The Joint Breed Liaison Committee

Table Showing Annual Sire Usage - 2017

Litters are listed by year of birth not year of registration and are for UK litters only
 For year 2017  Cumulative
Sire Name DOB No.of LittersNo.of pupsNo.of LittersNo.of Pups
Hobbit's joy Diament for Ramsgrove Z Domu Etny01/04/13430649
Just Brilliant for Roxilyn Smartness29/03/13324957
In Vogue Island High Society at Talraz24/01/12320536
Bryonyhill Double Dutch23/05/11324431
Reaosh Purplexed08/12/11315419
Bryonyhill Tripple Truffle23/08/082161049
Sallen Carrigallan26/05/06211849
Bryonyhill Mr Ree25/05/07212948
Glenspey Bullet Proof Soul at Corimist12/10/11213636
Bryonyhill Grand Design03/07/1026627
Sammara Grey Shadow19/03/07215215
Malandex Most Xciting07/04/13213314
Ribbondale Smart Guy04/12/12213213
Breaksea Captain Scarlet10/12/0711743
Caramac Change the Beat30/09/0817635
In Vogue Island Come to Look at Me24/05/0718634
Karmeliann Stargazer18/06/0917532
Mendipity Homeward Bound to Mollyfleck09/02/1217427
Potterdale Platinum Plus04/12/1215424
Calston Rising Star18/03/0616622
Corimist Chicago for Kiltondale16/01/1313319
Balidorn Bold as Brass29/06/1716418
Gatsby de Chester at Snowmead13/03/1111317
Kirstencourt Kasanova13/07/1017316
Shilstone Craftsman24/06/12110215
Kelligrews King of the Stars25/09/15111111
Ramsgrove Majendie's Dream03/01/14110110
Roxilyn Dark and Dashing20/07/17110110
Dychix Meet Joe Black16/09/121818
Ramsgrove Majendie's Gift03/01/141818
Talraz Royal Ascot18/06/091818
Moonspell Emperor of Dreamz21/04/101717
Ramscraig Doran Balach30/07/051717
Ceilmear Harris Tweed08/01/161616
Holtend Space Odyssey07/11/151616
Kirstencourt Ka Pai10/05/131616
Goonies Highlander Lad26/01/091616
Caldermist Kiss In the Dark02/04/141212