eat some goodies!

There were 7 passes in Primary, but no passes in Junior. It was a shame that there were no Intermediate passes but it was a long hot day for the 2 dogs entered. This test needs concentration and detailed training so good luck for the future.

Handler/OwnerDog's NameTest LevelResult
Mr & Mrs BatemanSkyebucks Super TrouperPrimaryPass
Paul & Dawn GuntonAlicePrimaryPass
Andrea HayesFloiePrimaryPass
Suzanne MorrsionSulynbourne Mistletoes MoonPrimaryPass
Jenny SalmonHighglade Heart of EarthPrimaryPass
Jenny SalmonPotterdale PiperPrimaryPass
Rosie SawyerAlfie (working Cocker Spaniel)PrimaryPass

BCC Midland Branch - Inkberrow 2018 - 20th May 2018

Kennel Club Good Citizen Tests

Judges: John Harding (Bronze), Ruth Brocklehurst (Silver)

Bronze Test - 8 passes

Handler/OwnerDog's Name
Angela ButlerCeilmear Malt Teaser (Dillon)
Nicola EmminghamFraglestone Forrister (Edward)
Dean JamsonPlay the Game From The Furry Tails (Obi)
Dean JamsonRamsgrove Precious (Solo)
Carole ReidHamish Hooch (Hamish)
Sally BarnabyInca
Joyce BurfordHeleview Harmony (Twiggy)
Catherine CliffeBryonyhill Tayvy The Wizard (Tayvy)

Silver Test - 1 pass

Handler/OwnerDog's Name
Dean JamsonRamsgrove Precious (Solo)

Working Test Results - SCBCC 'Beardies in Need' Weekend
12th May 2018

Judge: Mrs Lynn Dumbrell

The judge's comments are in parentheses after each level.

Primary Test (6 passes)

Handler/OwnerDog's NameTest LevelResult
Ann Trodd Sallen Renscombe at ChelsasaPrimaryPass
Sue & Dennis Hudson Chyanullys Goldsmith at SkybucksPrimaryPass
Su BrownCinebears Dolly Parton at HighgladePrimaryPass
Sandy EvansSantePrimaryPass
Anne BuswellDouglasdale Garantius at ScoteshamJPrimaryPass
Wendy Lee-FinglasMojo Message from HeavenPrimaryPass

"My comment for those who didn’t pass this time, please use your voice more and rely on your lead less."

Junior Test (3 passes)

Handler/OwnerDog's NameTest LevelResult
Ann TroddSallen Renscombe at ChelsasaJuniorPass
Maureen SalePotterdale Platinum StarJuniorPass
Alison LomasMistleJuniorPass

"It would seem that the biggest hurdle to overcome in this test is the retrieve. All I can say is 'don’t give up'."

Intermediate Test (No passes)

"This test is a big step up from the previous two and whereas the Primary and Junior tests contain fairly basic disciplines, you are entering into the realms of Obedience with this one. The heelwork and recalls were all well executed,but the retrieve and search proved a problem.

Four dogs took the test today, but I’m afraid there were no passes."