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Working Test Results 2021

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Working Tests - October 10th 2021
Bearded Collie Club - EA and SE Branch

Judge: Andy Bland

My thanks to Ann Trodd for asking me to judge these two tests and thanks for all the help from everyone else involved. Well done all of you and your dogs!

Primary Test

Maureen Sale with Zena (Potterdale Peace Rose) Pass - score 94
She was a little unsettled on examination by stranger but may well have been fine in a stand rather than a sit. 2 points lost on tight lead. Otherwise a good, happy round. Well done!

Jenny Salmon with Freddie (Potterdale Heritage) Pass - score 92
Good steady lad. Just watch that occasional tight lead and aim at neat reliable recall. Well done.

Carol Johnson with Konni (Wildan's Heaven Sent) Pass - score 96
Well Done on a good round. Only lost points on the tied stay.

Junior Test

Maureen Sale with Zena (Potterdale Peace Rose) Pass - score 94
Much happier this time. Only tight lead and jump lost points. Sure she will do well working her way through the next tests. Well done.

Anne Buswell with Quince (Corimist Soul Legend of Scotesham).
Sadly not ready today. He started well, but sometimes the world is too exciting and for Quince this was one of them. I?m sure he will be fine next time. Don't give up, he's lovely.

Andy Bland

Judge: Ann Trodd

Primary Test

Andy Bland with Drover (Highglade Drover's Dream) Pass

Intermediate Test

One entry - no passes

Senior Test

One entry - no passes