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Brown Beardie at home

Welcome to the Bearded Collie Club website

Results from Crufts can be viewed here.
Results from Southern Counties BCC Championship Show can be viewed here.
Results from the Manchester Championship Show can be viewed here.
Results from the Boston & District Canine Society Championship Show can be viewed here.

The Bearded Collie Club is intent on maintaining our breed's enviable reputation and our website supports this aim by providing information on all Beardie issues and activities. The Bearded Collie Club aims to cater for ALL Beardie owners, so if you have ideas for new web pages or material please email them to the Secretary.

Some members have experienced problems when trying to log in to the Members' Area. There has also been evidence of potential hacking of the web-site via the login links. To safeguard members' data etc. we have therefore decided to disable the login facility. We hope this does not cause undue inconvenience, but would ask that any documents currently available for download via the members' area be requested by email to the Secretary.

The 2019 Points Trophy Leader Board is now active and can be found here

Bearded Collie Annual Health Survey In order to collect ongoing health data on as many Bearded Collies in the UK as possible we run an annual health survey which is open in February each year. This is for all Kennel Club registered Bearded Collies. Meanwhile the results of the 2018 Breed Health Survey are available via our JBLC Breed Health Surveys section.

Working Tests and Obedience fixtures
The list of fixtures for 2019 is available here. Further events may be added during the year as details are confirmed.

BCC Championship Show
The results from our 2018 show can be seen here. Photos, the judges' critiques, and the Junior Handling report will posted on our Club Shows page as they are made available.

Get ready for 2019
The 2019 Shows schedule can be found here and the Club Calendar for 2019 is now ready for you to buy - details here.

The Bearded Collie 'Buddy' Scheme
Another initiative forming part of the Bearded Collie Breed Strategy, the 'Buddy' Scheme aims to encourage and support new and repeat Bearded Collie owners - see the JBLC Bearded Collie 'Buddy' Scheme page for details, including how to find a Buddy and how to become one.

Bearded Collie Breed Strategy: Exchange of health information between breeders and stud dog owners when planning a mating
As part of the Breed Strategy and following the request from breeders to produce a checklist with guidance for the exchange of health information between breeders and stud dog owners when planning a mating, the JBLC has produced a checklist as to the type of questions that breeders can ask potential stud dog owners, and a longer article which expands on the checklist and covers other points to consider when choosing a stud dog - see the JBLC Breed Strategy page.

Bearded Collie Breed Strategy: Popular Sire Usage
An analysis of sire usage has been done to show what effect the recommended annual limit of two litters per year would have had, if it had been in place during the period 2011 - 2016. You can find the analysis here.

Website updates: Long-term Breed Health page
New links added to the following items:
Bearded Collie Health - Useful Websites for Information: a downloadable list provided by our Breed Health Co-ordinator Liz Ayrton.
Maintaining and Improving Breeds: an article on genetic diversity covering many of the issues raised in the recent workshops and the Breed Strategy event. The article is written by Dr Jerry Bell, who has also recently completed a study on genetic diversity in AKC-registered Bearded Collies.

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