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As the flagship Breed Club for the Bearded Collie, the BCC is intent on maintaining our breed's enviable reputation. Our website will help support this aim by providing accurate and up-to-date information on all Beardie issues and activities in an informative, entertaining and topical way.
The Bearded Collie Club aims to cater for ALL Beardie owners, so if you have ideas for new web pages or material please email the webmaster with them.

The JBLC has arranged a 20/20 clinic with OptiGen for DNA testing for CEA, which provides participants with a discount on the cost of the test. This discount is available until 10th May, and to take advantage you will require a unique code. The JBLC are running a testing clinic at NEBCC championship show in May, but those not able to attend the show can still take part. Further details can be downloaded from here.

The first of the twelve monthly prize draws was made by Mrs Mary Pepper who judged the BCC Open Show on 5 April. The lucky winner was Mrs E Ayrton of Cumbria. Congratulations! If you have not yet entered, you can still subscribe for the remaining eleven months. Simply log in to the Members' Area and enter on-line - 11.60 per entry until 30th April. The second draw will be made on 18th May at Midland Branch's Inkberrow Fun Day. All cumulative entries up to 30th April will go into the second draw.

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Results from the Working & Pastoral Breeds Assoc of Wales Champ Show can be found here and the Eastern Bearded Collie Association's Champ Show results here.
Eye testing will be offered at SCBCC's 'Spring Frolic' on 18th May 2014 - further info here
Click here for the Joint Breed Liaison Committee report on Collie Eye Anomaly in Beardies and for details of how to get your Beardie tested....
...The view stated by the Breed Health Coordinator Elizabeth Kershaw in the Dog Press recently is not the view of the Bearded Collie Club and has been made in isolation. It does not have the support of the Bearded Collie Club.