The Joint Breed Liaison Committee

Table Showing Annual Sire Usage - 2019

Litters are listed by year of birth not year of registration and are for UK litters only
 For year 2019  Cumulative
Sire Name DOB No.of LittersNo.of pupsNo.of LittersNo.of Pups
Malandex Most Xciting07/04/13320741
Ciopar Rangers Rascal at Duncannas12/01/1129546
Reaosh Purplexed08/12/11214844
Dychix Meet Joe Black16/09/12212428
Caldermist Kiss In the Dark02/04/14215427
Roxilyn Mission Control04/07/16210316
Arranbrae Muy Guapo24/05/16211415
Proamore What’s It All About06/04/16214214
Holtend Horizon16/03/12210210
Mojo Magical Mystery for Bethlyntee18/03/092929
Memorylane Do The Tra-La-Laa at Snikkles09/03/172727
Coalacre Good to be Bad to Reaosh10/06/081515104
Bryonyhill Mr Ree25/05/07191273
In Vogue Island High Society at Talraz24/01/1216861
Sallen Carrigallan26/05/0618953
Breaksea Captain Scarlet10/12/0711844
Glenspey Bullet Proof Soul at Corimist12/10/1117743
Caramac Change the Beat30/09/0811736
Roxilyn Dark and Dashing20/07/1717327
Kirstencourt Kasanova13/07/1018525
Shilstone Craftsman24/06/1219324
Balidorn Bold as Brass29/06/1713421
Maghullpaws Sweet Dreams for Wildan14/01/1119218
Holtend Space Odyssey07/11/1516317
Ramsgrove Majendie’s Gift03/01/1417215
Ramsgrove Majendie’s Dream03/01/1413213
Sallen Rhydwyn15/05/131229
Pretty Bear Zweet Dream at Croftdale12/02/151818
Malandex Xclusive Diamond26/01/151717
Ramsgrove Coruscation for Breaksea24/05/171717
Victory Winds Orange Mecanique for Karmeliann19/03/181717
Davankirk Bromley Main01/06/141616
Snikkles Blue Print29/03/131225
Edenborough Edge of Glory19/11/111515
Monarkshyre Majestic27/08/171515
Sallen Csar30/11/171414
Snowmead Super Sleuth05/11/141414
Now and Then Remember Me07/04/131313
Barbudo Back on Track17/10/111313