The Joint Breed Liaison Committee

Summary of JBLC Meeting - 29 July 2017

The JBLC met on 29th July 2017 to finalise the Breed Strategy following the workshop which took place on May 13th 2017, an event at which breed enthusiasts were invited to give their feedback on the proposed Breed Strategy and hear input from the KC Geneticist Tom Lewis.

We also welcomed our new Chairman Mr Robin Newhouse to the July meeting who worked with us when reviewing the contributions from the Bearded Collie community that have helped us to develop the Breed Strategy by sharing their concerns about the future of the breed, together with suggestions for actions.

As well as discussing plans for action, the JBLC discussed who would 'own' each section of the strategy, how we would review progress and ways of measuring success.

Below is a brief outline of the 5 separate areas of the Strategy and work is commencing on the actions. There will be further updates as we move through the plans and seek your help in implementing them.

1. Breed Health & Sustainability Overall responsibility for this area - Breed Health Co-ordinator Elizabeth Ayrton

The main actions as discussed by the workshops are:

a. Increasing the number of sires used: Following advice from the KC geneticist Tom Lewis it is recommended that sires produce no more than two litters in any one year (including those produced for their owners). This recommendation is based on our current registration figures and will be amended should these change. We recognise that Clubs have no power to enforce these recommendations and that some initial leeway may be required as breeders put their breeding plans into action. However we will publish a list of sires used each year and the percentage of the puppies sired by them and hope that breeders will use this information to work towards the desired limit.

We hope to encourage a wider use of sires by encouraging more dogs onto stud lists and providing further advice on sperm banking.

b. Obtaining more reliable information about the health of the breed: We are currently working with BeaCon to enable them to provide us with more information on UK dogs and we are continuing to encourage Bearded Collie owners to add information on their dogs to Beacon. We are currently working on a leaflet for breeders to include in puppy packs. We also hope to be able to use information from VetCompass and insurance companies.

2. Breed Promotion & Next Generation Strategy Overall responsibility for this area Paula Brooks and Tony Burscough

The main actions as discussed by the workshops are:

a. Working to introduce new owners into the breed: This will include presence at Pet Shows, advertising and marketing.

b. Introducing a 'Buddy Scheme' to 'grow' the next generation of owners and breeder: development of the scheme is currently underway.

3. Breeders & Breeding Strategy Overall responsibility for this area Yvonne Fox and Anne Robson

The main actions as discussed by the workshops are:

a. Promoting Mate Select and providing information to help breeders make better use of Co-efficients of inbreeding.

b. Organising a Canine Reproduction seminar: A seminar is planned for 14th October 2017 at Yelvertoft Village Hall - speaker Angelika von Heimendahl

4. Breed Community Development Strategy Overall responsibility for this area the JBLC through the Breed Clubs -Yvonne Fox to oversee

The main actions as discussed by the workshops are:

a. Introducing a guidance checklist to facilitate the exchange of health information between both parties when planning matings: we will draw up a simple checklist of things to consider when approaching owners of stud dogs/ brood bitches

b. Information for Judges: we plan to update judges of aspects of the strategy that concern them.

5. Breed Health & Information Strategy Overall responsibility for this area Sarah Ritchie, Elizabeth Ayrton & Anne Robson

The main actions as discussed by the workshops are:

a. We aim to provide easy access to educational resources on a dedicated site.

b. Based on health date collected annually from BeaCon we will carry out literature searches on relevant subjects and conduct mini surveys to gain more information so that we always endeavour to follow the best Evidence Based Medicine.