The Joint Breed Liaison Committee

Table Showing Annual Sire Usage - 2020

Litters are listed by year of birth not year of registration and are for UK litters only
 For year 2020  Cumulative
Sire Name DOB No.of LittersNo.of pupsNo.of LittersNo.of Pups
Bryonyhill Wizzard Wizzes to Crestasan23/08/17428428
Corimist Chicago for Kiltondale16/01/13317746
Roxilyn Mission Control04/07/16324640
Victory Winds Orange Mecanique for Karmeliann19/03/18320427
Just Brilliant for Roxilyn Smartness29/03/132101269
Ciopar Rangers Rascal at Duncannas12/01/1128854
Caldermist Kiss In the Dark02/04/14212639
Natterjack Starman06/10/15215215
Roseollie Mr Moonlight at Mollyfleck31/07/17215215
Ramsgrove Coruscation for Breaksea24/05/1727314
Ramsgrove The Great Oopsie09/07/18211211
Reaosh Purplexed08/12/1115949
Malandex Most Xciting07/04/1317848
Dychix Meet Joe Black16/09/1218536
Roxilyn Dark and Dashing20/07/1718435
Potterdale Platinum Plus04/12/1215529
Braemoor’s Cliffhanger at Bushblades06/05/1016521
Holtend Space Odyssey07/11/1514421
Maghullpaws Sweet Dreams for Wildan14/01/1111421
Holtend Horizon16/03/1217317
Memorylane Do The Tra-La-Laa at Snikkles09/03/1717314
Moonspell Emperor of Dreamz21/04/1016213
Snikkles Blue Print29/03/1318313
Corimist Soul On Fire12/03/15110110
Sallen Csar30/11/1716210
Snowmead Simply Brilliant at Nadene08/11/17110110
Nonesuch Best of Times at Bendale17/01/171919
Ceilmear’s Royal Marine04/08/131818
Barbudo Back on Track17/10/111225
Braemoray Loch Ranza at Clanwillow28/02/151515
Tolkien’s Dream Oin with Lubin07/05/171414
Debbeacol Born to Boogie15/08/131313
Kelkary Steeling Secrets at Corimist28/05/191313
Kitesover Passchendale Boy22/06/141313
Ceilmear’s Harris Tweed08/01/1612315