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Bearded Collie Club Championship Show 2018 – Dogs

I was truly honoured to be invited to judge dogs at one of my favourite shows. Thanks to the Committee who work so hard to provide a warm and festive atmosphere which the exhibitors seem to enjoy; the Hall is always well filled and the judges provided with an abundance of lovely dogs. Thanks also to Alan Hards and Pete Styles who kept me on track all day; it makes the job so much easier when we have experienced ( and happy) Stewards. Thank you also to the Committee for the lovely present and reminder of a great day. My main thanks go the sporting exhibitors and of course their dogs, each one special to their owner and always the best one to take home. I was delighted with my final line up and had some difficult decisions in many of the classes. As always there are places that could change on another day and sometimes this is only because of the condition or attitude of the dog on the day. I have a couple of concerns however which I feel need raising. I came across a number of dogs with either very small lower incisors or misplaced ones. I do not remember this being an issue when I first started judging so it is something which needs to be addressed now before it becomes the norm. The other issue is shoulders and ribs. Without wishing to bore anyone the Bearded Collie was a dog with a job to do and needs to be built correctly in order to fulfil that job and maintain lifelong soundness. There were too many lacking a really well laid shoulder and complimentary return of upper arm and too many lacking rib length. I hope my comments are taken constructively so that awareness is raised and breeding plans can include these important points. Negatives out of the way, I was pleased with heads, I did not find any totally lacking in strength, eyes were on the whole good with only a few of the younger dogs having a lighter eye but this generally followed the coat colour so should improve, temperaments were good and coats were clean. Some would benefit from some further ring training to enhance their chances.

Minor Puppy Dog (3)

1. Whelan and Young’s Corimist The Sun King. What a lovely start to the day! Difficult not be enchanted by this very striking black and white puppy of nearly 9 mths old ; I was hoping he was as good to go over as he looked and I was not disappointed. I would not change a thing about him at this stage. Well grown and in great condition he has a super head and expression with dark, kind eye, square flat skull, balanced muzzle and correct bite. His forehand is well set and he has a good forechest, length and depth of rib and a strong loin, well moulded croup and well set and carried tail. He is well let down behind and his movement was a joy as he strode out with long easy strides. So well balanced and presented to perfection. Loved him. BPD and BPIS.

2. Carter’s Victory Wind’s Orange Mecanique for Karmellian (imp Fr.). Totally different and smaller in frame this 8 mth fawn puppy needs to be handled to appreciate his qualities. Head needs to develop but his eye colour and pigment are excellent and he has a good bite. His forehand construction was one of the best of the day with an excellent length and layback of shoulder and return of upper arm and pronounced forechest enabling him to stand well over himself, strong topline and well moulded croup. He carried his tail well and moved with long reaching strides.Very raw puppy with lots of promise.

3. Miller’s Moonrock of Windmill House (imp Hun.) Lovely rich dark brown 8 mth old puppy of good size and well put together having a handsome masculine head and good bite. Eye will hopefully darken as he matures. Well balanced in angulation and having a good length and depth of rib with a strong loin and well set croup he held a steady topline as he moved steadily around the ring. Heavily coated at the moment which hides his shape. Heavier type than the first two but another promising puppy.

Puppy Dog (3)

1. Whelan and Young’s Corimist The Sun King

2. Carter’s Victory Wind’s Orange Mecanique for Karmellian (imp Fr.)

3. McErlane’s Sulynbourne Miller’s Moon. Liked this 11 mth mid slate lad for his type with his well balanced head and kind expression, correct bite and dark eye. His coat hides his outline at the moment and makes his neck look short but he is a well made dog of good balance and moved steadily with well held topline and tail carriage. Not quite the forehand angulation of the first two but lots to like.


1. Fooks’ Ch. Brenriga’s Wrapped In Gold for Zoesta JW. Plain brown 7 ½ yo dog who I have often admired from the ringside and who carries his years and his title well. So well balanced all through from his correctly proportioned head and warm brown eye giving a soft typical expression through to his well angulated shoulder placement and deep, long rib, moulded croup and well set tail. Couldn’t fail to move well and he did. In good coat and excellent condition he pushed hard for BV but couldn’t quite match the sparkle of the bitch on the day. BOSV.

2. May’s Ch. Sengalas Court Jester. Another who well deserves his title this mid slate 7 ½ yo dog is so masculine with a soft expression from a dark eye, excellent head properties and broad jaw. Heavier in bone than 1, well angulated fore and aft and with a well shaped rib of correct depth and length he presents a picture of balance and moves with ease. In good coat and condition. His tail can disrupt his movement at times which affected the decision between him and the winner.

3. Bowden’s Ch. Subessen Echoes of Power JW . 8 ½ yo dark slate with the most appealing head and expression, such a dark eye and broad, square skull with balanced foreface, well angulated forehand and good forechest, ribs are correctly shaped and deep but could be a tad longer, strong loin and matching hind angulation enabled him to move out well with purpose. Sadly lost his coat at the moment which detracts from the overall picture but what he has is correct and in good condition.

Vintage(5,3 abs)

1. Richardson’s Ch. Caramac Change The Beat. 10 yo rich dark brown in good coat and condition this lad has a masculine outlook with eye to match his coat. Correct neck length and balanced angulation fore and aft he has a rib of excellent length and depth and strong loin enabling him to hold a firm topline both standing and moving. Moved steadily and with purpose.

2. Moorhouse’ Willowmead Prince Regal. 12 yo slate dog with the most appealing head and expression. Not the biggest of dogs but very masculine and with a lovely dark eye. Excellent forehand construction and length of rib and holds his tail well. Not as sound on the move as the winner today.

Junior (12, 2 abs)

1. Harcourt- Brown’s Orora’s The Emperor JW. This 17 mth slate dog headed a good class of promising youngsters and once settled his construction and movement were impressive.He possesses a head of good balance with dark eye and correct bite, strong broad skull, neck of good length and excellent forehand with good forechest. Rib was of good depth, shape and length and his loin was short, underpinning a strong topline. Well moulded in croup, well let down behind with correct tailset and in excellent condition he moved with ease once he settled having a long, purposeful stride. Presented and handled well to his advantage.

2. Garrity and Tibbets’ Potterdale Andante. Very eye catching dark slate of nearly 12mths; good size and maturing well this lad is of a rangier type and will only improve as he comes together. Masculine head which is enhanced by a gorgeous dark eye giving a typical expression for the breed, excellent angulation fore and aft he is well proportioned and has similar attributes to the first, just giving way on maturity. Moves with ease and is very promising, a close decision.

3. Salmon’s Potterdale Piper. Slate litter brother to the second but not as finished in head as yet. Another of good type, liked his size, not as rangy as his brother but well put together and holds a correct topline with well moulded croup and balanced in angulation he moved well to take this place in strong competiton. In good coat and condition.

Yearling(18, abs)

1. Hale’s Damalek Dreamy Chimes. Nearly 2 years old, a dark slate who I have often noticed from the ringside for his type and balance and on handling found him to be a very well put together lad of medium size sporting a good coat of correct texture and well prepared. He has a very appealing balanced head with true Beardie expression from broad skull and dark eye. Forehand and hindquarters are balanced in angulation and he has a correct rib to support his well held topline. Croup and tail were correct and his movement was balanced and smooth.

2. Burfitt’s Ramsgrove Coruscation at Breaksea. Tough choice between the first two; they appear very similar with the same comments applying , the deciding factor was maturity but this 18 mth dark slate dog is again very appealing for type and has a handsome head, good forehand and correct rib in shape, length and depth, firm loin and good in croup he too moved out well to attract my attention. Maturity will ensure this one continues to be noticed I am certain.

3. Waldron’s Snowmead Shades of Gray JW. 17 mth blue of good size with strong masculine headpiece and lovely warm tone to his eye which perfectly matches his coat. Forehand construction and rear angulation compliment, well ribbed and moved out well. Profuse coat hides his shape at the moment so can see this one improving in overall appeal as his jacket settles. Just preferred the flow of the topline over the croup on the first two today.

Maiden(5, 1 abs)

1. Carter’s Victory Wind’s Orange Mecanique for Karmellian (imp Fr.)

2. Kitchen’s Ceilmears Wise Man. 11 mth dark slate, slightly smaller than I prefer but he is masculine and has a good head pattern with dark eye giving that Beardie expression we all love. Good bite, good in forehand, rib and croup and has the construction to move well, handler just needs to connect a little more with him to achieve a more coordinated performance. Good coat which just needs to settle to show off his outline to advantage.

3. Jackson’s Bryonyhill Wizzard Whizzes to Crestasan. Top size 15 mth brown going through the light stage, eye will hopefully darken as his coat changes. Very masculine in outlook and has a very firm topline from his well shaped and long rib. His enthusiasm on the move could be controlled to advantage as he becomes rather fond of flying his tail and this detracts from the overall picture. Needs time to come together.

Novice(9, 4 abs)

1. Carter’s Victory Wind’s Orange Mecanique for Karmellian (imp Fr.)

2. Jackson’s Bryonyhill Wizzard Whizzes to Crestasan

3. Mogford’s Monarkshyre Majestic. Slate dog who is of a smaller, lighter type and, at this stage, is very immature. Good in head properties but eye could darken to advantage. Reasonable angulation front and rear and acceptable rib length but to be in contention would benefit from better body condition and some further ringcraft training.

Debutant 4, 1 abs)

1. Carter’s Victory Wind’s Orange Mecanique for Karmellian (imp Fr.)

2.Fear’s Ceilmear Harris Tweed. Dark brown harsh jacket fits well on this extremely well conditioned dog of nearly 3 years old. Another who could be slightly bigger all round for my preference but well put together and feel he could do a day’s work with no bother. Good headpiece , eye could be darker ,balanced in angulation and moved well.

3. Hawkins’ Thingamebob He’s All That. 2 ½ yo brown with good head , eye a little light but matching coat at the moment so will hopefully darken as he matures. Liked his size and masculinity and holds a firm topline standing and moving. Just preferred the forehand construction of one and two.


Difficult class with much difference in type and condition.

1. Burfitt’s Ramsgrove Coruscation for Breaksea

2. Leckenby’s Kiltondale Amarillo Star. I was quite taken by this 2 ½ yo medium sized dark slate with his close fitting gleaming jacket, lovely head and expression and dark mischievous eye. He is so well balanced with a well angulated shoulder, good return of upperarm and good forechest , rib carries well back and his croup and tail are correct. In lovely condition, I particularly liked his quality of bone and this ensured correct hard flat muscle which enables the hands to flow over the dog cleanly. Handler just needs to perfect her ringcraft and they will be well prepared for the higher classes as he matures.

3. Burch and White’s Zoesta White Collar Worker. Masculine 2 ½ yo slate with dark eye, correct bite, broad skull and lovely expression. Liked his type, well balanced in angulation fore and aft with a good length and depth of rib which ensured he was able to hold his topline on the move. Coat just needs to settle to enhance his outline.

Post Graduate(8,2 abs)

1. Robertson’s Arranbrae Laird of Quothquan JW. 2 ½ yo slate dog of medium size with a head of correct proportions. Dark eye, broad skull and good bite. Excellent placement of forehand from well laid back shoulder, complimentary return of upper arm and excellent forechest. Rib is well shaped, deep and long and rear angles match front. Moves well with balanced stride but tail carriage detracts and together with coat preparation does nothing to enhance the overall look of this well made dog.

2. Parr and More’s Balfarg Bobby Brown. Another very well constructed dog who catches the eye with his rich, dark brown coat and clean outline. Good in head properties with eye toning and correct bite. Correct length of neck, well balanced with good angulation fore and aft, very firm topline from correct ribbing and croup ensured he could move out well however he is another whose tail can detract from the overall flow on the move. Very close up, just preferred the forechest of the first.

3. Osborne’s Malandex Xpressly Loved. Smaller and slightly heavier in bone this 2 ½ yo attractive dark slate sports a super head and expression with lovely dark eye and balanced skull to muzzle. Well angulated front and rear with good ribbing and quality coat he presents an eye catching outline. Moved and presented well, just preferred the leg length of the first two.

Mid Limit (6, 2 abs)

1. Mangnall’s Nellbrook It’s Now or Never. 5 ½ yo fully mature mid slate who I wouldn’t want any bigger but who possesses strength and balance throughout. Masculine in outlook this dog has attractive head properties with his kind eye of a colour toning well with his coat. Fore and rear angulation is balanced and he has a rib of good shape, depth and length with firm loin and adequate angle of croup. Frustrating dog as he can be so proud of his tail which detracts from the overall picture on the move. The more he moved the more relaxed he became and his tail carriage improved to secure him this class.

2. Waldron’s Snowmead Super Sleuth. 4 yo dog who catches the eye with his close fitting gleaming black coat of good quality. Smaller than the first and different in type but all in proportion. Loved his head and expression, well balanced angulation and good ribbing with firm loin, well conditioned and presented and moved well but another who just spoils the picture on the move with his tail carriage.

3. Hinchliffe’s Talraz Come What May at Croftdale. 3 ½ yo slate dog and another whose type I like, loved his head with broad skull and dark eye giving a soft expression. Good to go over having a well positioned forehand and complimentary rear he was well let down behind and when settled moved well. Sadly not as coordinated on the move as the first two which cost him today.

Limit (12, 1 abs)

My notes say “3 lovely unexaggerated dogs” headed this good class.

1. Beech’s Dychix Meet Joe Black. 6 yo dark slate who exudes Beardie type. No nonsense, what you see is what you get and what you get is an extremely well balanced dog of good size, good proportions and in excellent coat and condition. He was my frustration of the day as, on handling, I was delighted with his balanced head with dark eye and gorgeous expression, good bite and strong underjaw, excellent forehand placement with good forechest, super depth, length and shape to rib, strong loin and correct angle of croup; he has a well set tail and strong hock and I was certain he could move with the long reaching easy stride I was looking for and he did in this class however in the challenge for the CC and RCC he had lost interest and sadly threw away his chances.

2. Hodgson and McCourt’s Malandex Xtremely Brown. 3 ½ yo rich dark brown dog of good size and masculinity . Similar comments apply as he too has a head of good balance with excellent shoulder placement, length and depth of rib, solid topline and good tailset and moved with ease covering plenty of ground. In good coat and condition and shown well he pushed hard for top spot, just preferred the softer expression of the winner.

3. Dodgeson’s Caldermist Ramrod ShCM. 6 yo slate dog of lovely type with a broad skull , correct bite and dark eye giving that typical warm Beardie expression. Well placed forehand balances well with well angled rear good depth and shape to rib and strong loin holding that firm topline . Moved out well holding his tail correctly and maintaining a pleasing shape. So well presented in good coat and condition he was not disgraced to take this place in this good company. Just preferred the slightly longer rib of the 1st and 2nd.

Open (7)

I was spoilt for choice in this class, thank you for allowing me the honour of judging some very good exhibits.

1. Pedder’s Ch. Caldermist Kiss In The Dark JW ShCM. This 4 ½ yo dark slate dog is no stranger to top awards and I can understand why. Medium sized, masculine and with the most attractive head and expression it is hard to overlook him. On handling it is easy to see why he should not be ignored as his conformation is excellent from his well placed forehand and good forechest through his correct ribbing and firm loin to his well moulded croup and well set tail with strong hocks which were well let down so my hands just flowed over him. I liked his quality of bone and flat hard muscle and he moved covering the maximum amount of ground with the minimum of effort. He was a little unsettled to begin with but the more he moved the smoother he became to secure him this place, CC and BIS.

2. Baker and Van de Hoef’s Ch. Malandex Xclusive Diamond JW. Another top class dog, this dark brown 3 yo is so mature for his age and presents a super picture both standing and moving. Heavier type but certainly no coarseness about him .Head handles so well, strong and masculine with broad skull, eye toning with coat and correct bite. Excellent layback of shoulder with complimentary return of upper arm , good forechest , well ribbed and with a firm loin underpinning a strong topline with well set tail, well muscled throughout and well let down behind. Moved with purpose and presented in great coat and condition. Just preferred the softer expression of 1 but pushed hard. RCC.

3. Lewis and Edinboro’s Potterdale Potential JW. Liked the type of this medium sized 3 ½ yo slate dog. Not overdone in any way he attracts attention immediately on the stand with his well proportioned outline and super coat of good quality. Lovely head and expression with correct bite and dark eye. Well placed forehand with good length, shape and depth of rib, correct loin and croup and well set tail. Balanced in angulation and in hard condition he moves well and holds a firm topline. Just preferred the slightly better forehand angulation of the first two but certainly not disgraced in this company.

Special Open (8,1 abs)

1. Atkins and Charles’ Ch. Snikkles Blue Print JW. 5 ½ yo blue dog with no mistaking his masculinity. Strongly made throughout he is well proportioned and possesses a typical broad skull with correct scissor bite and excellent pigment . Super eye colour toning perfectly with coat. Well balanced fore and aft and with a strong topline from deep long rib and well angled croup he was made to move well and he did covering the ground with typical Beardie free flowing movement. Presented and handled well.

2. Mangnall’s Nellbrook It’s Now or Never.

3. Salmon’s Ramsgrove Gandalf ShCM. 7 yo dark slate dog of good type, liked his head and expression which was strong and typical for the breed, correct length of neck and well balanced in angulation fore and aft his rib was a little shorter than I prefer but his loin is strong and topline firm. Would prefer a slightly better angle to croup but he moved out well and was presented in excellent coat and condition.

Special Beginners (6, 2 abs)

1. Dodgson’s Caldermist Ramrod ShCM

2. Leckenby’s Kiltondale Amarillo Star

3. Bramley’s Snikkles Blue Vision. 5 ½ yo blue dog whose coat does him no favours being rather profuse around the forehand and lacking in the middle. Excellent head and expression being broad and masculine with good bite and eye colour, neck of correct length but hidden by his coat, balanced in angulation and with a well held topline . Preferred the shoulder angulation of the first two.

Progeny (1)

1. Collins’ Ch. Sammara Over The Moon JW

Best Scottish Bred (2)

1. Robertson’s Arranbrae Laird of Quothquan JW

2.Buswell’ Douglasdale Garanatus at Scotesham. 2 yo well proportioned brown dog of smaller type with masculine head and correct bite. Eye could be darker but plenty of time. Balanced in angulation fore and aft with firm topline he was in good condition but a little unsettled on the move and rather proud of his tail.

Judge: Mrs Chris Burscough (Kilfinnan)

Bearded Collie Club Championship Show 2018 – Bitches

It was an honour to be voted by the Club's membership to judge at this well organised Championship show. I would like to thank you all for such a super entry of quality bitches and thanks also to my two excellent stewards, Paula and Jane, who kept things in order in the ring allowing me to concentrate on the job in hand. The overall quality of the exhibits was pleasing; in some classes there were easy winners and in others there was very little to separate the exhibits and I would have liked to have had more red cards! The quality of some of the younger bitches was excellent and bodes well for the future of the breed and, on the other hand, the exhibits in both the Veteran and Vintage classes superbly illustrated the longevity of the breed and demonstrated how good breeding endures the passage of time. Temperaments were good on the whole and many of the exhibits appeared to enjoy their time in the ring with some showing that added sparkle to catch my eye. I make no apology for making dogs and handlers move around the ring; for me, movement is of upmost importance in the breed and clearly illustrates whether or not they are correctly constructed to do the job for which they were originally bred.

Minor Puppy Bitch - (8,1 Abs)

1. Baker and van der Hoef's Malandex Xpat'S Image (BPB) - 7 month old gorgeous slate puppy, so well-constructed, lovely shape, good length to height ratio, deep chest and length of rib enabling her to move fluently. A lovely puppy whose progress I will watch with interest.

2. Patterson's Corimist Over The Rainbow - Another quality puppy, just preferred the overall shape and proportions of 1. Good shoulder, deep chest and length of rib enabling her to stride out on the move with a relaxed and fluid gait.

3. Whelan and Young's Corimist Sunshine Girl

Puppy Bitch (8,2 Abs)

1. Baker and Van De Hoef's Malanex Xpat's Image

2. Sewell's Alistair's Designed Just Right for Kemelstowe (Imp Swe)

- A really lovely puppy and another I would have liked to have taken home. Balanced and sound, moving exceptionally well with purpose and drive, mature for her age. Another destined for the top.

3. Weightman's - Highflying Sexy Dancer at Debbeacol (Imp Swe)

Junior Bitch (13)

1. Jay's Talraz Relight My Fire - 12 month slate, beautiful head and expression, lovely eye. Good length of neck leading to well-placed shoulders. Good depth of chest, correctly angulated rear, moved with reach and drive.

2. Bartlett's Kelligrews Kiss Under A Star - 14 month black bitch who I liked a lot for her type and proportions. Well-constructed which is evident in her lovely shape and outline. Moved out well with purpose, just preferred the extra reach of my class winner today.

3. O'Brien's Potterdale Angeleyes at Sammara

Yearling Bitch (18,1 Abs)

1. Moir's Braemoor's Fabulous Fennela at Winaria (Imp Nld) JW - 23 month slate. Very mature. Lovely construction with good muscle and fitness. Although she moved out with excellent drive, I have seen her more animated than she was today. However, her overall type and outline are excellent and she could not be denied this class.

2. May's Sengalas Indiana True - 19 month slate with commanding ring presence. Lovely coat and condition, very showy and had that 'look at me' aura. Sweet head and expression, good front leading to long ribcage and totally balanced angulation. Moved out well, just preferred the extension of the class winner who pipped her at the post today.

3. Harkin's Corimist Galway Girl at Claudalla

Maiden Bitch (10,1 Abs)

1. Sewell's Alistair's Designed Just Right for Kemelstowe (Imp Swe)

2. Weightman's Highflying Sexy Dancer at Debbeacol (Imp Swe) - 12 month slate with sweet expression and good eye colour. Correct length to height ratio. Good front and rear angulation. Very pleasing on the move.

3. Jemmett's Philemon Keltic Magic for Westbere (Imp Deu)

Novice Bitch (9,3 Abs)

1. Jay's Talraz Gift Of Gold - 20 month brown with lovely harsh coat coming through. Lots to like about her, well made in all departments and showing well with composure. Moved steadily and accurately and was previously VHC in the strong Yearling class.

2. Sewell's Alistair's Designed Just Right for Kemelstowe (Imp Swe)

3. Weightman's Highflying Sexy Dancer at Debbeacol (Imp Swe)

Debutant Bitch (8,1 Abs)

1. Sewell's Alistair's Designed Just Right for Kemelstowe (Imp Swe)

2. Weightman's Highflying Sexy Dancer at Debbeacol (Imp Swe)

3. Glasgow Malandex Xpat'S Gem at Gallus

Graduate Bitch (8,3 Abs)

1. Edwards' Nellbrook Pure Imagination JW - 15 month blue. A real beauty. Utterly feminine and elegant although not yet in her best clothes. Wonderfully balanced and excellent all round. She did not put a foot wrong, so in tune with her handler and could not be denied this class.

2. Stockwell and Paterson's Winterlyn Amethyst Reef - 2 year old brown who is very nice to go over. A lovely shape and well presented. Good shoulder placement and length of rib, lovely eye and good pigment. Moved well but I just preferred the extension and extra drive of the class winner.

3. Fooks' Zoesta Perfect Bliss

Post Graduate Bitch (16,3 Abs)

1. Paterson's Winterlyn Amber Sunrise - 2 year old brown, litter sister to 2nd in Graduate class. Similar comments apply, very pleasing type with lovely construction. Good eye and pigment, moved out with purpose and enthusiasm.

2. Buckley's Holtend Captured In Time - 3 year old slate. Good eye and pigment, deep chest and good length of rib. A little unsettled at the outset but came to the fore on the move and moved effortlessly with reach and drive. Overall her type and outline are excellent and she could not be overlooked.

3. Salter's Irisaddition Effie Trinket JW

Mid Limit Bitch (8)

1. Collins' Luna De Chester at Kingswud (Imp Fra) JW - a real beauty. Utterly feminine and elegant. Broad muzzle, dark eye, correct neck and body proportions with deep ribcage. Shows quality and substance on good measure. To top the picture, she moved out well with reach and drive.

2. Styles' Ragellie Timeless JW - Another real mover today topped with a lovely head and expression. Sound in all departments. Looked a picture standing and was stylish and positive on the move.

3. Fox's Braemoor'S Start The Party with Bushblades (Imp Nld)

Limit Bitch (17,1 Abs)

1. Hards' Braemoray Loch An Eilein JW - Outstanding 3 year old who must have the brightest of futures. My eye has been caught by her before and I was not disappointed today. Perfect size and balance and good in all departments. As expected from her construction, she moves with power and purpose in complete union with her handler and pushed hard today for the RCC.

2. Weightman's Debbeacol Poetry In Motion JW - Another quality exhibit who was sound in all aspects. On the move she pushed the class winner hard but could not match the drive of 1 on excellent form today.

3. Whelan and Young Victory Wind'S Just The Girl for Corimist (Imp Fra)

Open Bitch (14, 5 Abs)

1. Baker and Van De Hoef's Ch Malandex Xquisit Diamond JW (RCC) - Very appealing brown girl who could not be denied her place at the head of this strongly contested class. Top drawer presentation. Beautiful head and dark expressive eye. Lovely outline, good shoulders and length of rib, firm topline. Strongly made hindquarters and moved with easy, ground covering strides.

2. Jay's Ch Talraz Fleur De Lys JW - Another quality bitch in this super class. In beautiful coat and condition. Lovely head and soft, appealing expression. Good reach of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders. Balanced angulation fore and aft, strong, level topline. Another who impressed on the move; a worthy Champion.

3. O'Brien's Ch Sammara Little Black Dress

Special Open Bitch (7,1 Abs)

1. Atkins' And Charles' Snikkles Sapphire - Attractive blue with a strong head, good eye and pigmentation. Well proportioned throughout and moved out soundly, driving from the rear.

2. Woolley's Aratika Creme De La Creme JW ShCM - Outstanding brown. Good eye and pigment, deep chest. Handled and presented to perfection both standing and on the move.

3. Fooks' Moonhill Absolute Bliss At Zoesta JW

Veteran Bitch (17,5 Abs)

1. Edwards' Ch Nellbrook Imagination JW ShCM (15th CC, BVIS/RBIS) - What can you say about this lovely girl, except that she completely bowled me over today. In full bloom and in top form, she was enjoying every moment and carrying her 7 1/2 years so lightly; it was hard to believe her age. Beautifully constructed, darkest of eyes, excellent pigmentation, totally elegant and light on her feet with that daisy picking movement that is a joy to watch. A true star for me today. BCC, RBIS, BOS and BVIS

2. Jay's Ch Talraz Hot Favourite - Another I have always loved, and still do. Sound and balanced with the sweetest of heads, lovely eye giving her that elusive dreamy expression. Sound and purposeful on the move, covering the ground with economy and ease.

3. Betts' Ch Pipadene Ultimate Dream JW

Special Vintage Bitch (9,1 Abs)

1. Richardson's Ch Caramac C'Mon Ring My Bell - 10 year old, so well constructed in all departments and fits our Breed standard so well. Dark eye giving soft expression, good neck, length of rib, balanced angulation front and rear. Overall a lovely picture and she did not disappoint on the move, held her topline well and moved with reach and drive.

2. Hosie's Ch Gillaber Balnacara At Aliskye JW - Quality 10 year old, beautifully presented. With lovely length of rib, good shoulder placement and angulation giving her a very balanced outline. Moved out well with free and easy movement.

3. Moorhouse's Ch Willowmead Alice Blue Gown JW

Special Beginner Bitch (15,5 Abs)

1. Burford's Heleview Harmony ShCM - 4 year old slate. Correct proportions with good head and expression. Balanced front and rear. Moved out with long, easy strides in harmony with her handler.

2. Hurry's Alcheringa Persian Moon - 5 year old slate. Nice head and expression. Well proportioned; moved out steadily with drive.

3. Paterson's Winterlyn Amber Sunrise

Scottish Bred Bitch (3)

1. Gill and Cook's Ch Gillaber Benachie JW - VHC in the earlier strong Open class. Good head and length of neck, well proportioned throughout. Moved out soundly here with reach and drive.

2. Hosie's Ch Gillaber Balnacara At Aliskye JW

Judge: Mrs Sue Carter (Woodacre)