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Brown Beardie at home

Welcome to the Bearded Collie Club website.     Click here to log in

Results from South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show can be viewed here.
Results from the Bearded Collie Club of Scotland Championship Show can be viewed here.
Results from the Club's Open Show (hosted by the Scottish Branch) can be viewed here.
Diamond Jubilee logo

This year is the BCC's Diamond Jubilee year and the logo above has been commissioned to celebrate the occasion. For details of the artist click here. To view the range of Jubilee-themed goods available for purchase click here

The Bearded Collie Club is intent on maintaining our breed's enviable reputation and our website supports this aim by providing information on all Beardie issues and activities. The Bearded Collie Club aims to cater for ALL Beardie owners, so if you have ideas for new web pages or material please email them to the Webmaster.

Midland Branch members
You can now keep up with local events and activities on the new Branch Facebook page.

2015 Diamond Jubilee Yearbook
Yearbook submissions are due at the end of October so donít forget to get send your entries in. There has been some confusion over adverts being requested as a Word document - see the Downloads page in the Members' Area for further advice and an example advert.

Trends in genetic diversity - KC report on Bearded Collies
Links to the report and the research on which it is based are available from our News page.

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