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Results from Crufts can be viewed here.
Results from the Southern Counties BCC Champ Show can be viewed here.
Results from the Manchester DSS Champ Show can be viewed here.
Results from the Boston & District CS Champ Show can be viewed here.

The Bearded Collie Club aims to cater for ALL Beardie owners and is intent on maintaining our breed's enviable reputation and our website supports this aim by providing information on all Beardie issues and activities.

If you should spot errors or omissions or find links that don't work properly inform the Web Administrator by email. Please do not direct web site queries to the Secretary.

The Committee has taken some difficult decisions about upcoming events even before the recent government and KC instructions in the wake of the unfolding coronavirus crisis.
The AGM scheduled for 22nd March is now cancelled. We are hoping that it can be held in July and we will ensure that we give 21 days notice as per Club rules.
The club's Open Show due to be held on Sunday 5th April 2020 will also not be taking place. We are hoping to postpone it till later in the year rather than cancel. But please bear with us as we investigate the options - we will contact exhibitors directly in due course. The Chair and Committee thank all of you for your patience, understanding and continued support.

The 2020 JBLC's Breed Health Survey is now open to Beardie owners. It's purpose is to collect health data on as many Bearded Collies in the UK as possible. The survey is open to all Kennel Club registered Bearded Collies. Please submit information on ALL your Bearded Collies - we need to know about the healthy dogs as well! The survey is really short and easy to complete (about 2 minutes) and is totally anonymous. Do participate in helping to establish the state of health of our wondeful breed. Go to the JBLC Breed Health Surveys page to take part.

JBLC Update - Autumn 2019
We have recently received the Autumn 2019 Update describing the work done by and on behalf of the Joint Breed Liaison Committee (JBLC). It can be viewed here. Also on this same page you will find a list of canine reproductive services (including sperm storage) available in the UK.

The BCC Calendar 2020 and 'Making Memories' videos can now be purchased through the website. Click here to place your calendar order and here to purchase a copy of the video. Some users may have experienced problems when attempting to use this service but some niggling issues have now been fully resolved.

Saturday 19th October marked the annual Midland Branch Pentathlon event hosted as usual by Janet Martineau at her Gloucestershire home. We have received a report of the day's fun and activities which can be read in full here. Many thanks to Janet for holding this enjoyable event and for providing such an entertaining account of the day.

The Kennel Club have recently published their latest (2019) Breed Health and Conservation Plan for the Bearded Collie. This is based to a large extent on the recent work and findings of the Joint Breed Liaison Committee from the Breed Health surveys to which many members contributed. The complete document can be viewed or downloaded from here

The JBLC's 2019 Breed Health Report is now available here on the JBLC pages together with the 2018 report.

The Bearded Collie Club were delighted to be awarded Excellent for their 2019 Open Show by the Kennel Club Field Officer and the KC Certificate has now arrived (left). A special thank you to the Officers, committee, judges, stewards, and exhibitors for making the Open Show such a success.

The Bearded Collie Club's 2019 Open Show judges' critiques can be found here

The AHT DNA Databank - REMINDER to keep your records updated
We are reminding members who have submitted DNA samples for the Animal Health Trust study to keep their records updated. Click here to view this topic on the News page.

Announcing the Bearded Collie 'Buddy' Scheme - Another initiative forming part of the Bearded Collie Breed Strategy, the 'Buddy' Scheme aims to encourage and support new and repeat Bearded Collie owners - see the JBLC Bearded Collie 'Buddy' Scheme page for details, including how to find a Buddy and how to become one.

Bearded Collie Breed Strategy
Exchange of health information between breeders and stud dog owners when planning a mating
As part of the Breed Strategy and following the request from breeders to produce a checklist with guidance for the exchange of health information between breeders and stud dog owners when planning a mating, the JBLC has produced a checklist as to the type of questions that breeders can ask potential stud dog owners, and a longer article which expands on the checklist and covers other points to consider when choosing a stud dog - see the JBLC Breed Strategy page.

Bearded Collie Breed Strategy: Popular Sire Usage
An analysis of sire usage has been done to show what effect the recommended annual limit of 2 litters per year would have had, if it had been in place during the period 2011 - 2016. You can find the analysis here.

Website updates: Long-term Breed Health page
New links added to the following items:
Bearded Collie Health - Useful Websites for Information: a downloadable list provided by our Breed Health Co-ordinator Liz Ayrton.
Maintaining and Improving Breeds: an article on genetic diversity covering many of the issues raised in the recent workshops and the Breed Strategy event. The article is written by Dr Jerry Bell, who has also recently completed a study on genetic diversity in AKC-registered Bearded Collies.

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