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Working trials qualifications for all KC breed registered Bearded Collies

The list below records the working trials qualifications for all KC breed registered Bearded Collies known to us.

Note on Qualifications

CD: Companion Dog
UD: Utility Dog
WD: Working Dog
TD: Tracking Dog

A dog is required to obtain a mark of at least 70% in each group of exercises (control, agility, and nosework) and at least 80% overall at a Championship Working Trial to become entitled to use the title 'Excellent' (Ex) after the qualification, i.e. CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, and TDEx.

Handler/OwnerDog's NameD/BDoBQualificationYear
K S ChamberlainBearded Belle CDExBnkCDEx1977
M R FieldRainbird Isle of Grassholme CDExB17.06.1968CDEx1977
Erica Gallatly Filabey Delicia CDEx UDEx WDExB19.06.1967WDEx1977
E M GriffinRainbird Strumble CDEx UDExD17.06.1968UDEx1977
Beath SergeantQuinbury Wellington Boot CDEx WDEx TDExD18.03.1972WDEx/ TDEx1977
Margaret BuckleySwinford Sky Flyer CDExB6.11.1976CDEx/UD com1978
Mary BartlettMegiftie St Andrews WDExD6.05.1977WDEx1980
Janet Martineau Jayemji Ruchill CDExD29.06.1972CDEx/UD com1981
Denise BarleyQuinbury Stormdrifter at Runival CDExD7.12.1980CDEx1982
Stewart NicholArranbrae Knockandhu CDExD4.06.1983CDEx1986
Shirley WhiteFlynnwood Whirl CDEx UDExD7.04.1979UDEx1986
Janet Martineau Bredon Linnet CDEx B22.01.1984CDEx1988
Janet Martineau Jayemji the Guidon CDExD6.11.1986CDEx1988
Barbara CooperBumbleridge's HighhopesB15.09.1986UD com1989
Halina KochanowskiArranbourne Guiniveve of Thornsky CDExB21.05.1985CDEx1989
Jeanette MacGregorBudding Jazolin At Ettrickdale CDEx UDExB19.06.1984UDEx/TD1989
Betty OrrinSpringtime Sherie Lady At Merlock CDExB17.05.1987CDEx1989
Elizabeth YeldBrambledale Bodger CDEx UDExD16.11.1983UDEx1989
Elizabeth YeldBrambledale Bachgen Barfog CDEx D21.08.1986CDEx1989
Halina KochanowskiThornskyTurangalila CDExB10.02.1988CDEx1991
Shirley WhiteMerrimak Missouri Minstrel CDExD2.06.1988CDEx1991
Janet Martineau Kintop Sweet Charity at Jayemji CDExB22.08.1989CDex1992
Tricia PoolCh Beardievale Village Gossip CDExD5.10.1986CDEx1992
Jeanette MacGregorBoydscorner Thundercloud CDEx UDExD11.08.1989UDEx 1994
Janet Martineau Jayemji the Iceberry CDExB2.05.1993CDEx1996
Diane BryantKedianeth Field of Dreams CDExD15.08.1995CDEx1998
Janet Martineau Jayemji The Jypsygirl CDExB14.06.1996CDEx2000
Barry BrayBramble Sweet Soul LadyB19.11.1999CD com2006
D Sidaways Preciouspegg Alfie CDEx UDExD17.11.2007UDEx2012
Halina KochanowskiThornsky MoondanceD25.04.2011CD com2014
Jill Kevis Bumbleridge's Nightstar CDEx UDExD21.11.2005UDEx2015
Ken Coleman Holtend Infinity CDExD7.11.2015CDEx2017
Ann TroddHighglade The Last Waltz for Chelsasa CDEx UDEx WDEx B27.04.2010WDEx2017
Margaret BuckleyHoltend Time Traveller CDEx UDEx WDExD7.11.2015WDEx2018

Last edited: February 2020