The Joint Breed Liaison Committee

The Bearded Collie DNA Databank

What it is and how to contribute

Take a Positive Step to Help Safeguard the Future Health of our Breed

One of the most important legacies we can leave for our breed is a DNA Databank and the Joint Breed Liaison Committee has made arrangements with the Animal Health Trust to collect and archive the DNA from KC Breed registered Bearded Collies.

What is the DNA Databank?

A DNA Databank is a collection of DNA samples from different Bearded Collies that can be stored for an indefinite period of time with a view to using it in the future for research purposes, e.g. investigating the causes of inherited diseases, studying genetic diversity, or estimating the frequency of a genetic mutation in the general Bearded Collie population, such as was carried out in the recent CEA study.

Which dogs' DNA do you want?

We are interested in storing DNA from ANY Bearded Collie but especially those which have, or will be, used for breeding purposes. We also want to store DNA from those dogs that are known to be affected by, or be closely related to, dogs affected with inherited conditions.

How is the DNA collected and what other information do you need?

DNA can be collected by means of a simple cheek swab - the cost of the swab, extracting the DNA and storing it is only £5.00 per dog. BCC Rescue and Welfare are pleased to be offering owners the facility to provide samples of their Beardies' DNA at our Club shows at the subsidised cost of £2.50 per kit.

If you are attending one of our shows, you can easily have your dog swabbed on the day but you will need to bring along details of your dog, including KC registration number, microchip/tattoo no. if known and details of any possible inherited health conditions, together with copies of any relevant information regarding them i.e. hip score certificates, eye exam certificates, dates of diagnosis and copies of any key notes from the clinical history OR you can collect a swab kit, do the procedure at home using the instructions provided, and send the swabs and information to the AHT in the envelope provided.

If you are unable to attend one of our shows then a limited number of swab kits are also available by post at £2.50 with the information, instructions and envelope provided to send to the AHT as above. For more information and a swab kit, please contact Mrs Robynne Wood, telephone 0161 2790957, or email -

Remember it is important that you update the health information on your dog so that any changes in clinical status can be recorded. The AHT also want to know if your dog lived a long healthy life too!

Will my dog's details be published?

Both owner and dog information is kept in the strictest confidence, although from time to time a list of the names of dogs whose DNA is stored may be released to Breed Club representatives. No information other than the name is released.

How do I get involved?

Swabs and submission forms are available from your Bearded Collie Club Representative: Mrs Robynne Wood, or from the Animal Health Trust (at £5.00 per kit) - email: (this is also the email address for updating the health information on your dog).

Last updated: 24 January 2018