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Welcome to the website of the Bearded Collie Club.

The Birmingham National Champ Show results can be found here.
Southern Counties BCC Champ Show results are here.
The BCC April Open Show critiques are now available to view here.
West of England Ladies Kennel Soc results are now here
The Bearded Collie Club Open Show results are here...
... and the Open Show photos, fun obedience and junior handling results can be seen here.
The 2022 Trophy Points Leader Board is live and can be viewed here.

The Bearded Collie Club aims to cater for ALL Beardie owners and is intent on maintaining our breed's enviable reputation and our website supports this aim by providing information on all Beardie issues and activities.


A Breed Appreciation Day has been organised for 16th October 2022 At Edingale Village Hall, B79 9LJ, hosted by The Bearded Collie Club, Midshires Bearded Collie Club and North of England Bearded Collie Club. The speakers will be breed specialists Mrs Angela Pedder (Caldermist) and Miss Lesley Tomlinson (Coalacre). Please see attached flyer for full details and booking arrangements.

BCC Championship Show 9th July 2022
in partnership with East of England

The schedule for the BCC show (deferred from December 2021) is now on Fosse Data downloadable via this link.
The BCC show will not have any benching facility nor any wet weather accomodation; however, BCC exhibitors will be allowed to bring their small tents, gazebos and umbrellas to be set up ONLY in the area surrounding the two BCC rings, the location of which will be posted on Fosse Data and the BCC Members Only Group Facebook page nearer the date of the show. For your own safety please note the health and safety information given on page 5 of the schedule and that you will need to bring your own chairs.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Championship Show in July.

Bearded Collie Annual Health Survey 2022
In order to collect ongoing health data on as many Bearded Collies in the UK as possible the UK bearded collie clubs jointly run an annual health survey which is open in February each year. This is for ALL Kennel Club registered Bearded Collies regardless of whether they are show dogs, breeding dogs, activity dogs or pets. Please submit information on ALL your Bearded Collies - we need to know about the healthy dogs as well! You can also complete this if you have had a dog die in the last 12 months please just state that the dog has died when you tell us about the health problem. This survey is really short and easy to complete (about 2 minutes) and is totally anonymous. It is aimed at getting everyone together to safeguard the future of our breed. We will publish the results for all to access on the club’s web sites later this year. Please click on this link to take part. This is also a good time to remind you that you can enter also health data on the Beacon Health site by following this link. You will then be reminded to update this annually.

New auto-immune disease study. The JBLC has previously funded research at the Royal Veterinary College looking at markers to try and identify Bearded Collies with Addison's disease. The RVC is now embarking on a new large study of auto-immune disease in the dog and looking for volunteers. They are specifically looking for dogs newly diagnosed with IMHA, ITP,IMPA and SRMA - see criteria in this link. Please pass the message on if you know of anyone with a Bearded Collie that fits these criteria.

Survey into Pain Management for Osteoarthritis. Please complete this online survey if you can - any research that can help us to help dogs in pain is important!

Bearded Collie Annual Health Survey. The Joint Breed Liaison Committee's 2021 Bearded Collie Annual Health Survey has been published and is now available to download here.

The 2021 Trophy Points Leader Board positions have been confirmed and can be viewed here.

Bearded Collie Breed Strategy
Exchange of health information between breeders and stud dog owners when planning a mating
As part of the Breed Strategy and following the request from breeders to produce a checklist with guidance for the exchange of health information between breeders and stud dog owners when planning a mating, the JBLC has produced a checklist as to the type of questions that breeders can ask potential stud dog owners, and a longer article which expands on the checklist and covers other points to consider when choosing a stud dog - see the JBLC Breed Strategy page.

Bearded Collie Breed Strategy: Popular Sire Usage
An analysis of sire usage has been done to show what effect the recommended annual limit of 2 litters per year would have had, if it had been in place during the period 2011 - 2016. You can find the analysis here.

Website updates: Long-term Breed Health page
New links added to the following items:
Bearded Collie Health - Useful Websites for Information: a downloadable list provided by our Breed Health Co-ordinator Liz Ayrton.
Maintaining and Improving Breeds: an article on genetic diversity covering many of the issues raised in the recent workshops and the Breed Strategy event. The article is written by Dr Jerry Bell, who has also recently completed a study on genetic diversity in AKC-registered Bearded Collies.

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