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Working Test Results 2019

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Working Tests - 8th September 2019 - Bearded Collie Club
WE & SW Branch Cornwall Weekend - Goonhavern Village Hall

Judge: Val Corgan

It was such a good turn out this year and we had 14 dogs trying a test, of which the following passed :

Handler/OwnerDog's NameTest LevelResult
Carole SnuggsDarcySenior95/100
Joy WooliscroftMillieSenior92/100
Jane RobinsonQueeniePrimary91/100
Dave RobinsonLolaPrimary91/100
Dave RobinsonAudreyPrimary89/100
Jenny WebbTobiasPrimary90/100
Leslie HawkinsBillyJunior92/100
Pam RulleyAnycePrimary86/100
Anna PrevellGypseyPrimary95/100
Julia ForbesDylanJunior91/100

My everlasting thanks go to Gilly Curtis who helped with the judging today There were some super dogs working but many who just needed a little bit more training Certainly in the first two tests, we are to be lenient with the judging to encourage owners to try the more advanced tests It was so apparent those who take their training seriously and its so important to train regularly, not just before a test It always shows up in the tests, but it also builds up such a rapport, handler to dog Well done to all those who passed today and better luck next time for those who just weren’t ready Thanks to everyone who tried a test today

Val Corgan

Working Tests - 17th/18th August 2019 - SCBCC - held at Padworth, Reading

Only a summary of passes has been notified :

Primary Test - Judge: Yvonne Newton

Cinquepaws Emanuelle (Manu) - Veronica Harrison
Cheryshd One to Treasure (Broc) - Ruth Taylor
Subessen Heart of Hearts (Sally) - Sue and Claire Bowden
Cinquepaws Etienne (Frank) - Veronica Harrison
Subessen Bit of a Cheek (Amba) - Sue and Claire Bowden
Brodarty Barleysugar at Bobsacres (Breagh) - Lyn and Brian Anderson
ThingamebobHe's the One (Travis) - Marilyn and Gordon Gilbert
Subessen Blaze of Fire ( Grace) - Sue and Claire Bowden
CinquepawsGabrille (Beaux) - Veronica Harrison
Cheryshd Memories at Bethlyntee (Cody) - Lyn Dumbrell
Marrox with Love (Tosca) - Lorraine Yates

Intermediate Test - Judge: Dr Margaret Buckley

Firstmiss Josephine Rose (Fifine) - Veronica Harrison

Working Tests - 17th/18th August 2019 - BCC Scottish Branch - held at Alva, Stirling
Judge: Janet Downie

Only a summary of passes has been notified :

Primary Test

Pearts' Kilfinan Mr Moonlight for Talluarchy (Lucas) Julie Eley's Tink

Senior Test

Heather Smith's Runival Snowcrystal

Working Tests - 21st July 2019 - Bearded Collie Club - WE & SW Branch Fun Day
held at Cwmdu, Powys

Judge: Val Corgan

We went up on the previous day and as it turned out, it was just as well! The allocated field had access to a stream but, more importantly, two horses with their foals! We barricaded off an area and I marked out some search areas for the Intermediate and Senior tests The following morning all was well though; our chairman had dispersed the live stock and they hadn't eaten any tape or posts

Of the 7 tests I oversaw, we had 4 passes as follows:

Handler/OwnerDog's NameTest LevelResultRemarks
Maureen SaleMistyIntermediate99/100A brilliant round that showed Maureen really knew her stuff
Karen AxfordBollyPrimary100/100Also a brilliant round, great potential here not a foot wrong!
Clarke McgarveyMalarkyPrimary88/100A little more work on the stays please, and a looser lead
Jan LemonJasperPrimary100/100A lovely round Jan, bit of a tight lead, you must trust your dog!

A special mention to Carole Snuggs and her husband Mike, thank you so much for helping take everything down, don't know what I would have done without you both See you in Cornwall, Carole - you are so so close with this dog, maybe she's too bright for her own good!

Better luck next time to anyone who didn't pass, you are a dying breed of people, its so important to show that our special breed can work too

Val Corgan

Working Tests - 'Beardies In Need' Event - 11th May 2019
Newbourne Village Hall, Suffolk

Judge: Jill Kevis

The working tests were part of a fun-packed camping week organised by Shirley Hinchcliffe and her band of helpers.

This year Suzanne Morrison happily judged the Primary and Junior Tests and I judged Intermediate and Senior Tests. Thank you very much to Suzanne for judging and to her mother for organising the paperwork. A big thank you to Shirley for carrying on in difficult circumstances and for my gifts.

I apologise for any spelling mistakes but I could not read all the entry forms!! Unfortunately I did not keep a record of pet names and scores because the handlers took away their judging sheets. This then is a general report.

Primary - 5 Entries - 5 Passes

Mrs H Kitchen and Karshoh Lord Kyiami - Tibetan Terrier - Pass
This little fellow came into the test and "strutted his stuff".

Mrs F Harrison, Miss J Harrison & Miss I Khawaja and Malandex Xceptional Love at Anfranjo - Pass
Despite the handler feeling that this dog might not focus for the tests he passed his PrImary. Well done.

Mr & Mrs F Harrison and CH His And Hers Diamond Geezer at Anfranjo - Pass
This Champion Dog passed the Primary Test with ease. Very well done.

Mr & Mrs A Wood and Pepperjay Bartholomew - Pass
This delightful puppy enjoyed the tests and responded happily to his owner, so that he passed Primary and received a lovely Puppy rosette kindly donated by Ann Trodd.

DM & PA Green and Wightbeards Hazelnut Twirl - Pass
Another delightful puppy who cheerfully co-operated in all the tests and won a Puppy rosette as well.

Junior - 3 Entries - 1 Pass

Mr & Mrs F Harrison and CH His And Hers Diamond Geezer at Anfranjo - Pass
This dog worked very enthusiastically scoring 97. He completed the retrieve with style. Well done.

Mrs Frances Richards and Highglade Hollyberry at Elemark - not ready
This bitch worked well for Frances but was a little distracted and did not complete the retrieve.

Su Brown and Cinebears Dolly Parton At Highglade - not ready
It was the retrieve again which let down this team but onwards and upwards Su.

Intermediate - 3 Entries - No Passes

Alison Lomas and Saskyadu Your So Mysterious - not ready
Alison knows the areas where more training is needed but Mistie is easily capable of passing this test.

Mr D Adby & Mrs Jamieson and Tonsarne Cascade in Blue - not ready
Mary tried really, really hard to keep this bitch's attention but she really wants to be with both owners at the same time!

DM & PA Green and Wightbeards Plain Sailing - not ready
This dog was just not in the mood to fully co-operate - it happens to us all!

Senior - 1 Entry - No Pass

Mrs H Kitchen and Brookles Mischief Thyme - not ready
I have seen this dog work nearly pass the Senior Test several times but he usually manages to throw a spanner in the works! More focus and attitude and he will pass.

Jill Kevis

Working Tests - April 28th 2019 - Bearded Collie Club - EA and SE Branch
held at Redisham, Suffolk

Judge: Jill Kevis

I spent a very pleasant afternoon judging working tests with a group of enthusiastic Beardie owners at this very suitable venue.

In the morning, a training session was run by Ann Trodd and Vanessa Pooley. This is the ideal way to run Working Tests.

Thank you very much to Vanessa for stewarding for me, Ann for organising the day and Jenny Salmon and Committee for participating and helping on the day.

Primary:- No entries

Junior:- 5 entries - 3 passes, 2 not ready

Jenny Salmon and Piper - PASS
Piper passed this test with flying colours, only losing 1 mark throughout all the exercises. Very well done!

Wendy Lee-Finglas and Bunty - PASS
Bunty had to work at the end of the day as she was in season but performed very well. I held my breath during the retrieve but Bunty completed the basics of the exercise.

Anne Buswell and Bramley - PASS
Bramley found it difficult to focus in an unfamiliar field with lots of interesting smells but he managed to to complete each exercise.

Su Brown and Polly - not ready
Polly worked very well and nearly, nearly completed the retrieve. She is capable of passing this test so keep training Su.

Anne Buswell and Quince - not ready
Quince was totally distracted today and could not focus on the exercises which made it very difficult for Anne. He can, and will do it so stay positive, Anne.

Intermediate:- 2 entries - 1 pass, 1 not ready

Jenny Salmon and Archie - PASS
Archie completed this test very well, just losing the odd mark here and there. His fast pace heelwork was lovely to watch. Well done - Senior Test next!

Alison Lomas and Mistie - not ready
Alison was keen to discover how Mistie would work this test. Seek back and stop on recall are the main main areas to develop. Mistie is capable of passing this test.

Jill Kevis