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The Tambora Trophy and
the Dearbolt Trophy

Tambora Trophy (above left) is awarded to the dog or bitch which gains the most points during a calendar year. The trophy was presented to the Club by Mrs Jackie Tidmarsh of 'Tambora' kennels (then Miss Vroome), in 1968.

The Dearbolt Trophy (above right) is awarded to the Breeder of the Tambora Trophy winner.

2019 Winners

Tambora Trophy

Ch Sammara Little Black Dress

Mr W & Mrs S O’Brien

Dearbolt Trophy

Mr W & Mrs S O’Brien

The Diotima Trophy

In 1980, Mrs Tidmarsh donated another trophy, the Ch Edelweiss of Tambora Memorial Trophy, for the Runner Up to the Tambora Trophy winner. Sadly, this went missing in the early 1980s.

But in 2007, Steve and Marian Appleby presented the Club with a replacement to be known as the Diotima Trophy (shown here).

2019 Winner

Diotima Trophy

Ch Potterdale Potential JW

Mrs J Lewis & Miss A Edinboro

The Willison Junior Points Trophy

The Willison Junior Points Trophy was donated in 1979 by members and friends of The Bearded Collie Club in memory of our Late Patron, Mrs. G. O. Willison. The winner is the Junior Bearded Collie which collects the maximum number of points won at shows between the ages of 6 and 18 months and is awarded for the year the dog reaches 18 months of age. The points are calculated as for the Tambora Trophy.

2019 Winner

Willison Trophy

Clanmac Braw Broon

Mr J MacDougall

The Orora Puppy Trophy

In 1977 the Orora Puppy Points Trophy was donated by Miss B. Harcourt-Brown. This was originally presented to the Beardie with the most placings gained in Breed Classes at Championship shows and Bearded Collie Club Open Shows provided that the Beardie was between 6 months and 12 months of age on the day of each show. In 1979 this was changed to restrict contenders to placings in Minor Puppy and Puppy Classes at all Championship and Breed Club Open Shows. Then finally in 1985 the qualification was changed to include placings at Championship Shows only.

2019 Winner

Orora Puppy Trophy

Kiltondale Kinkyboots

Mr G & Mrs L Peirson

The Bendale Challenge Cup

In 1978 Miss Anne Wilding donated the Bendale Challenge Cup which is awarded to the Runner Up to the Orora Puppy Trophy.

2019 Winner

Bendale Challenge Cup

Farmarens Drums Of Spring At Talraz (Imp Swe)

Mr M Mrs E & Miss L Jay

The Osmart Veteran Trophy and the
Ch Ramberhay Moonlight N Roses (Wightbeards) Veteran Trophy

The Osmart Golden Oldie Veteran Points Trophy (left) was donated by the family of Mrs Jenny Osborne (Osmart) in celebration of her pivotal role in the breed and is awarded to the dog with the highest total of points gained in veteran and special vintage classes at both Championship and Breed Open Show levels. The first award was made for 2012.

The Champion Ramberhay Moonlight N Roses (Wightbeards) Veteran Trophy (awaiting photo) is awarded to the breeder of the winner of the Osmart Trophy.

2019 Winners

The Osmart Veteran Trophy

Ch Pipadene Ultimate Dream JW

Mr J & Mrs M Betts

Wightbeards Veteran Trophy
for the breeder of the Osmart Trophy winner

Mr J & Mrs M Betts

Champion Beagold Fortune Beck Memorial Trophy
(for dogs, left)

Rallentando Rainbow Memorial Trophy
(for bitches, right)

Points are awarded to dogs and bitches entering Veteran and Vintage classes at any of the three Bearded Collie Club shows each year (two Open Shows and one Championship Show) and being placed as follows: 1st - 10 points, 2nd - 5 points, 3rd - 3 points, Best Veteran in Show - 10 points.

The dog or bitch accruing the most points wins the appropriate trophy.

2019 Winners

Ch Beagold Fortune Beck Memorial Trophy

Ch Brenriga Wrapped In Gold For Zoesta JW

Mr M & Mrs S Fooks

Rallentando Rainbow Memorial Trophy

Talluarchy Angel Wings ShCM

Miss E & Mrs J Peart

Champion Bravo of Bothkennar Stud Dog Salver (left)
Champion Blue Bonnie of Bothkennar Brood Bitch Salver (right)

These awards are made to the stud dog and brood bitch whose progeny gain the highest number of CCs over a calendar year provided that each progeny dog or bitch is counted once only. In the case of a draw the number of progeny gaining RCCs will be taken into account, each dog/bitch counting only once. If that fails to produce an outright winner then the stud dog/brood bitch's progeny with the higher number of BOBs wins.

2019 Winners

Ch Bravo of Bothkennar Stud Dog Salver

Ch Potterdale Platinum Plus

Mr M & Mrs J Lewis

Ch Blue Bonnie of Bothkennar
Brood Bitch Salver

Pipadene Time To Dream

Mr J & Mrs M Betts

Top Breeder Annual Trophy

Introduced in 2014, the Top Breeder Annual Trophy is awarded by Potterdale Bearded Collies to the Breeder producing the most individual CC and RCC winners in any one calendar year, with a bias towards new CC winners from each kennel and not a single dog winning multiple CC's over a single year. See Yearbook for points calculation.

2019 Winner

Top Breeder Annual Trophy
awarded by Potterdale Bearded Collies


Bessa Dell Trophy

For Trials and Obedience. Dogs (whose owners must be paid-up members of the BCC) must have passed the Intermediate Bearded Collie Working Test (see here) before points can be submitted. Points gained before date of paid-up membership are not eligible to be counted. See Yearbook for points calculation.

2019 Winner

Bessa Dell Trophy

Bargemon Cosette

Mrs C Snuggs

Geriego Trophy

For Obedience. Points are gained through successes in Obedience at Open or Championship level. No points are gained for successes at Companion Dog Shows, Limited Shows and shows restricted to Bearded Collies. See Yearbook for points calculation.

2019 Winner

Geriego Trophy

Pelido Fraggle Rock at Alkiba

Mrs V Newton

Trechol Agility Trophy

For Agility. The Trechol Agility Trophy was introduced in 2019 and was donated by Maureen Sale and is awarded to the member with a KC Breed Registered Bearded Collie gaining the highest total of points during the calendar year in Agility. See yearbook for points calculation.

2019 Winner

Trechol Agility Trophy

Highglade Wispa Of Wings At Sulynbourne AW(B)

Mrs S Morrison

The BCC Points Trophies explained...

The system of calculating points toward each trophy is as follows :-

Tambora Willison Orora Osmart ***
1st in class 5 5 10 5
2nd in class 4 4 5 4
3rd in class 3 3 3 3
Best Puppy - - 5 -
CC winner 20 20 - -
RCC winner 5 5 - -
BOB (Gen Champ Show) 5 5 - -
BIS (Breed Club CS) 10 10 - -
BVetIS/BVintIS - - - 2
BVet in Breed/BVint in Breed - - - 2

*** Osmart: points gained from Veteran and Vintage classes only at all Championship (General and Breed) and all Breed Club Open Shows.

In addition, the following points are awarded for further successes in Group and General Championship Shows:-

Group Shows Tambora Willison
Best in Show20 20
Reserve Best in Show2020
General Championship Shows
Group 11010
Group 288
Group 366
Group 444
Best in Show2020
Reserve Best in Show200