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The Bearded Collie Club aims to cater for ALL Beardie owners and is intent on maintaining our breed's enviable reputation and our website supports this aim by providing information on all Beardie issues and activities.

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CANCELLATION of the Bearded Collie Club Open Show 10th April 2021 and AGMs 21st March 2021
The Midlands has some of the very highest rates of Covid in the UK with Birmingham topping the list with double the numbers of the virus than anywhere else in the UK, also Sandwell and Walsall where the venues are located have some of the highest rates per population. For these reasons the Committee has agreed with regret that whatever the Government announce later this month, it would be very difficult to run the April indoor show safely and the health and safety of everyone is our prime concern. Our judge, the Kennel Club and Fosse Data have been advised.
The March AGMs for 2020 and 2021 are also cancelled as the venue has been closed during the entire period from March 2020 due to the virus. We will be notifying every member advising them of the cancellations and the way we propose to deal with these AGMs following the recent guidance issued by the Kennel Club.
We hope to run the two Bearded Collie Championship shows arranged for later in 2021. The 2020 Championship Show deferred from December 2020 is to be held on 10th July 2021 in partnership with the East of England Show. The 2021 Championship Show is to be held at our normal venue near Coventry on 4th December 2021.
We thank everyone for their continuing support and let's hope for an end to the current virus restrictions when it is safe to do so and much better days ahead.

It is with great sadness that we report the news that the Bearded Collie Club's long serving Patron, Barbara Iremonger, passed away on 20th December 2020. Barbara had been in poor health for a while and peacefully passed away in hospital at the age of 83. Her funeral was held in January with limited family members in attendance due to lockdown restrictions. We have been told by Barbara's close dear friend Shane Flint that there are currently no instructions from family about sending condolences or donations. However, we will share any information we have as we get it and the Club will organise something to honour Barbara’s memory when we are allowed to mix again.

Barbara’s introduction to the Beardie world was as kennel maid to Mrs Willison at the world famous Bothkennar Kennels and her involvement with the Club was a natural progression. She served in a variety of roles as part of Committee, President (1979-1989) and then was installed as Patron in 1989 in recognition of her service to both breed and Club. Brenda White (Patron) shared that she spent many happy times in Barbara’s company hearing first-hand about her time spent at Bothkennar Kennels, also reminding us that Barbara was very generous in hosting many Club events at her home and how she gave much support to Beardies and the BCC.

Many members will have their own fond memories of Barbara and the Committee were delighted that she was able to join the celebrations of the Club's Diamond Jubilee. It felt only fitting to share a photo from Barbara's early years as well as a happy memory from the Diamond Jubillee. Barbara was a much-loved part of the Beardie community and will be sadly missed by all that knew her. Please feel free to email your own memories and photos of Barbara and any Sunbree Bearded Collies to the website administrator for inclusion in our soon to be launched gallery pages.

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have now been able to arrange to move our 2020 Championship Show to Saturday 10th July 2021 in conjunction with the East of England Championship Show with very grateful thanks to their Show Secretary, Mrs Pat Dufty, for all her help and assistance with this.

As planned for our 2020 December show Glenda O'Connell (Atherleigh) will judge the Dog classes, Liz Jay (Talraz) will judge the Bitch classes and Janet Steel (Spinningdale) will be referee. We are extremely grateful to our judges for accepting these new arrangements and especially Liz Jay for rearranging another commitment in order to judge on our new date.

We have been allocated two large rings all day on Saturday 10th July near the main show and caravan area. Alan Hards is Show Manager for East of England and I am sure we will be well looked after. Pastoral Day at East of England Show will be on Sunday 11th July 2021 where the judge is Steve Hall (Shenedene).

Our July show may not be the great social event we have had in the past as it will very much depend on the virus and social distancing rules at the time. But we will do our best to make the show as safe and enjoyable as possible for everyone. Let's keep our fingers crossed all goes well with the proposed vaccines.

The show on 10th July 2021 will be in addition to our normal annual Championship Dog Show booked to be held on 4 December 2021 at the Sports Connexion in Coventry. We have also booked our Open Show for Saturday 10th April 2021 and AGM for Sunday 21st March 2021. Keep your fingers crossed the COVID-19 situation will allow these events in the Spring to go ahead.

In the meantime, take care everyone and stay safe. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events in 2021.

Bearded Collie Annual Health Survey.We are pleased to announce that the 2020 Bearded Collie Annual Health Survey has been published and is now available to download here.

The 'Making Memories' video, filmed during the very enjoyable Q&A session held at Inkberrow in June 2019 and featuring six very influential and long-established Bearded Collie breeders can be purchased through the website either as a DVD or on a USB memory stick. Click here to purchase a copy of the video.

The Kennel Club have published their latest (2019) Breed Health and Conservation Plan for the Bearded Collie. This is based to a large extent on the recent work and findings of the Joint Breed Liaison Committee from the Breed Health surveys to which many members contributed. The complete document can be viewed or downloaded from here

The Animal Health Trust's DNA Databank Very sadly the AHT closed in July. The AHT was a Charitable Trust and tragically ran out of funding to continue its important work. We have been informed that no DNA samples have been lost and they have been transferred to Cambridge Veterinary School. We hope to have more updates in due course.

Announcing the Bearded Collie 'Buddy' Scheme - Another initiative forming part of the Bearded Collie Breed Strategy, the 'Buddy' Scheme aims to encourage and support new and repeat Bearded Collie owners - see the JBLC Bearded Collie 'Buddy' Scheme page for details, including how to find a Buddy and how to become one.

Bearded Collie Breed Strategy
Exchange of health information between breeders and stud dog owners when planning a mating
As part of the Breed Strategy and following the request from breeders to produce a checklist with guidance for the exchange of health information between breeders and stud dog owners when planning a mating, the JBLC has produced a checklist as to the type of questions that breeders can ask potential stud dog owners, and a longer article which expands on the checklist and covers other points to consider when choosing a stud dog - see the JBLC Breed Strategy page.

Bearded Collie Breed Strategy: Popular Sire Usage
An analysis of sire usage has been done to show what effect the recommended annual limit of 2 litters per year would have had, if it had been in place during the period 2011 - 2016. You can find the analysis here.

Website updates: Long-term Breed Health page
New links added to the following items:
Bearded Collie Health - Useful Websites for Information: a downloadable list provided by our Breed Health Co-ordinator Liz Ayrton.
Maintaining and Improving Breeds: an article on genetic diversity covering many of the issues raised in the recent workshops and the Breed Strategy event. The article is written by Dr Jerry Bell, who has also recently completed a study on genetic diversity in AKC-registered Bearded Collies.

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